1 MAGGIO 2019

Michael Kratz, Interview, INSANE VOICES LABIRYNTH, Live Your LIVE


Welcome to IVL! How does your art take shape?

Well, it takes new shapes. The recordings of the new album is mostly done and the mixing processi s coming up – and it’s going to be very exciting!

You've teamed up with Tony Liotta, big drummer. How has This experience enriched your music?

Yeah, I have been working with Tony for several years now. We’ve done some shows together in Germany and Denmark over the past 7 years. He as percussionist on my shows and me as singer on some of his Groove Attack shows in Germany.
We have met a lot of times in privacy and it’s always a pleasure to be around the Liotta’s!


“Live Your LIVE”, a new adventure... What can you tell us about this new album?

I’ve always had a dream of making a live album. I wanted to present an evening of my life on stage.
It was an amazing night! We recorded the show for TV as well so there so many things going on at the same time. 50 people was involved making the show for TV and the recording for the CD. And then of course the 7 piece band of great musicians and all friends of mine. What a night!

What's your dream in the drawer?

Basically it’s all about making music and get to present it where ever people want me to come and play concerts. I’m not really a dreamer. I’m a worker and I like to work hard to achieve what I want. I believe in the hard working process more that luck and relying on dreams.

Your sound is delicate, how do you try to transport the audience?

I’m not really trying to transport the audience. I pretty much make my music as I would like to hear it myself. I guess I belong in the genre of the softer AOR/west coast and it seems that there’s a spot in the market for such kind of music – lucky me

Michael Kratz, Interview, INSANE VOICES LABIRYNTH, Live Your LIVE

And What should the people expect from your music?

They can expect to hear music from an honest guy who writes lyrics based on own experiences. We always do it as good as we can and I try to make a musically universe of layers. I like to work with many layers in the music. The goal is to let the listeners find new things in the music the more times they listen to the same song. 

To which artist, not just musical, are you more bound?

I guess there’s a lot, without really knowing who. I hear a lot of music and I read a lot of books and newspapers. I guess we all get inspired everyday without knowing actually  what inspired us.
I’m inspired by all the people I meet – artists and not artists.

What do you think about the current world music situation?

I think it has become too commercial. I know it has always been commercial, but streaming was a huge game changer and now commercial success has become more and more a question of what the digital influencers (YouTuber’s etc.) likes. 
Years ago the radio stations had it. Now it’s the digital influencers who has the power of making a decent song a major hit.
Of course there’s other ways to make it, but the general trend has changed a lot.