Russian heavy/power metal band Мужчины в металле (Men In Metal) to release debut album, music video out now!

Мужчины в металле (Men in Metal), a Russian heavy/power metal band from Yekaterinburg presents the new 10-track album “Пусть душа расправит крылья” (“Let the Soul Spread Its Wings”). The album is released November 30th by Finnish Inverse Records

The band released today a music video for the track 'Настало время'

Watch it here:

Even thought there are some changes compared to their latest EP “Победа” (“Victory”), the band remains true to heavy metal traditions, thus having found the unique sound which may be defined as “indie power metal”. The modern heavy sound combined with the elements taken from the music of the 70’s characterizes the release - rich vocal harmonies will remind you of such bands as Uriah Heep, Queen or Sweet, and the use of acoustic instruments (particularly, the ukulele) brings a distinctive shade of folk to the music.

Listen to the 'Настало время' single on:




01-Intro (lyrical drinking song)

02-Only The Wind

03-Dawn Ahead

04-Above The Ground

05-The Same Way

06-Secrets Of The North

07-Day By Day

08-The Time Has Come

09-Scraps Of Old Dreams

10-Moonlight Night


Colombian doom-gothic metal quartet CHARM DESIGNER is extremely pleased to announce its EVEREASTING Eastern Europe Tour followed by four additional dates that they will be playing in the Netherlands and Belgium this fall, starting October 31st in Maribor, Slovenia in support of their sophomore album “Everlasting”. During this tour, they will also have the opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary since the release of their first effort “Blood Sounds”.

For the first stage tour dates will run up to November 10th and will have the Russian gothic metal duo Inner Missing as special guests. CHARM DESIGNER comments: “Finally! It took us a while to be able to materialize our dream of taking Everlasting onstage overseas and for us it comes as a perfect closure for this amazing cycle! It will be our first time in Europe and we want to make the most out of it and to share with as many people as possible during the 13 dates of this tour”.

After playing Eastern Europe the band will extend its tour schedule into The Netherlands and Belgium from Nov. 15th and together with Dutch heavy metal band Shuulak they will be rocking audiences for this second stage up to Nov. 18th, when they will have the last show of the tour in Amsterdam. “We look forward to playing Belgium and The Netherlands and finally meeting some of the people that have been supporting us for years from across the Atlantic” says the band’s vocalist Andrés Herrera. Shuulak reached out to us having listened to our music and got us excited to join them for additional dates”.

 The band has seen a lot of success in Colombia with their unique style of gothic doom metal. Playing some of the country's largest music festivals, the band has been invited to share stage with renowned bands such as Amorphis, Arcturus, The 69 Eyes, Sólstafir and Paradise Lost. Everlasting was recorded with legendary producer Waldemar Sorychta (Samael, Tiamat, Sentenced, Moonspell, etc.), the artwork was designed by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (At The Gates, Arcturus, Vulture Industries, Arch Enemy, etc.) and it was released via Inverse Records on February, 2016.


Tour dates are as follows:















WATCH Charm Designer music video 'Never After':                 

Listen Everlasting album on Spotify:  

Soulwound releases lyric video for 'Damned'

While gradually putting together material for a new album, Kouvola, Finland-based thrashers Soulwound have released a lyric video for the song "Damned", the closing track of their second album "No Peace". Clear and simplistic in style, the video was produced entirely in-house by the band.

Comments editor and lyricist Janne Huusari: "We all hate those oh-so trendy lyric videos that prioritize style over substance and bombard you with enough flashing, moving and spinning images and words to give you a seizure and make the lyrics damn near impossible to follow. So, we decided to innovate and put together a lyric video that actually allows you to comfortably read the lyrics at a natural pace while listening to the song. Imagine that! Musically, the song is far from any kind of a hit single, as you could argue that it's one of the heaviest tracks on the album, if not THE heaviest. Lyrically, it's one of my more personal pieces, as it deals with standing by and being there for someone who has to bear the scars of a downright horrific childhood. So, in a rather roundabout way, the lyrics actually carry a positive message, and Arto's visceral vocal performance really brought the words to life. This shit comes straight from the heart, so please enjoy!"

