10 APRILE 2019


Hi Mind's Doors welcome on Insane Voices Labirynth’s pages. First of all, would you present yourself to our readers?


It’s a pleasure to talk with you. Well, Mind’s Doors it’s a band that was born in 2005 in Alicante and formed by me, César Alcaraz (vocals), Alberto Abeledo (Guitars), Jose Francisco Bernabeu (Drums), Julio García (basses) and Juan Pérez (Keyboards). Marcos Beviá replaced Juan Pérez before the release our album, Rusted World (2015), and Eloy Romero (Basses) joined a few months before to record our last album “The Edge of The World”. It has been a long journey, but finally we are very happy to achieve such a great group of music lovers.


What can you tell us about your last work “The Edge of the World”?


“The Edge of the World” it’s a conceptual album where we mix the real story of a man, who has a “standard” life with his wife Victoria, but something happens, that will change them forever. We think is a work full of melodies, riffs, strength and harmonic structures, which build special moments and feelings.


Can you explain how an “Mind's Doors” song takes form?


It’s an easy procedure because we are all absolutely involved in the composition of every song. Sometimes everything starts with a punch of chords, and some melodies that anyone brings to the rehearsal room. Then we work with them, jamming and developing at home the ideas, finally reaching to the songs you can enjoy at the album.


Where you take inspiration for the texts in your songs?


In the case of “The Edge of The World”, everything comes out with a real story that really impacted us. Firstly, we had a few ideas more, but we think this one was perfect at the moment, and it would be very fascinating the process of putting every idea on the right place, making that the whole work would be taking form in a natural way.


What are your influences?


We have a lot of music influences, every member of the band has his own preferences, but there’s a common part, which connect us completely. The key is that we are people with a very open mind, we love metal, prog rock, jazz, classical and so many and many styles. Maybe, prog fans think we are too metal, and for metal fans we are too proggy, buy we are exactly where we love. Just to mention some of our influences, we love Haken, Steven Wilson, Transatlantic, Pat Metheny Group, Dave Weckl, Snarky Puppy, Leprous, Dream Theater… As you see, very diverse styles.


Your singer has a great and unique voice. What are his influences in order to build his personal singing style?


Oh, thank you very much. Well, for me, the key is exactly that, the variety of influences and love each one as much as others. I’ve been studying (and I continue doing it) music and singing in order to do it in my own way. Of course, I’ve listened so many fantastic singers that are an inspiration to me, but I’ve always sung with the heart trying to be myself, and trying to touch the heart of every listener.


Have you done any progressive covers in your past gigs?


Of course, as a prog lovers, we’ve done so many. Just to mention some of them, I could tell you, “The Count of Tuscany” and “Hell’s Kitchen”, from Dream Theater, “Fear of Blank Planet” and “Blackest Eyes” from Porcupine Tree or “Tom Sawyer” from Rush among others.


Can you describe us the Underground scene in Spain?

Well, in my opinion, it depends of the region of Spain. In big cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao there are some theaters were you could attend fantastic bands but overall at coast areas, covers bands prevails because there are so many tourist like Benidorm, Alicante, Mallorca…

How many gigs have you done until today? Where?


Well, we don’t know exactly the number, but quite a few. We love touring, and we think it’s essential to promote our work. We’ been playing in a few cities in the county as Alicante, Murcia, Valencia, Salamanca, Madrid, Santander…We are open to listen to everyone who want us in their scene (festival, show or whatever). We have some shows confirmed but we think will be sharing “The Edge of the World” during 2019 and 2020 too. Nowadays, we are only touring in Spain but in the future we hope we could do some shows in some part of Europe or who knows...


Describe your music using three words