26 MARZO 2019




From Barreiro, Portugal, the metal band New Mecanica released their debut album “Love & Hate” in 2008, in 2015 the band released their second album “No Straight Lane”while the last third album “Vehement”, was released the past year with WormholeDeath label.


Hi guys! Welcome into Insane Voices Labirynth’ pages, first of all, for the people who don’t know the band, can you give us some basic information about you?


Hello and thanks in advance for this interview. The “first sketch” of the band was born around 1998. We had the name RESET until 2008, when we release the first album “Love & Hate”. Up to that date we had a couple demo cd recorded. After that album the band changed name to NEW MECANICA and went through some line up changes, getting to the current line up since 2012, when we started writing songs for “No Straight Lane”.


“No Straight Lane” is such a good work, very powerful, how’s born this new album?


This album was born when we started rehearsing with this last line up. We started to write songs without any ambition, just making songs and having fun. When we got to a certain number, we started to talk about recording them for and album. We made a lot of songs, and some didn’t make to the album because they were not quite the way we liked. Some went to the most recent “Vehement” and some are still waiting to see the daylight!! As we use to say, they are in “a drawer” waiting for the right time and inspiration. 


What do New Mecanica draw inspiration from when composing an album, rather than a song?


We all have different inspiration sources and the combining of that is the reason that the songs we make sound the way they do. Also we never make songs with the objective of making an album. Things just happen naturally in that process. We have never said to ourselves “ok, let’s make a new album”. It’s always ideas that come up in rehearsal and later become a song. 


What's the spark that makes you think it might be the beginning of a right idea?


We see we are on the right track of a good ideia when everyone likes it. Most of our songs are born from “jamming” in rehearsal. We always try to show ideias one to another. Most are born from guitar riffs, naturally, and when someone says “ok, that is a cool riff, lets work that”, then most of the times we just know a good song may come out of it. When it doesn’t it goes on the “magical drawer” waiting for a later refreshment!


In a balance between arrangement, lyrics and melody, which is most important to you? 


For us, all of that aspects are important in the making of a song. But they occur in different stages of the composition. We have our own method that has worked for the five of us. Nothing is ever closed in the making of the song until the end. The vocal (and lyrics) is the last part but we have had some cases that we changed the music to fit the vocal melody. It’s a fun process, and better yet when you get to se a song that was born from nothing. That is the true power of making music.


No Straight Lane is an interesting title, I wondered if it refers to a road, a path or the choices that are made during our lives? The artwork is clearly a long way, but maybe there is a more intrinsic sense…


Yes, the inspiration for the title was from the path that the band took through all the year to that date. Our path was never straight and we had lots of ups and downs, like most people do in life. For that, we thought that “NO STRAIGHT LANE” would be the perfect title to stamp that mark in our life. 


What changed for the band during the beginning of your career?


Well, the band started a long time ago and went through multiple changes over the year. The most significant one was in 2008 when the band changed the name to NEW MECANICA to release the first album “Love & Hate”.  Also we got older (as normal) and we learned to see things in different ways. The most important thing for us nowadays is that we enjoy what we do. All the rest is “just” a great bonus!!


What do you want to convey to those who listen to you with your music and those who come to your concert, what is that thing that you would like the audience to bring inside itself?


We want everyone to have a good time and to enjoy our music. Our lyric message is mostly about day-to-day stuff and things that happens to everyone and to us daily. One of the greatest joys of playing live is having people come up to us after a show and telling what they experienced on some songs, or in the show.  We just try to give our best playing. We feed on the audience energy and that makes the shows our fuel, and gives us great joys that people feel the same! 


What and how do you think the world of metal music has changed?


It has changed the same way all other music and arts has. It evolved. We now can access to millions of songs with one click. It’s for the best but also for the worst. Luckly metal is a genre that has the most loyal fans around. People that really like metal music usually buy the records and go to shows. They buy the merchandise of the bands they support. Maybe there should be a couple more venues and investment in metal live show, but honestly, here in Portugal it is not that bad. We have great bands and better public.


Socials, radio stations, labels, a confused period in the Internet age, we all know the pros, a lot of musical diffusion, but what is lost in choosing a record or discovering a group?


Has I said previously, today we have access to an insane amount of music. The thing I find that we lost is that now your hear a song, and click next. When we had LPs and tapes we listened to the albums end to end. When you discovered a band, you would listen to that album for days or even weeks. There was no “download discography” button and every record was precious to have and to share with friends. It’s not all bad, now we can discover new bands everyday and that is great. Maybe the “full album” era has ended and we are just refusing to accept it!


I thank you very much for this chat, is there something I did not ask you and would you like to say?


I would like to thank you again for the opportunity and invite everyone to go check our songs (spotify, iTunes, amazon) and if you like, let us know at our facebook page (www.facebook.com/newmecanica). It's very rewarding to get feedback from everyone! And don’t forget to support your (and all) local bands!