Damned video:                           

Track list:

01. Intro: Impulsive Aggression

02. Hurt Me Plenty

03. Altars of Skin

04. Alone Against All

05. Wasteland

06. Crime and Punishment

07. Misery Index

08. Hate Speech

09. Damned


LISTEN on Spotify: 

 DEAD END FINLAND released a third single

from their upcoming fourth album!

Dead End Finland releases on the 25th of october a third single as an appetizer for the upcoming album on which they are currently working on. The fourth full length album will be released in 2019 via Inverse Records. The new song 'War Forevermore' consists elements from modern to traditional metal combined with Dead End Finland's familiar symphonic soundtrack style.

WATCH 'War Forevermore' video: 

Listen to the single on:




Mikko Virtanen - Vocals

Santtu Rosén - Guitars & Bass

Miska Rajasuo - Drums

Jarno Hänninen - Keys


Old School Death Metal from Iceland, Narthraal released a new single!

After releasing a succesful debut album 'Screaming from the Grave' last year, Icelandic old school death machine Narthraal unleashed a new single 'Baptized in Blood'.

WATCH a video from a new track:

The band comments:

"We are very happy with how well received our material has been, our EP's, Blood Citadel and Chainsaw Killing Spree, our LP Screaming from the grave and now our single. 

We have been trying our very best to keep the old school death metal alive and we are very happy to see so many others like ourselves out in the world. Of course we also try to go a little outside the traditional OSDM style, like with our single "Baptized in Blood", we went for a little death/doom motif.

It's actually pretty funny, we were just brainstorming various ideas for a new song and then we decided to revisit some very old riffs we each made years ago that never really made sense on their own, but when put together they made complete sense! Then the song title suddenly came to our vocalist when he was in catholic mass, so he sat down and wrote down the lyrics describing a satanic cult performing ritualistic sacrifice. 

We didn't expect the song to come out so well, but we are very glad that it did! And now we're just brainstorming song after song for our next full length album! We think it's going to be in some ways similar and other ways very different from what we have done so far, and we're looking forward to sharing it with everyone!"

"Baptized in Blood" is available on all digital platforms worldwide.




Apple Music: 




Wolfhorde goes berserk with the release of their second album ”Hounds of Perdition”. Watch the new music video ”Doctor of the Plague”.

Since the release of their debut album Wolfhorde has been working on their upcoming second album titled ”Hounds of Perdition”. The album wakes you up into a nihilistic dystopia of the dying world. The world of Hounds of Perdition is roaming with strange creatures and few people in the snowy and gruesome fields of nothingness.

With their new album Wolfhorde go deeper into experimenting the world of music from unheard perspectives. Prepare to be surprised by variety of styles of metal with groove, rock attitude, cinematic atmosphere and highly improvised passages with top class production.

By this announcement Wolfhorde releases first sample from the upcoming album in form of a music video. The music video shooting took place on February 2018 in Finland at the national park of Hossa and on top of the frozen canyon lake Julma Ölkky. Enjoy!


Hounds of Perdition is released on January 11th 2018 by Inverse Records.

"Doctor of the Plague" is available on all digital platforms worldwide.





Apple Music:




Track list:

1. Chimera

2. Doctor of the Plague

3. Black Song

4. Towers of Silence

5. Forged in Ice

6. Kill the Light

7. Hounds of Perdition

External released a new music video ”Parasight

A progressive metal act from Finland, External, released a new music video for the song ”Parasight”. The video combines one-shot material of the band playing with the current trend of a lyric video. The production was voluntary work by a dear friend of the band, Roger Lundberg.

The song is from External’s diverse debut album ”The Blurry Horizon” released at the end of summer. Musically, ”Parasight” represents the most complex depths of the album, playing with a heavily syncopated rhythmic motif. As a counterweight to the complexity, the song offers a powerful chorus and some memorable melodies. Lyrically, the song discusses how social media can manipulate our reality – As we obsessively try to give the most perfect impression of ourselves, we may lose touch of our true selves and what it actually is to be human.

Watch the music video


Finnish black’n’roll band Kuoleman Galleria has published a new music video.

