12 DICEMBRE 2017


Guys, three official albums, one EP and two first demo releases. Of course, you left usthe listeners a consistent audibility of your creatures. According to your thoughts, would you consider your steps, which you took in 2005 and kept in 2015 (date of the release of your XIII album), as effective for satisfying reached objectives?


Hi there. Well. Mecalimb have, as you mentioned, changed the line up over the years. Of curse this will change the sound and maybe a bit of the style. But if you listen to all albums, there is a red line in it all. You can still hear it´s us. Just a bit faster and harder this days. So yes. We are very happy with what we have achieved so far.


XIII, an independent album containing the product of your third “mechanized” sounds about your melodic death metal shouts about horror, struggles of life and extreme metaphors of world decays. In your opinion, if compared with your previous releases, what is properly and unproperly achieved to the new album?


Well. We have really tried and do some stuff we have never tried before. Some small “progressive” parts, without losing the death metal in it. Also more lead guitars. And we did actually not double track the guitars. Our good friend and the genius behind the knobs, Jon Fredrik Olsen, did suggest we should test it out. And it was a great idea! Even if some may argue that with double tracking guitars, you get a more massive sound, we are damn happy with our wall of guitars, bass, drums and vocals! And of course with the finishing touch of mix and master god, Dan Swano from Unisound, we think it´s a great album. Even if there may be songs we could have done better. But you know. Deadlines and stuff.. We have learned, and we can assure you that the next album will be even better! We hope.. haha..


Since you had the former vocalist (Raymond Gammelsrud) in your lineup, one could hear a more growling vocals and less screaming, differently from Kenneth Liljegren, Stephan Hay and the actual Robert Arntsen, less gutturally growling and more roaring screaming. In your opinion, does the effect of “roaring screaming” instead of “gutturally growling” represent what you always needed for a group like Mecalimb?


God question, but the answer is quite simple. All the vocalists have their own style, and with Robert, we have just adapted to how he sings. Robert can actually do both Death Metal type vocal, and Black Metal vocal. And even high pitch metal screams. So we are lucky to have him stepping in after Stephan Hay had to quit! And we are damn happy with how he shapes the album with his vocals. He´s also a Swede, so if he quits, we just deport him back to Sweden! Haha..


Right now, are you still on live activity around the World?


Well. Sadly, it´s hard to get any jobs and bookings. We do really hope that the signing with Wormeholedeath may change that part. But we are always ready for a gig or tour! Or almost tho.. Our drummer is becoming a father for the first time in January 2018. So there will be a little break for him. But not to long tho. Or he may become fat and lazy like the rest of us.


Let’s talk about studio recording. Are you writing down new clues for the fourth studio album?


We are already far into the process when it comes to a new album. Really far. But we can’t tell you too much yet. Just follow our Facebook page, and get all the updates there.


Regardless of an assertive or negative answer to the fifth question, how will or would you consider the features of a new album, both technically and lyrically?


We can tell you this much. It will be harder, and a bit bit thrashier, but with melodic death, and of course dark gory lyrics.


If you wish something back from your past life [always as Mecalimb, naturally], what will be your wish?


Good question. But we can´t really say we miss anything from the past. Embrace the future.


Let’s talk about music videos. After the WhormHoleDeath Label promo video of “Blind Men Rule the Earth”, Mecalimb saw a sort of experimentation in combining clips from live performances with a slide session around a horror “black metal” format. Will you consider the idea of allowing this promotional form of impact towards an audience with your future single release again?


Who knows? Our death metal is often about the darker stuff. So why not? The Promo video was made quickly just to show who we are, and that we actually play live. The live performance videos was taken on our European tour by the way.


Do you encounter some troubles, in your country, on making your music more impacting among your listeners, given that in Norway (but generally in the Scandinavian area) the cliché of popularity sees his majority around classical black metal and/or classical death metal and what is your thought about that?


The biggest problem is actually to get people to listen to what we do. Sadly, it´s hard to get gigs in Norway because of the style we play. Not many bookers are willing to book the harder type of metal. Sad, but true. If you don´t have a huge name, you usually get ignored.


Last question. Wether listeners begin to listen your discography chronologically, what they could think will be “Well, whoa! Mecalimb music is mechanizing itself! What the hell! So capturing!”. So, according to that, would or will you ever consider the possibility of experimenting with very industrial metal sound (such as Dominanz, The Kovenant or Red Harvest, for instance)?


Mecalimb will always be Mecalimb. We have found our sound and style. But we are not afraid to test out new stuff tho. We will never be a progressive technical death metal band. And we always write songs that can be played live without loads of playback stuff. Thank you for a great interview, and remember. Mecalimb DO play noise well ;)

Cheers, Mecalimb.