FYKE Releases Official Music Video for "AWAKE"!

"AWAKE" Revealed on AP Facebook LIVE PREMIERE!

April 10, 2018 - LA Based rock band FYKE has released the official music video for their single, "AWAKE," off of the 2018 released, via Universal Music, LP, Nightmares Deluxe. Originally unveiled to enthusiastic fans on AP Facebook LIVE PREMIERE, "Awake" was directed by acclaimed music video director Brad Wong.


“We currently live in a society where self-worth is misconstrued as a factor of the things you own and how many followers you have on social media. The message that we’re trying to share with “Awake” is that money and fame do not equate to happiness.”FYKE


Track List: 

1. Nightmares 

2. Insecure 

3. Favorite Mistake 

4. Vices 

5. Human 

6. Sleepers 

7. Nightmares (Below Zero Version) 

8. Captured 

9. Awake 

10. Fin


FYKE is an American based rock band comprised of Enik Lin, Steven DeLman, Justin Wright, Mikee Fabella, and Gerard Christian. The group debuted their first official single, "Favorite Mistake" on February 24th, 2017 through Universal Music Group International. "Favorite Mistake" was featured on "Best of the Week" playlist for Apple Music (China) along with the "TOP TEN MUSIC" Playlist on Spotify (China) within the first couple days of its inception. The band has stated that their sole purpose of existence is to use their music to spread positivity and awareness to current problematic social issues. Their music has primarily been labeled as "Pop," but their material is strongly infused with heavy electronic elements and high energy rock. Some of their material may also be described as metalcore/post-hardcore-ish. Their recent album release of Nightmare Deluxe has amassed over half a million streams on Spotify since it's August 2017 release. Produced, recorded, and mixed by front-man Enik Lin, FYKE has released 3 singles, 1 EP, and 1 full length album.

Alt Rockers OUR UNTOLD STORY drop new video for STRONG ONES

From London to Stockholm, Our Untold Story is an alternative Swedish rock band drawing influences from 70s Classic Rock and 90s Pop-Punk. They are back with a video for their new single ‘Strong Ones’ released today! Strong Ones is from their upcoming album ‘My Dreams, My Rules’ set for release on June 3rd.

The band will be performing at Estelle, Stockholm on June 1st in Stockholm for their official launch party where they will be selling physical releases of the album for those attending ahead of the digital release. “I always like my music to tell a story and that’s what we have tried to do here. Strong Ones is a song about growing up, being bullied, being pushed down and being an out sider. Whilst all the stereo typical ‘popular’ kids are partying around them and following trends, the outcast is focussing on studying, music or developing a certain skill. It follows how the tables turn years on into adulthood and those once called geeks, freaks and nerds are the ones leading the way, they are the ones following their dreams and now the ones following the trends are left behind. After years of being pushed down they are now leading, they are the ‘Strong Ones’” - Vocalist and founder Xander Turian


Xander Turian - Guitar, Vocals

Kim Liljedahl - Bass

Viktor Gineman - Drums

Tommy Gustafasson - Guitar

Our Untold Story were formed back in 2012 by singer-songwriter Xander Turian. The band have published five releases so to date and are gearing up to release their 6th release for new album 'My Dreams, My Rules' due out on June 3rd this year. Their music has spread far and wide and even earned them some awards in film as well as the live stage including...

2017 - Global Music Awards - Bronze Winner

2017 - Oniros Film Awards - Best Song

The Room welcome new members in time for Album number three!

UK based Classic Rock / Progers The Room are very sad to announce the departure of the bands Keyboard player Steve Checkley, who has decided to leave the band to concentrate on the increasing demands of family life.

Steve joined the band in 2011 and appeared on both Open Fire and Beyond the Gates of Bedlam albums contributing some great melodies and ideas for songs. That contribution continues on the bands new album to be released in the autumn of 2018. “We are enormously sad that Steve has decided to leave the band but we understand and fully support his reasons. Steve has been with us for seven or so years and we are going to miss his humour, mad ideas and of course his help developing our unique sound” - Martin Wilson, Vocals Woking based Mark Dixon will be replacing Checkley on Keyboards just in time for album number three. Dixon, whose musical journey started when he played in covers bands in South African hotels in the 80s, returned to the UK in 1993 before taking a diploma in music in 2005. “We love the experimental side of Marks musical nature, he has a great ear for melody and intuitively understands the sounds that we want to achieve on the new songs” - Steve Anderson, Guitars. In a further addition to the bands line up, The Room have added UK based French Guitarist Eric Bouillette. The multi-instrumentalist from Nice has played with prog rockers Nine Skies and RDSK along with tributes to Genesis, Bowie and Opeth. "This is an amazing time for us! Yes it is sad when you lose a great friend like Steve Checkley but the power and dynamics that we have added to the band is awesome. Eric is a very different style of guitarist from Steve Anderson but they complement each other perfectly” - Andy Rowe, Bass. The band starts recording their new album at Outhouse Studios in Reading with producer John Mitchell at the end of April and the new line up makes its full live debut at Home Farm Festival Yeovil on 9thJune 2018.