The song is “Mieleen Haudattu” and it is the last track from their second album “Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen” which was released in December 2017. Kuoleman Galleria is currently working with their third album and the band will perform in Tampere, Pori and Helsinki during this autumn. More info from

Watch the music video:

Listen Pimeys Saapuu Pohjoiseen - album:




Finnish Mosh 'N' Roll band Where's My Bible released debut album and new music video!

Finnish metal band Where's My Bible unleashed  their debut album M 'N' R and new music video for track Absinthe. The album is released September 21st 2018 by Inverse Records

WATCH the music video: 

The band's vocalist Jussi Matilainen comments:

"We are very excited to introduce our debut album to all of you. In this album (Mosh 'N' Roll) you can hear how our mixed thoughts and chaotic feelings have somehow integrated to this one complete musical performance. Even though the journey has been long during making this album, we have learned our own way of making music and grown more together as a band. The new music video ”Absinthe” which we are releasing with the album tells visually almost everything you need to know about Where's My Bible and the way of Mosh 'N' Roll. We take our music seriously with a twist of humour."

Where's My Bible is formed in Heinola 2014 and their music blends rock and punk influences with death and black metal. The band is no stranger to the big stages and they have played at the main stage of Tuska Open Air Metal Festival and made an appearance at the Russian Emergenza final. The band is well-known with their energetic live performances.

Listen to the album on:  



Apple Music:






Track list:


01. Intro

02. Speedload

03. Dancefloor

04. Absinthe

05. Interlude

06. Meatholder

07. Me Myself and I


09. Failure (Bonus Track) 

Forest of Shadows to release long-anticipated new album in December - first single 'Drowned by Guilt' is out now!

Swedish Forest of Shadows return after almost 10 years of silence! 

"Among the Dormant Watchers" is the long awaited third full-length album from Forest of Shadows, a one-man band from Stockholm, Sweden. The Album continues in several new directions, still clinging on to the same dark and melancholic sound that is the trademark for the band.

About “Among the Dormant Watchers” by Forest of Shadows as told by Niclas Frohagen:

“Among the Dormant Watchers” is the third full-length album from Forest of Shadows and it picks up where “Six Waves of Woe” left. Being in production for almost 10 years it has been influenced by a wide range of musical experiences. This can be heard on top of the musical fundament that has been even more cemented on this album with its slow paced, folk music inspired, melody-driven metal.

“Drowned by Guilt” is the first single from the album and it’s a classic “Forest of Shadows” song with long instrumental passages that builds up to crescendos of layered guitars and screamed vocals. On top of the classic sound you can hear inspiration from post rock and progressive rock. The lyrics are inspired by a nightmare where I found myself drowning and then from a third person perspective saw my dead body being dragged out of the water by grieving close ones."

Forest of Shadows was founded as a solo project band in the autumn of 1997 by Niclas Frohagen. After having released the demo "The Silent Cry"in 1998, multi-instrumentalist Micce Andersson joined the band. Together they took the band and its music to new heights which was presented on the critically acclaimed mcd "Where Dreams turn to Dust". A couple of years later the band once again went solo and signed with Finnish label "Firedoom" who released two full-length albums: "Departure" and "Six Waves of Woe" in 2004 and 2008. While most people thought this marked the end of the bands career, really it was the beginning of a 10 year journey that would end up with the album "Among the Dormant Watchers" which is due to be released by Finnish label "Inverse Records" in December 7th 2018.

Track list: 

01. Self Inflicted Torment

02. Drowned by Guilt

03. Lost Within

04. Dogs of Chernobyl

05. We, the Shameless

06. Lullaby

07. Yours to Devour



Niclas Frohagen (everything)

Hollow Thoughts presents their debut single pack'd with melodic alternative metal

'Half Deceased' is the debut single of Finnish alternative metal band Hollow Thoughts. It was recorded in July 2018 in SN Audio Productions studio, located in Jyväskylä Finland. The single was produced by Teemu Liekkala (Red Eleven, It Remains, Code For Silence, Manufacturer's Pride). The single presents the diverse sound of Hollow Thoughts with it's melodic heavy-punching sound and dark atmosphere.

