24 APRILE 2019

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Heavy Metal, Doom, Stoner, Death, Black, Metal, Groove, Sludge, this’s the soul of Australian band Sumeru. "Summon Destroyer" is their new album, released via Wormholedeath. A band known for their passionately fierce and ear crushing live shows, let's get to know them better with the guitarist Peter Bursky!

Hi guys and welcome into Insane Voices Labirynth’ pages! 
Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Peter Bursky and I play guitar for Sumeru from Sydney, Australia. We’ve been a band for surprisingly almost a decade. Recently we released our second album, did a few shows for it, our drummer broke his leg and our other guitarist had a shoulder operation. We also just got a new singer. Despite all that things are looking really good though and we’ll be back on tour in July. Hopefully some new songs coming later this year too. 

In your facebook page the info says: ”At one shout, the great Earth trembles; at one blow of the stick, Mount Sumeru shatters to pieces”. Can we understand that this is the soul of the band and of your music?

That quote come comes from a zen koan. Ive used it in some of the old promo stuff we’ve done. It just sums the sound I want to be known for I guess, absolutely crushingly loud and heavy. Live we’re all about that, but I believe we’re still searching to try and capture that on record! 


"Summon Destroyer" is an angry album, what inspired you to compose this work? And which bands and music have inspired you since your beginning?

Yes, it’s a definite shift from our earlier works, which lean towards a more stoner/sludge metal sound with those big bluesy riffs and all. With Summon Destroyer you can hear a shift and transition to more darker themes and riffage.
I’m inspired by my meditation practice in composing the lyrical side of the music. Sound wise I’m continuing a descent into increasingly darker tones, melodies and grooves. I want to keep our groove with the new stuff we’re writing but push that out through an intensely dark and brutal atmosphere, we will see what happens soon! 
Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Morbid Angel, Sumerlands, Bolt Thrower, Taake, old Dark Throne, later Mayhem, heaps of Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient music and a lot of the more recent extreme black and death metal that are coming out. 


How much time do you spend refining the sound of your songs? How much time do you actually spend in the studio?

We spent all up about 3-4 weeks in the studio for ‘Summon Destroyer’. As far as we were concerned the album was pretty much written once we entered the studio but as soon as we started hearing the mixes back, we knew there was more work to be done and some new parts had to be added/redone, so we booked some extra time and that added another week to the process. The refinement of the music can take forever, but you have to leave it at some point if you want to get it on record. 

Can you pick a song or two and give me an example of the process they went through before they were finished?

‘A New Ritual’ has a crazy history as we wrote the base of that song many many years ago. I just had the main riff on a rehearsal recording  for about 8 years before we did anything with it. The lyrics I wrote about ten years ago too. Matt our singer changed them around of course and made them all fit. We added a riff or two over time and finally it turned out to be what it is now. We never play it live and I think it’s a little bit dated for where our sound is headed, even for the album it’s on, but it was nice to record it and put it to rest finally. 

An apocalyptic artwork for "Summon Destroyer”, is there a concept behind this cover?

Yes, there is. Impermanence is an inescapable truth, time and change takes everything and everyone. But there’s great peace and realization in that truth if you choose to move towards it within your life. That’s one way I’ve resolved the artwork, which was masterfully painted by Paolo Girardi who btw has done some amazing pieces for bands over the years. 

What are the expectations with the release of the album? Do you have live projects? Will there be a chance to see you play in Italy too?

We would absolutely love to tour Europe and play Italy. At the moment it’s a number one dream until the stars align and we can make it happen, but we are working towards it everyday. We are about to finally release the album on vinyl so that should give it another push which is great. For now, we will just focus on touring Australia more as well as some other countries closer to us. 


Ten years of activity, what has changed in your style and what has changed during the years in the music business?

The digital lands of the internet are a never ending/fast paced/ever changing realm. Keeping up is constant, and staying one step ahead is near impossible for smaller bands like us, but we push on! Persistence and patience is key to being in a solid band that lasts. 
After playing in bands for about 20 years I believe I’ve only now just started waking up to a more personal drive to add increased depth to the music I write. I appreciate what I’ve done and I am more grateful than I used to be for what gets accomplished with Sumeru. We are very lucky to be in the situation we are in and I love the journey we are on. 

How's the underground metal scene in Australia?

It’s strong but tough for bands. We have an overbearing, over-conservative and shit establishment and the music industry is suffering as a cause. This means less venues. 
I also wish people would support Australian bands more as we have absolute fuckin crushing heavy music in this country. All styles of metal here can boast of premium quality bands, total world class acts. The appreciation needs to cut deeper in people.

Thank you for your time in answering these questions, do you want to send a message to those who follow you also in Italy?

Massive Hails to Carlo and Naty at WHD Records for getting us out in Italy and Europe (and the rest!). Also thanks to everyone in Italy who’s checked out Sumeru, it’s an honor for our music to reach ears so distant. 
We’d love to see you all in Italy soon!