19 GENNAIO 2019


Suvi Hiltunen: Vocals

Antti Leiviskä: Guitars

Sami Kukkohovi: Guitars

Harri Halonen: Bass 

Tarmo Kanerva: Drums 


Before writing this review, I need to say it was a great surprise when I watched members from POISONBLACK or SENTENCED working on this project.  I was surprised because both bands were very famous for their Gothic style, so when I listened the album I had noticed a good hard rock mixed with melodic metal. The first track THE ONE TO TAKE is a great song for opening and album, the hook located at the intro is very impressive, the chorus is another great point. The style reminds me the old glam metal from Los Angeles. Maybe Motley Crue or Dokken. Good job!!! 

NOT COMING HOME is the second track, this song reminds me a lot of ACCEPT in their melodic era of Russian Roulette, but I can hear a personal touch that I like, again I love the hooks on the song. Antti Leiviskä and Sami Kukkohovi, they had recorded a great wall for guitars, but it wouldn’t be possible without Harri Halonen. They sound powerful!!!

LET ME BE THE ONE gave me another surprise, because they change the formula, the song reminds me a lot of QUEENSRYCHE (Especially. In EMPIRE’s era) mixed with SINNER. Good job because it gave a new dynamic to the album.  The next song is NOWHEREFOUND, again I was amazed by the change of direction, it has a little touch of country in the intro and the guitar solo has influence from blues. Another good track!!! TIRED OF BEING BROKEN is another awesome track, it’s amazing how they merge many influences but they put their own style on music. The intro reminds me EDGE OF THORNS from SAVATAGE and DOGS OF WAR from BLUES SARACENO, but again with a personal touch. VEILING THE TEARS and SHINING TROUGH in my opinion are not my favorite tracks from the album. Okay, the songs are not bad, but I think both need a little more of energy. I like the mix between blues and hard rock but I dunno, I feel like these tracks were put there by the force. Perhaps If they had released the songs like E.P., it could have been feeling different. It’s my opinion.

ROTTEN TO THE CORE return the best of hard rock to the album, I dunno if AFIRE has listened the German band VICTORY, this song reminds me an album called CULTURE KILLED THE NATIVE (One of my favorite albums from VICTORY). I feel a lot of these energy on this track. STRANGERS AGAIN is one of my favorite tracks, it has a little touch of progressive rock, sometimes it reminds me the old Queensryche and Rush. These guys are amazing!!! FOREVERMORE is the last track. In my opinion another song that needs energy. If the album finished with STRANGERS AGAIN it could have gotten another dynamic. I mean, this album has many songs with a lot of energy, speed, mischief, but on these three tracks appointed, you feel like you are listening another album, it’s only my opinion. Anyway, this album is very amazing!!!  In short, AFIRE is an amazing band, and On the Road from Nowhere is a great album. The band showed us that Melodic and rock metal can evolve between influences and personal touches. If you love the sound of 80’s with modern musical production. This album is for you!!!


Alex Montenegro