Hollow Thoughts consists mainly of members of Finnish metal act Obscure but after a sonic update and the introduction of new vocalist the band decided to re-establish themselves as a new project.

Eemi Hämäläinen the guitar player of Hollow Thoughs background the project:

"As a band that draws inspiration from several musical styles Hollow Thoughts does not puritanically stare at musical genres with an idea of what is and what isn’t supposed to be done. This kind of approach gives us a freedom to do surprising and exciting things with our music so there’s undoubtedly interesting things to be heard within our upcoming releases."


Listen the single:





REVOLUTIO: il video di ‘The Oracle’.

I thrasher post apocalittici REVOLUTIO hanno pubblicato un nuovo video per The Oracle. Il brano fa parte del nuovo album Vagrant, la cui uscita è prevista per il 9 Novembre su Inverse Records. Il video è disponibile a questo link: 

Il cantante Maurizio Di Timoteo ha commentato: “Siamo entusiasti di pubblicare questo video. L’abbiamo girato in una location a dir poco apocalittica, la vecchia fabbrica della Bugatti, e ha coinvolto un cast di 20 persone inclusi attori, truccatori e comparse. E’ stata un’esperienza incredibile!”

Nel video un viaggiatore vaga in un mondo distopico consumato da una divinità ibrida uomo-macchina chiamata l’Oracolo. L'uomo, colmo di dubbi e rabbia, chiede al folle idolo le ragioni di questa distruzione. Lei gli rivela che la ragione di questa epurazione è il miglioramento dell'umanità, poiché solo attraverso la sofferenza le nostre anime possono rinascere.

Potete ascoltare The Oracle in streaming su Spotify o pre-ordinare l’album Vagrant qui di seguito:

La band ha annunciato di essere diventato un quintetto con l’ingresso in formazione di Carlos Reyes Vergara. Vergara sostituisce Di Timoteo alla chitarra ritmica, permettendo a Di Timoteo di concentrarsi sulle voci e sulla creazione di nuovi contenuti.

Track list:

1. Aftermath

2. Meek and the Bold

3. What Breaks Inside

4. The Oracle

5. Ozymandias

6. Eclipse

7. Silver Dawn

8. Requiem

9. Daydream

10. The Great Silence

Hautajaisyö released a new 3-track single - Featuring guests from Kuolemanlaakso & Torchia and Amorphis cover track!

Hautajaisyö (Funeral Night) released its second album ”Matkalla Kohti Hautaa” (Journey To The Grave) in february 2018. The messengers of agony shows no weakness because the band has just released a new single called ”Sinä Olet Helvetti” (You Are The Hell). Single has two new songs and is a ”sequel” to the second album. Song themes are depression, life agony and despair. Bands unique style of mixing thrash and death metal has taken to the max and here we have two of the most intense songs they have made. Third song in the single is Amorphis cover song ”Alone”, that was recorded during the making of the second album. It is the first english song the band has recorded. Single starts with a fast song called ”Revin Ihoni Rikki” (I tear my skin off).

In this single Hautajaisyö has been working with two great musicians. In the songs ”Revin Ihoni Rikki & Sinä Olet Helvetti” guitar solos are played by Ville Riitamaa from Torchia, who is starting a European tour soon. Riitamaa´s great solos brings the final dark taste to the songs.

“I was honored that these guys asked me to play a few solos for their songs! My goal was to catch their unique tone to my licks as well - maybe I succeeded in a way or another.” - V.Riitamaa

But that is not all. Markus Laakso is doing most of the vocals in ”Alone” cover song. You might know Mr. Laakso from his band Kuolemanlaakso, who is returning to touring after few years of slumber.

”I met Janne the Hautajaisyö vocalist a couple of years ago, when we both were growling in the same death metal choir at Anti-festival's art project. It was a pleasure and a privilege to join Hautajaisyö on this Amorphis cover song. Thanks Hautajaisyö and sorry Amorphis” - M.Laakso

Sinä Olet Helvetti” song will also get a music video, that is made by Kimmo Jalkanen who has made all the bands videos. New video will focus on domestic violence.

