Black Dreams released a new music video Kiss The Gun!

Finnish blues-driven heavy metal band Black Dreams released a new single 'Kiss the Gun'. It's a natural continuum to the previously released singles 'My Hell' & 'Soul Stealer'. The band is currently working with their debut album and more details is announced later. 

Watch KISS THE GUN music video: 

Kiss the Gun is a disconsolate story about the woman who have already lived her glory days. Her behavior is somewhat unusual and unpredictable, perhaps because the woman in question has had a terrible childhood. Kiss the Gun contains a lot of alternative meanings, and the listener can make his own view on the subject based on text, video and single cover art.

Juha Kraapo, singer and main composer comments:

"This time we chose 'Kiss the Gun' as a video track. Is it the best song from us so far? Hard to say but let's see what kind of feedback it gets. At least it is based on my own experiences. It's really surprising what kind of nutcase magnet can a tattooed long-haired vocalist be. Maybe it's the image of a bad boy that attracts problems or maybe that blond vocalist is a nutcase himself. Haha"    

Listen to Kiss the Gun on:








Juha Kraapo, lead vocals

Jari Rippe Rantanen, drums

Jere Kalla, lead guitar & back vocals

Sami Räikkönen, guitar

Antti Kalliokoski, bass


Finnish Folk metal band Verikalpa released their anticipated debut album!

Finnish troll/folk metal band Verikalpa released their anticipated debut album 'Taistelutahto' today via Inverse Records. 








The band earlier released two singles Pahan Laulu & Tyrmä which both got stunning feedback from both fans and media. Verikalpa also secured a slot from famous Finnish midsummer metal festival Nummirock.

Verikalpa is a Troll/Beer-metal band from the Northern city of Oulu in Finland. They combine groovy riffs and rhythms with twisted folk melodies with a very Finnish touch. The lyrics are in Finnish and more specifically in the accent of Oulu. The songs are tales about drinking, hangovers, trolls and of course bloodspattered eternal battles. Verikalpa is formed by six musicians from bands such as CATAMENIA and QUAKE THE EARTH and this experienced group of musicians deliver their music with a firm touch and with an energetic live show.


The band comments:

"THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! After all the teasing and foreplay Verikalpa takes it's biggest step ever and presents Taistelutahto to the world! It took a lot of beering, strained neckmuscles and a few square feet of dandruff on the floor of the rehearsaldisco but after all that and the long hours in the studio we have to say it was all worth it! What make it so worth it you ask? 

YOU! The fans and all you who have listened to the songs and headbanged in your bedroom hopefully in your underwear with a cold beer in your hands or in the middle of a sexual act!

A new page in Finnish groovyfolktrollbeermetal has been turned and this is only one of beginning chapters! Please keep streaming/listening the music on the platform of your choosing and let this be the soundtrack to your wildest nights! Cheers and beers to you all from Verikalpa!".


Track list: 

01. Viimiseen asti

02. Tyrmä

03. Neidonryöstäjä

04. Kuoppajaiset

05. Pahan Laulu

06. Verijuhula

07. Taistelutahto

08. Viinapiru

09. Kuoleman Suo

10. Rautatammi 



          Cover art by Marleena Maliniemi



Vocals - Jani Ikonen

Bass - Sami Knuutinen

Keys - Jussi Sauvola

Guitars - Jussi Heikkilä

Guitars - Janne Niva

Drums - Aleksi Heiskanen





Wishing Well have today released ”Children Of Paradise” –single, which is the first sample of their forthcoming second album titled “Rat Race”, to be released on March 2. At the same time with the single the band releases a music video that can be seen here:

Wishing Well is a hard rock band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The new line-up features Chilean vocalist Rafael Castillo,  Hammond-organist Arto Teppo, drummer Juha Kivikanto, bassist Rick Becker and guitar player Anssi Korkiakoski. 

Children Of Paradise” is a classic hard rock song, which also features a child choir. Melodic tune oozes old school vibe from the heyday of hard rock and heavy metal.  

In April Wishing Well will play a minitour in Finland together with ex-Rainbow –vocalist Doogie White.  

Listen the single on Spotify:

Contact info, press, interviews etc: 

Jaakko Tarvainen            

Inverse Records                              

Anssi Korkiakoski

Guitar player / Manager

Stoner metallers Obscure released new EP.


Finnish metallers Obscure have released a new EP "Zero Dawn". Obscure is 2015 founded metal act that combines on their music elements from various genres such as stoner rock and sludge metal.

True to its name the band mixes musical elements from different genres so fluently that it is not relevant to narrow the description of Obscure's music down to one genre.

Band's guitar player E. Hämäläinen comments the new EP:

"We started recording this EP during summer 2017 after doing few gigs around Finland. There was no real musical direction or style of what kind of music we wanted to write, we didn't decide what "genre" we would want to represent or anything like that. We just wrote what we felt natural to us at the time so the final product is very honest and sounds just very much like us. All members of the band have their own favorite artists that we listen to and they of course influence the music that we want to hear ourselves playing, so some elements of Mastodon, Black Sabbath and Crowbar, to name a few, may be heard on this release.

Here it is, our debut EP that's finally ready after couple of delays, few technical setbacks and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears proudly presented to you by the ugly bastards of Obscure."

Listen the EP on Spotify:

Hiidenhauta to release second album in March, first single out now!

A Finnish melodic black metal band Hiidenhauta is set to release their second album '1695' on March 16th 2018 via Inverse Records. The first single 'Hallan Valta' is released today.

Watch Hallan Valta video: 

Listen to it on Spotify: 

Hiidenhauta is a black metal band from Satakunta, Finland, founded in 2012. In 2013, the band released two EPs, namely, “Surma saapuu suota myöten” and “Eikä aurinko valaise.” The first full-length album, “Noitia on minun sukuni,” was released in 2014 via Inverse Records. In addition, a music video was shot of “Hiiden virsi,” a song off the debut album featuring the vocalist Jonne Järvelä of Korpiklaani fame. 

March 2017 saw the beginning of the recording sessions for the second full-length “1695”. The album’s theme revolves around the Great Famine of 1695-1697, a great calamity which beset the Finnish area at the time. During the period, approximately every third citizen of Finland (then under the Swedish rule) met their end as a result of starvation or epidemics. 

The lyrics of Hiidenhauta are written in Finnish, abiding by the poetic Kalevala meter. History and nature are among the prominent themes of the band’s lyrics.

Vocalist & lyricist Tuomas Keskimäki comment: 

"Lyrics and lyrical themes have always been important for me. The idea of the story concept came first, also this time. The Great Famine of 1695-1697 is shocking and unbelievable historical fact and I felt like the story just have to be told. ”1695” is a historical concept album which we made with many problems since 2015. During these years when making of the album, were also some kind of a turning point in the history of Hiidenhauta, because two members left the band in the middle of the recording session."


Track list:


1. Hallan valta

2. Äärellä

3. Kuolimaan tytär

4. Musta leipä

5. Jumalan vihan ruoska

6. Talvikäräjät

7. Nälkäkevät

8. Maan poveen

9. Nimettömät


Tuomas Keskimäki - Vocals & lyrics

Emma Keskimäki - Female vocals

Otto Hyvärinen - Guitars

Eetu Ritakorpi - Drums & percussions