22 APRILE 2018



Hello guys, and welcome to Insane Voices Labyrinth! How you doin'?


Answer:Hi we are doing great, Thanks for asking!


You recently released your debut album, "Prone To Self Destruction". Can you explain, in a few words, that album? There's a main concept?


All the lyrics comes from personal experiences going through self destruction and not making the best life choices, most of these lyrics are about when we were 18 untill 21ish we are 23 and 24 years old now (old guys).


I knew that you recorded the album in Italy. How did you feel working in our country?


We loved it so much! we dont get this much heat in iceland so it's nice to get out of our little island we live in.


How do you promote this release? The audience is appreciating it?


The world wide web seems like the best way too promote these days and we have been getting amazing feedback from the album, we are so proud of it and it's awesome seeing that people are loving it as much as we do!


I've read that you're active since 2013, did you start the band with the intention of making your own music?


We were a diffrent line up back in 2013 but me (Gauti) and our guitarist (Alexander) have always been a strong team writing music and been doing it for a long time, so we started writing for While My City Burns in 2013 and finally we got to record it in italy and release it with the amazing label Wormhole Death. 


What are your planes for the future?


We're gonna tour the world and write more songs! 


What are your musical backgrounds? Do you come from a similar kind of music?


I would say our musical background is heavy soft and sweet, we like all kinds of music and putting other muscial elements into the heavyness is so much fun, so we try alot of diffrent things.


Do you making music for a living?


No not at the moment, but that's the goal!


There's a peculiar reason about the choice of your image in the promotional pics or you're just being yourselves?


No reason, We are just being ourselfs but less drunk in the photo tho.


Keep on talking about image: I think that the choice of the artwork of your album is really interesting. I find it really simple at first glance, but it makes me feel like it has much more to say. What can you say about it?


Iceland is a dark place, we barly get sun here and we kinda wanted to keep the album cover simple and dark.


Are you planning on doing some live shows here in Italy? Did you already have a contact with the local metal scene? Can you spend a few words about it?


We would love to play in italy especially montale because we recorded the record there and we met the most amazing and kind people, hopefully we can play there as soon as possible.


We're really glad that you gave us a bit of your time. We wish you that your album can be appreciated and get the right results, as much we wish you a lucky future with your music. Many greetings from I.V.L., and have a good time!


Thank you so much for having us!