Single is released August 31st by Inverse Records

Listen to the single:



Apple Music: 





Sinä Olet Helvetti

 01. Revin Ihoni Rikki

02. Sinä Olet Helvetti

03. Alone (Amorphis Cover) 

DOOM METAL from Sweden - Silver Grime to release debut album in October, music video out today!

Swedish Epic Doom metal band Silver Grime will release their debut album 'Healed By The Dark' on October 26th 2018 via Inverse Records. The band is featuring former members of Paul Di'Anno, Obscurity and Cloudscape

WATCH music video for the track 'Children':         which also features a guest appearance in lead guitar by Jonas Hansson from Silver Mountain

The band's guitarist Lindhe comments:

"The song "Children" is about a woman from the past. Who took care of poor people's children and let them die. The video is directed by Jonas Hansson.

Album Healed By The Dark is a celebration in black. A cavalcade of heavy riffs and dark lyrics. The album is mixed by Anders Hahne."

Silver Grime is founded in 2014 by Lindhe and they have open up shows for legendary Candlemass. The band is heavily influenced by the bands such as Saint Vitus & Trouble

Listen to the single on:



Apple Music:


Google Play:



Track list:

01. The Realm Of The Ancient Stones

02. Children

03. Like A Blood Red Rose

04. The Execution Of The Narcissist

05. Eclipse Of Tomorrow

06. Healed By The Dark



Lindhe - Guitar

Kalle Kronhamn - Vocals

Håkan Nyander - Bass

Michael Hildesjö – Drums






Il gruppo Heavy Doom Metal Epico, BLACK LOTUS, pubblica il suo album in ottobre, il primo singolo è già disponibile!

l gruppo Heavy doom metal Epico di Barcellona, BLACK LOTUS, lancia il primo singolo del loro prossimo album “Sons of Saturn”. L’album uscirà il 19 ottobre 2018 con Inverse Records.

In questo link puoi vedere il video musicale di “Sons Of Saturn”: 

Hug Ballesta, fondò i Black Lotus nel 2015 e, dopo aver trovato i componenti ideali, decisero dirigersi agli Studi Moontower alla fine del 2017. L’album è stato registrato e mixato da Javi Félez e masterizzato da Brad Boatright a Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon.

Hug Ballesta dice:

“Abbiamo scelto “Sons os Saturn” come nostro primo singolo perché racchiude tutti i suoni che cerchiamo come gruppo. Siamo fan dei gruppi classici come allo stesso tempo dei nuovi suoni e differenti stili del metal: crudezza, ritmi heavy doom metal lenti e allo stesso tempo melodie contagiose che possono trasportare l’ascoltatore a stati d’animo apparentemente opposti. Ci fa un immenso piacere che Inverse Records ci aiuti a diffondere la nostra musica… siamo ansiosi di vedere il riscontro!"

Il suono dei BLACK LOTUS, nasce dalle diverse influenze dei membri del gruppo. Il tradizionale heavy metal è il fattore comune e la forza motrice della nostra banda, ma altre sfumature di suoni alternativi degli anni 90’ o generi come lo Stoner Rock, il doom metal e il Post Metal sono parte importante del nostro stile. Le composizioni, includono tutte queste influenze senza limiti ne dogmi. I testi sono soprattutto simbolici, esprimendo la visione distopica della società e del mondo. La mitologia classica, l’occultismo, le esperienze e visioni personali, sono la base delle composizioni.

Son of Saturn” è disponibile in tutte le piattaforme digitali e in tutto il mondo:




Apple Music:





01. Kings

02. The Sandstorm

03. The Pyre - intro.

04. Protective Fire

05. Taurobolium

06. Sons of Saturn

07. The Swamp

08. Return to Erebus - closing.

Dark Archive ha realizzato un nuovo video del suo ultimo singolo musicale ”Morningstar

Dark Archive ha realizzato un nuovo video del suo ultimo singolo musicale ”Morningstar”.

