29 MAGGIO 2018



Hello guys, and welcome to Insane Voices Labyrinth! How you doin'?


Nice to meet you guys! We 've been better but ok! We are glad that you contact with us! 


Let's begin talkin' about your latest release, "Stalactites", what can you say about it?


We really worked hard to implement this album. It includes 12 songs that we chose among others. We wanted every track to be very special and unique. Is consists our dreams and fears, our thoughts and argues for at least a 2 year period.


Compared to your first album, "Reflection", you released the latest one with an italian label, WormHoleDeath. What can you say about this collaboration?


We were surely satisfied with the outcome and the production. Our label has very experienced people with whom we worked for our album. Unfortunately, we couldn't say that it helped as so much as you expected in being promoted abroad.


What is the substantial difference between the first and second record?


The sound and the outcome of the total production. The time of course, because the first album consisted of 6 songs. Also our agrrement that in the second album we wouldn't try to keep a certnain style. We expressed ourselves and i think we are trying to find our sound and our special way 


Let's talk about the creative process: how do you work?


We worked very differently in the first album as Tasos joined the band when the songs were already composed and Tasos wrote the lyrics. In the second album Taso and Fanis created most of the songs. Kostas composed 2 songs and our drummer Panos composed the introduction. Mainly, Tasos and Fanis worked on one idea and then Panos, Kostas and Teo are trying to build on them.


What are your planes for your future? Are you planning something special?


We work on one very special idea with different style but keeping the rage in the guitars.


What are your musical backgrounds? Do you come from a similar kind of music?


We just love music. From classical,jazz adn hip-hop to rock and metal. We also like ôï accelarate!


Do you making music for a living?




Let's talk about live shows: do you have some band you dream to share the stage with?


We love performing live, so  we would play with a lot.


There are some bands and/or artist that are inspiring you nowdays, as individual musician and as a band?


Yes and in different kinds. 


Q. 11: Are you planning on doing some live shows here in Italy? Did you already have a contact with the local metal scene? Can you spend a few words about it?


We would love to! Not really we haven't contact with your local bands. ... 


We're really glad that you gave us a bit of your time. We wish you that your album can be appreciated and get the right results, as much we wish you a lucky future with your music. Many greetings from I.V.L., and have a good time!


Thank you for this nice interview and for your wishes! Greetings to you too!