MIRIUM "I Am Free" /Digital Single/

The first official single by Ukrainian Melodic Metal band.

The band's music is characterized by strong female vocals, melodic arrangements and hard guitar riffs. At this stage, musicians began to use many electronic parts. There are many experiments, such as Folk harmonies, symphonic parts, etc.

The song is created in Melodic Metal genre, which the band has been using since 2011, and recorded in a two lyric versions - English and Ukrainian.

Highly recommended for fans of Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Amaranth, Within Temptation, In This Moment and more.

Band info:


Nuovi eventi!

Legion Of Wolves "Bringers Of The Dark Sleep" /CD/ November, 17 2017.
The debut full-length album by the Irish / Polish Death Metal band.
Legion Of Wolves delivers old school Death Metal with a modern touch. Following by their first two releases, the album contains 10 pounding and devastating tracks delivered with furious intent and spiteful melody in equal bloody measure. Combining the finest elements of old school Death Metal fused influence with a grandiose crushingly heavy production, this album more than delivers the goods.
The theme of the album is war, violence and the nature of death peppered with lyrics dealing in mythology, misanthropy and war.
From the opening track straight through to the last canon salvo, "Bringers Of The Dark Sleep" is characterized by extreme auditory aggression, making it a true epidemic of violence. This is the album for war, a soundtrack for Ares and a mandatory part of any true Death Metal fan's collection!
Recommended for fans of Bolt Thrower, Unleashed, Vomitory, Pestilence, At the Gates, Asphyx, and fans of true pounding Death Metal violence!!
Metal Scrap Records, 2017 (MSR138/CD).



Bringers Of The Dark Sleep Teaser

Gli Asphodelia, in collaborazione con The Flaming Arts Agency, pubblicano il lyric video del nuovo brano ‘Welcome Apocalypse’, traccia che dà il titolo al loro debut album in uscita a breve.
La band sta inoltre per annunciare ufficialmente le prime date del loro tour europeo, che inizierà in autunno e proseguirà per tutto il 2018.




‘Welcome Apocalypse’ Lyric Video


Total Metal Over Europe - The 5th Tour


18.10   Modrá Vopice, Praha, CZ.
19.10 Barrak Music Club, Ostrava, CZ.
20.10 Escape Metalcorner, Vienna, AT.
21.10 S8 Underground Club, Budapest, HU.
22.10 Rock Club Tartaros, Banská Bystrica, SK.

Gruppo tedesco di  Speed / Thrash Metal formatasi nel 1984.
La band si è sciolta nel 1990, rinascendo nel 2002.
https://youtu.be/Ik9XxCSObk0 (video from 80's)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0R9ZJ8vsoY (album 1987)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RKvWY-Uvqk (album 1988)
https://youtu.be/8GYdgnK9hw0 (album 2007)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zR67DzV43zM (album 2017)

I canadesi Dark Ministry formatisi nell'agosto del 2015 da Rik Charron, ex-batterista del leggendario gruppo canadese di Speed Metal band Exciter. Rik ha suonato negli Exciter dal 1996 al 2014 e appare in cinque dei loro albums: “Thrash Speed Burn”, “Blood Of Tyrants”, “Death Machine”, “The Dark Command”, e “New Testament”.