La canzone fa parte dell imminente lunghezza del suo album. L album è quasi pienamente composto e dopo qualche piccole improvvisazioni la band inizierà a registrare l ultima traccia chitarristica. Quando l album uscirà la band sarà finalmente al completo.. tutti i membri della band sono molto capaci, determinati e motivati condividendo tra loro gli stessi successi.

Il processo per creare questa canzone e la produzione del video è durato 6 mesi tra complicazioni e soddisfazioni quindi non è un un piccolo progetto specialmente quando dark archive non è al momento una band conosciuta. L orchestra della canzone è stata fatta dal compositore irlandese Peter Crowley che cooperato con tantissime metal band. Peter ha anche informato che è desideroso di continuare il lavoro con Dark archive.

Tutti i membri della Dark archive stanno dando il tutto per tutto alla band ed ogni membro ha la stessa passione di avere un occasione di fare tour con i più grandi della musica metal e fare questo per vivere, non c è nessun altra opzione per loro.

Morning star è stato registrato and mixato da Joakim l... nello studio della stessa band.

Il vocalist Niko... commenta il video:

"Il video spiega la divina storia di come Dio abbandona suo figlio Lucifero, trasformata in una versione mortale riguardo la famiglia religiosa che abbandona i loro bambini. E lui diventando l archetipo di Satana sulla terra dopo aver riconosciuto il suo passato."

"Morningstar" è disponibile sulle seguenti piattaforme digitali




Apple Music:


Google Play:


The Eternal release second new single & video for ’The Wound

The Eternal have released the second single ‘The Wound’ from their upcoming album ‘Waiting For The Endless Dawn’ through Inverse Records. ‘The Wound’ is a 20 minute cinematic statement that takes the listener from moments of progressive, emotive rock, all the way to slow melancholic doom metal. ‘The Wound’ can be best described as an epic & ambitious piece of work from the band. It is now available on Spotify, all major online stores, and streaming services.

The film for ‘The Wound’ has been beautifully filmed & produced in Portugal by renowned film maker Guilherme Henriques. ‘The Wound’ is a story of loss, disconnection & attempted reconciliation. The film can be viewed at the Inverse Records Youtube Channel.

Last month the band released the single ‘In the Lilac Dust’, which features the enigmatic voice of Mikko Kotamäki from Finnish doom legends Swallow The Sun, is available on all major online services such as Spotify, iTunes & Apple Music through Finnish Label Inverse Records. A Lyric video for the track can also be viewed at the Inverse Records youtube channel.

The current incarnation of the band featuring Mark Kelson (Alternative 4, Insomnius Dei, Cryptal Darkness), Martin Powell (My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, Anathema), Marty O’Shea (Dreadnaught) & Dave Langlands alongside the addition of renowned Australian guitarist Richie Poate (Dreadnaught). The band have spent over 3 years writing and recording what can be best described as the bands darkest & heaviest album to date.

Waiting For The Endless Dawn proves to be a heavy hearted, dark statement in the bands diverse and long career, which will see the band endeavouring to tour extensively and performing the album in it’s entirety in 2018 and beyond.

Listen the single:



Check it on Youtube:

REVOLUTIO: lyric video e release date di “Vagrant”.

È prevista per il 9 Novembre 2018 la pubblicazione di Vagrant il nuovo album dei thrasher post apocalittici REVOLUTIO, distribuito da Inverse Records.

Di seguito il lyric video del brano Meek And The Bold primo singolo estratto dall’album.   

Il cantante Maurizio Di Timoteo ha commentato:

Vagrant è composto da tanti viaggi, viaggi per raggiungere luoghi remoti e impossibili. Alcuni di questi luoghi vivono nelle nostre menti, altri sono celati nelle nostre anime. Meek and the Bold scava nel conflitto infinito che infuria in ognuno di noi. Il lato mite della nostra personalità vuole evitare il sacrificio e la sofferenza, mentre quello più audace abbraccia la lotta per cambiare un mondo fatto di odio e miseria. Questi due aspetti non possono essere separati, perché tale è la natura dell'animo umano. L'accettazione di questa dualità come condizione naturale è un passo cruciale nel raggiungimento della piena consapevolezza di sé.”

