15 MARZO 2019




Sercati, the Belgian black metal band released the new album "Devoted, Demons and Mavericks” via WormHoledeath, an interesting concept album.
"Devoted,  Demons  And  Mavericks" isn’t just an album but also a film and a book, in which we find the Nightstalker, the (anti)-hero, creature born from the mind of Steve "Serpent" Fabry, bassist and founder of the band.
Let's let the artists tell us about it.


Hi guys and welcome, it’s always a pleasure to talk with you.
"Devoted,  Demons  And  Mavericks”, how the idea for this concept opera came about?


Hi, thanks a lot for this interview. It's amazing to talk about our universe. Since the beginning. This new album is the fourth part of a long story we started with Sercati. When we had the opportunity to record our first album, we started to tell a story through the lyrics and finally we continued that all through our albums.


A strong and powerful sound; how is born this album?


Long work to write the song and after a lot of advice from our producer and friend Carlo Bellotti, we went in studio to record the album. At this point, it was another step to work with an amazing sound engineer, Jonny Mazzeo, to find the best way to give to the album something more “cinematics” in the sound and in the feeling. All the band had work in this optical.


"Under The Velvet Mask" is one of my favorite song of your album, folk, violins, and deepest mood. Is there anything or anyone you've inspired? What are the greatest sources of inspiration for your lyrics and music?


It's the books, the story of The Nightstalker. At beginning, the story came from the music and now the music comes from the story.And it's a very nice way to work because there is everything in front of us. We can take a part of the story and create around this part. That's why in the song “under the velvet mask” another voice comes in the song to illustrate another character.


How does a Sercati record born?


I think after a big step in the story. Our main character go ahead in this story and when a big part of the story is almost finish, we work on it to “translate” it in music (feeling and ambient). We choose the important moment of the story and we create music based on this moment.


Can you tell us about the book and the movie? How is born the idea of both the project?


I think for the book, it was after the record of our first album. I tried to write the lyrics of the album like a story and after that i write another one and another one and finally it become a book. It was really amazing to do that because the character take another dimension, something more personal.
For the movie, it's a different story. I'm a huge big fan from found footage movie like Blair witch project or Cloverfield. I had always in my mind to try something like that with a go pro. It was the perfect film category to suggest what was the Nightstalker. I would start only in my mind to make some short record from the Nightstalker like fake news to do something more immersive. But some of the actors were really in the mood to try to make a movie and finally there were a lot of improvisation. It was really amazing.


Speaking about books and movies, which is your favorite author and what do you like to read? As far as cinema is concerned, which director do you prefer and which films do you like the most?


For the books, my favourite author is H.P. Lovecraft. Yannick really like Steve Burry and Simon Bernard Werber.
For the movie, without hesitation John Carpenter. It's an amazing director. Prince of Darkness – In the mouth of madness,... Yannick like Terry Gilliam (amazing too) and for Simon it's Wes Craven.


What are the motions you want to convey with your music? What would you like the people following you to feel when they listen to you?


A story telling. I would like they can feel what the main character feel in his story. Each song is a part of the story and we want to give life to this part with music and lyrics. When the music is more “pagan” it's time for battle,...


What's your live show like? What are the main attractions, music aside of course.


Yes we have some actors now on stage. Our show is like one big piece. There is a lot of narrative moment with some characters of the story with us on stage. It's two actors of the movie (and other production) that play in the songs. Kenny Vrancken and Catherine Wilket. We would like to add more character and more decor.


What is your opinion in the new way of listening to music in the internet age? Did not we lose something in the approach between the search for music and the music itself?


I don't know. It's a good and a bad thing. There is more accessibility to everything. If they listen music and find a concept behind it's maybe more easy to have all information about this. It's very difficult to answer because without this internet age, a lot of band would have more difficult to have visibility. As for us for the project. I think it's not the approach of the music the big trouble but how listen music. We have music all the time we consume it like food and we must keep in mind there is something behind each guitar part and each lyrics.


Thanks for the time dedicated to this interview, I renew my compliments for your last album and I leave you the space to conclude as you want.


Thanks for this opportunity. It's always a pleasure to speak about our universe. There is a lot of link project almost ready to appear. Stay tune and The Nightstalker is watching over us-


Thanks guys, hope to see you in Italy!