On April 23, the Cologne formation around keyboarder Hydra Gorgonia released their new music video for the song "Zerberons Erwachen".  Sascha Krüger of Imotion Factory was responsible for the shoot. It was filmed in a real stalactite cave and in the middle of the forest in a clearing that unfolded its special appeal through trees that had fallen from the storm. While many bands in the Black Metal genre are constantly experimenting with new stylistic devices, ATRIUM NOCTIS continues to rely entirely on a traditional, mystic-occult performance. Thus, on the one hand, to the proven origins of this guild is paid homage, but the formation performs also with a good deal of autonomy. Under the earth: the whole thing has been recorded under arduous circumstances at the beginning of January 2018 in the stalactite cave Wiehl, under a forest in the mystical Siebengebirge. The cave, located 50 km east of Cologne, is about 20 meters underground, there prevail about 8 degrees Celsius. Concerning the content of their new music video, ATRIUM NOCTIS hope that the inclined spectators will be able to surprise as mystically as possible - at the visualized threshold between this world and the hereafter whose boundaries are thematically blurred in "Zerberons Erwachen“.

Watch the music-video "Zerberons Erwachen“ here:




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The year 2018 will continue to be characterized by ambitious creativity for BATTLESWORD. 

In addition to new live appearances at the Metaldays Open Air or the Metal Inferno in Paderborn, Germany, as support for Grave and Holy Moses, the five musicians are already in the middle of songwriting for a new album!



Since 1999, BATTLESWORD on the Lower Rhine have kept the heavy flag of MELODIC DEATH METAL resolutely high in the storm of stylistic trends and musical fashions.

With a mighty live performance and unspeakably powerful songs, the capable five-piece regularly provides extensive neck pain and happy moods among the fans.

In the camp of the authentic, because completely sincere troupe clearly is preferred class instead of mass. Since the existence of the band, therefore, only two demos and two albums have been released. 

For the preparation of their second long player, BATTLESWORD have taken the necessary time even longer than usual. But in 2015, the recordings and the mix for the long-awaited album "Banners Of Destruction" were successfully completed. Official release date for "Banners Of Destruction" was April 1st, 2016.

"Banners Of Destruction" pops with a true bomb sound that rages as voluminously forward as it can shine with transparency. The tastefully oriented songs, despite the rich and cutting hardness, show BATTLESWORD again in their old strength and the record convinces persistently old and new fans alike. During the songwriting this time care was taken to keep the music a bit more variable than at the beginning. In addition, the compositions were expediently extended by some classic Heavy Metal elements. The result is an original composed, homogeneously rounded and therefore perfectly functioning mix of everything that sets the charm of this metallic kind of loud art.

Consistently outstanding live qualities were massive proven by the highly ambitious formation at various festivals, such as 2017 at the Metaldays Open Air in Slovenia, or the German indoor festival Battle of Otzenhausen. And also at concerts, f.e. as support for more well-known bands such as Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Suidakra, Warpath or Debauchery, the five convinced ones let it crash powerfully.

Kings will fall. Under this generalizing motto, one of the most playful, lively and explosive new THRASH METAL commands joins the scene of the genre: KINGS WILL FALL.

When drummer Lukas Gross and bassist Daniel Vanzo came together in 2013 to form a band, guitarist René Thaler joined them as well. Finally, the hungry pack was completed by shouter Fabian Jung. And this optimally functioning line-up is still valid today. Musically, the four South Tyrolean bullies set on a raging-brutal, staccato-like brand until today. Brutal influences of death-lead get nailed in with punky-snotty wise. As a result of fierce rehearsal thunderstorms, the boys released their first self-recorded and self-produced demo EP in 2015 with the prophetic title „Death Comes Early“.

In addition, KINGS WILL FALL attacked not only various stages in their environment. But the raging mob let it crash officially beyond the country's borders. Reward for all sweaty efforts was the loud entry into the semifinals of the Austrian band competition ‚Metalchamp‘.

The summer of 2016 saw not only a few new gigs but also the songwriting process for the debut album "Thrash Force.One", which was recorded at Sarntaler Bucket Hill Studio at the end of the year. The domestic release show in February 2017 turned into a real Thrash festival, as well as triumphantly followed by the appearance at the most popular South Tyrolean hard music event, the Rock im Ring Festival.

The official release date for "Thrash Force.One" was February 11th, 2017. KINGS WILL FALL want to stay on the ball live in the future as well.

On August 24, the band released their very first official music video for the song ‚Toxic War‘, which is also featured on the current longplayer.

The whole thing was filmed and edited by Daniel Socin from Foto Video Socin. The whole group is totally behind song and video, whose performance passages were recorded in a sooty smithy. With all the introduced, historical WW2 film-fragments, the band would like to aptly clarify the thematic significance of the lyrical overall concept of KINGS WILL FALL.  After all, since devastating and terrible wars are constantly being waged in this world despite better knowledge, this human-made evil must finally be named. May all the tyrants finally fall, may all the wars finally end! (Markus Eck) 


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Roxin’ Palace online il video “Monsters Love”.
Giunto anche il secondo singolo “Monsters Love“, estratto dall’album “Freaks Of Society“, degli sleazy rockers italiani Roxin’ Palace.
La produzione è stata curata dai 4 Frame Factory studio di Pordenone., tratto dall’ultimo album, “Freaks Of Society”, pubblicato da Sleaszy Rider Records.