Il singolo di Meek And The Bold è disponibile in digital download su Amazon e in streaming su Spotify. Vagrant è disponibile in pre-order al seguente link 


Track list:

1. Aftermath

2. Meek and the Bold

3. What Breaks Inside

4. The Oracle

5. Ozymandias

6. Eclipse

7. Silver Dawn

8. Requiem

9. Daydream

10. The Great Silence


REVOLUTIO line-up:

Maurizio Di Timoteo – voce, chitarra ritmica

Luca Barbieri – chitarra solista

Francesco Querzé – basso

Davide Pulito – batteria



Anthem For Resistance by Finnish Callidice released 

Finnish melodic death metallers Callidice has released their debut album 'Anthem For Resistance'. The strong sound of the album is created at SN-Audio studio by the engineer Sami Niittykoski.

"'Anthem For Resistance' is an concept piece that tells about friendship, brother bond and fear of losing everything important through a story of two brothers." comments Callidice's singer Jarkko Liimatainen about the album.

The album is available on digital music services worldwide and also available as CD.



Metal Mailorder:

Record Shop X:                                                          



Jarkko Liimatainen – Vocals 

Tatu Latvala – Guitar 

Samuli Rasmus – Bass & Vocals 

Tero Latvala – Keyboards

Ville Jyrkkä – Drums

Finnish metal band Circenses released a debut album!

Finnish metal band Circenses released a debut album today May 8th 2018 via Inverse Records. Circenses is a Finnish one-man project from Seinäjoki, Ostrobothnia. The project was started by Severi Osala in 2016. The album combines death metal singing and progressive music. Mr. Osala comments: "Tightrope Walk on the Ground is the first release I made by myself (without production) and I think it will be the most valuable to me. My music is inspired by music, movies, books - Everything I hear, see, read etc. By anything that makes me feel or do something."

WATCH "Tightrope Walk on the Ground" video on Youtube: 

LISTEN TO "Tightrope Walk on the Ground" album on: 



Apple Music:


Track list:

01. High Center of Gravity (Intro)

02. Kill the Words

03. Lunacy

04. Tightrope Walk on the Ground

05. From Darkness to Joy

06. Sleep My Demon

07. Disordered

08. My Mask

09. Swallow Your Pride



Unborn Generation released their first single ”Shadow” from the upcoming album ”Vøid

The band is releasing their next full-length album titled ”Vøid” on June 15th 2018 via Inverse Records label. The atmosphere on this album is darker than before, including 13 songs of dirtier Grind 'n' Roll. "Yes, it is quite fucking dark. Though I would have preferred more double bass drum." says Herkko. "Into black depths in search of truth. The concept was clear from the start." states the bands bass player and lyricist Arto. The ”Vøid” album is the first release with new lineup. Unborn Generation has been a trio since the fall of 2017, when the band's longtime vocalist Bonzo left. Guitarist Herkko Huttunen has been doing the growling since.

Check the lyric video on Youtube:

Listen the single:



Angertea is releasing a special acoustic new album in October - Single released now

Angertea is releasing a special acoustic new album in October via Finnish Inverse Records. The album entitled ’Sidetrack (An Acoustic Act to Eradicate Torture)’ is gonna include 7 brand new songs and a cover from the metal band Wackor

"Angertea is basically a progressive/experimental metal band with 5 full length albums, so this one is going to be a really special thing for us. It can, and can not be called the 6th album of the band at the same time… It was recorded by Csaba Gődér, mixed by József Kiss at Area 51 studio and edited by Bálint Schautek.  We’re gonna show the world the video for ’Slaves in Dark Inferno’ in September, and then comes the album release worldwide  in October. The first song made public is called ’Geese (At a Hungry Festival)’. This song was written first and mixed first so we thought we’d publish it first as well. It’s about new hopes and growing up in today’s hectic world." Comments Gergő from Angertea.

Listen the single:



The songs on the album:

1- Slaves in Dark Inferno

2- Geese(At a Hungry Festival)

3- Sidetracks

4- Loam

5- Cell

6- Moonsoon (Wackor cover)

7- Stick of Loss

8- The Devil´s Last Foil