13 GENNAIO 2018

Can you explain how did the band name born and what does it mean?


The name X-Method was born in about 1999, I was in a thrash band called Treachery back in the early 90s, we all linked up again to play music in the late 90s and were considering using the old name Treachery but one of our former band mates/brother was not cool with us using the name again because he was not in it, so I came up with the name X-Method because we were all ex-members of Treachery, Disciple,Discolored and a few other bands, so I asked them what about X-Method, because we have our own methods of writing music and we are all ex members of numerous bands, that's how the name was born..


Who are the band members and where are they from? If you are a one man band, can you please explain this choice?


We are a 5 man band, our current line up is Abby on vocals(Bay Area California), Tony on lead and rhythm guitar (Bay Area California), Chris on lead and rhythm guitar(Bay Area California), Jordie on bass(Bay Area California) and Ricardo from Toxin on drums(Los Angeles California), he is filling in for us on the tours.


Tell us please something about your last job.


My last job was in the construction industry, I owned a construction business back in the late 90s to the mid 2000's.


Do you have previous experiences before you formed the band?


We all come from bands that played many shows over the years so yes we are all experienced musicians.


What are your musical influences?


My personal influences are old school Sepultura(Cavalera brothers era), Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Possessed, D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Saxon, Scorpions, Accept, Kiss....basically 80s Thrash and Heavy Metal...


Regarding the songwriting, tell us please something about the texts.Who take care about the lyrics?


I write the lyrics and majority of the music, It all depends on what type of mood I'm in in regard to subject matters, If I'm in a good mood people might get a song like Drink From The Horn or Fuck Sobriety, if I'm watching the news and something pisses me off then they get songs like Denied Whats Ours, Accept The Mediocrity or Suicide Girl/Cutter.


How is born the artwork? Who created it and what is it about?


The artwork was a concept I came up with in the early 90s that never really came to life until now, as old school as I am I must admit that modern technology made the logo and art behind it come out super sick! Our producer Adam Bove made it come to life...


Do you sing in english or in any other language? Why this choice?


I sing mainly in English but I do have a few songs in Spanish because thats my second language, we have a large Hispanic following because of my Latino roots, I was born and raised in The Bay Area California U.S.A. but my family is from Panama in Central America.


Where do you create your music?


Majority of the music I write is either in the studio or in Peru, for some reason I write more when I'm in Peru in a room by myself blocked off from the world, Peru is where my inner peace lives so I normally write a lot of songs when I'm there.


Can you tell something about your live experience? Did you perform somewhere so far? How is your approach with the public?


When we toured South America for the 1st time and I had to address the public in Spanish, I was a little nervous because I've never played a non English speaking crowd at that point, but once the music started and people started moshing, throwing their devil horns and headbanging I was home, the metal unity is world wide and its amazing to see people who don't speak the language still have a killer time and make up words just to sing along, it was a priceless experience...


Can you please give us any information about your releases?


We have 2 releases out and we are currently working on the 3rd, the 1st one was a self titled ep with 7 songs, the 2nd was a full cd with 17 songs called Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music and the 3rd ep will consist of 4 songs, it's called Apparition Of The Crypt,  really looking forward to that cd because its a lot darker.


If you have previous publications, what are the characteristics that differentiate them from each other?


In regards to prior material I feel the stuff I wrote and did in the 90s were more about the shock value and freaking people out as opposed to now where the issues I write about are things I've been through, situations with society that piss me off etc etc for example we got stuck in a holding cell in Colombia for 15 hours because the festival promoter dropped the ball to put it in a kind way, well I wrote a song called 15 hours that will pretty much give people the vibe that I'm delivering the song with both middle fingers in the air, its a brutal song and true story, more of a punk/thrash vibe..we love our fans in Colombia they are super hardcore but unfortunately we wont be able to play for them anytime soon, they would have to see us in Peru,Brazil,Argentina,Chile etc etc.


In Italy there are many metal bands. Give your opinion on music scene today in our country.


I really like the thrash/black/death metal bands from Italy its super brutal, I remember an old school band from back in the days called Schizo, they were super brutal, Necrodeath is another band I like, I have heard a lot of great metal bands from Italy and majority of them are newer bands that I've liked on facebook, I heard them on a show hosted in Germany by Bloody Mary, she plays a lot of great bands from Italy, we hope to play there someday and do shows with those kick ass bands...


What's the reason you decided to play a specific instrument?


I grew up in school bands since I was a kid so I've always liked rock and metal growing up, unfortunately playing smoke on the water and iron man on electric bass in the 6th to 8th grade is very frowned upon when your suppose to be practicing pomp and circumstance for the 100th time, so my outlet was always rocking out with my friends after school or during the summer, we would do fake concerts and pretend we were Scorpions,Iron Maiden, Accept,Black Sabbath etc etc and as we got older it was Exodus, Slayer, Metallica,Mercyful Fate,Venom,Possessed etc etc and for some reason my friends always made me be the singer because I knew all the words, it use to piss me off because I wanted to be the guitarist, I'm not complaining now, a mic is a hell of a lot easier to put in my pocket than a half stacks and heads.


If you should choose to be part of a famous band, for each of you, what would it be?


For me it would be a toss up between Kreator & Destruction, they are 2 of my all time favorite bands since I was 15.

For Ricardo it would be Pantera

For Tony it would be Kiss

For Jordie it would be D.R.I.

For Chris it would be Suicidal Tendencies


You can end the interview as you like...


Thank you for having us, it is truly an honor to be a guest on your platform, respect, cheers and love for Italy and we hope to play for you all soon, throw your devil horns towards the sky and check out our website and facebook \m/.

Abby/X-Method \m/