Anthem For Resistance by Finnish Callidice released 

Finnish melodic death metallers Callidice has released their debut album 'Anthem For Resistance'. The strong sound of the album is created at SN-Audio studio by the engineer Sami Niittykoski.

"'Anthem For Resistance' is an concept piece that tells about friendship, brother bond and fear of losing everything important through a story of two brothers." comments Callidice's singer Jarkko Liimatainen about the album.

The album is available on digital music services worldwide and also available as CD.



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Jarkko Liimatainen – Vocals 

Tatu Latvala – Guitar 

Samuli Rasmus – Bass & Vocals 

Tero Latvala – Keyboards

Ville Jyrkkä – Drums

Finnish metal band Circenses released a debut album!

Finnish metal band Circenses released a debut album today May 8th 2018 via Inverse Records. Circenses is a Finnish one-man project from Seinäjoki, Ostrobothnia. The project was started by Severi Osala in 2016. The album combines death metal singing and progressive music. Mr. Osala comments: "Tightrope Walk on the Ground is the first release I made by myself (without production) and I think it will be the most valuable to me. My music is inspired by music, movies, books - Everything I hear, see, read etc. By anything that makes me feel or do something."

WATCH "Tightrope Walk on the Ground" video on Youtube: 

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Track list:

01. High Center of Gravity (Intro)

02. Kill the Words

03. Lunacy

04. Tightrope Walk on the Ground

05. From Darkness to Joy

06. Sleep My Demon

07. Disordered

08. My Mask

09. Swallow Your Pride



Unborn Generation released their first single ”Shadow” from the upcoming album ”Vøid

The band is releasing their next full-length album titled ”Vøid” on June 15th 2018 via Inverse Records label. The atmosphere on this album is darker than before, including 13 songs of dirtier Grind 'n' Roll. "Yes, it is quite fucking dark. Though I would have preferred more double bass drum." says Herkko. "Into black depths in search of truth. The concept was clear from the start." states the bands bass player and lyricist Arto. The ”Vøid” album is the first release with new lineup. Unborn Generation has been a trio since the fall of 2017, when the band's longtime vocalist Bonzo left. Guitarist Herkko Huttunen has been doing the growling since.

Check the lyric video on Youtube:

Listen the single:



Angertea is releasing a special acoustic new album in October - Single released now

Angertea is releasing a special acoustic new album in October via Finnish Inverse Records. The album entitled ’Sidetrack (An Acoustic Act to Eradicate Torture)’ is gonna include 7 brand new songs and a cover from the metal band Wackor

"Angertea is basically a progressive/experimental metal band with 5 full length albums, so this one is going to be a really special thing for us. It can, and can not be called the 6th album of the band at the same time… It was recorded by Csaba Gődér, mixed by József Kiss at Area 51 studio and edited by Bálint Schautek.  We’re gonna show the world the video for ’Slaves in Dark Inferno’ in September, and then comes the album release worldwide  in October. The first song made public is called ’Geese (At a Hungry Festival)’. This song was written first and mixed first so we thought we’d publish it first as well. It’s about new hopes and growing up in today’s hectic world." Comments Gergő from Angertea.

Listen the single:



The songs on the album:

1- Slaves in Dark Inferno

2- Geese(At a Hungry Festival)

3- Sidetracks

4- Loam

5- Cell

6- Moonsoon (Wackor cover)

7- Stick of Loss

8- The Devil´s Last Foil