Single "Ben Blutzukker feat. Liv Kristine - Queen of the Nite" was  released 7 days ago.

BLACK THERAPY: live a Napoli per la prima volta

Il prossimo 15 marzo rilasceranno su Black Lion Records il loro terzo album, "Echoes of Dying Memories": sono i melodic death metallers romani Black Therapy, che a pochi giorni dall'uscita della loro nuova fatica saranno di scena all'Evilution Club di Acerra (NA), per quella che è la loro prima data in assoluto in terra campana. Con un'esperienza internazionale dovuta ai tanti live in Europa, con concerti di supporto a nomi quali Dark Tranquillity, Nile ed Arch Enemy, i Black Therapy sono garanzia di uno show ad alto impatto sonoro quanto emotivo. Uno show in cui, tra l'altro, la band suonerà alcuni dei brani che comporranno "Echoes...".

L'appuntamento è dunque per sabato 23 febbraio all'Evilution Club con i Black Therapy e la band di supporto, i veterani della scena partenopea Evil Never Dies.

Di seguito tutti i dettagli.

Valhalla Agency, Indastria Eventi & Evilution Club presentano:

- BLACK THERAPY per la prima volta a Napoli

Melodic Death Metal da Roma -                                                    

- Evil Never Dies

Thrash/Death Metal da Napoli -                                                

Dj-set Metal/Rock/Industrial pre e post concerto.

Sabato 23 febbraio 2019 @ Evilution Club

Via Pezzalunga 53, Acerra (NA)

Apertura porte h.21:00

Inizio concerto h.22:30

Ingresso €5,00*

*Ingresso riservato ai soci, tesseramento gratuito

Evento Facebook:                                                    

- Ampio parcheggio esterno

- Sala superiore con biliardo


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CHUD: Release New Album DEAD & Video Fearmonger

Howling from the mountains of Canberra - Australia, Chud brings their raw and aggressive mix of primitive death metal, industrial punk with rough elements of black metal. Unleashing their first EP Blood & Bone in late 2009, Chud began their wave of terror, pummeling the senses of the hungry metal punters throughout Australia. Following this up with their 1st full length album Ominous in 2013, they have entertained and amused both venues and punters alike with fury. Now they continue the next chapter with their new album - Dead.

Chud are:

Novak - Skins

Kate G - Lo-Strings

Whiskey - 9-strings/Script



  01- Neolithic

  02- Jotun

  03- The Wicked

  04- In Cult We Trust

  05- Pigs For Satan

  06- Interlude

  07- Fearmonger

  08- Crone

  09- Mountain King

  10- Enthroned

  11- Get It Out

  12- Dead


DEAD is available now from

Metal United World Wide: Summoning the Spirit of Metal

Metal United World Wide, the huge metal community effort, goes in the second round. The date is set: 15 June 2019! That's only 4 months to go and preparations are speeding up.

Last year, it was a very long night, starting with Australia and Papua New Guinea with Asia, Africa and Europe joining in and the Americas closing up. There were too many highlights to count but one stand out was maybe the show in the Damaskus bazar. The Syrian capital is more associated with war than with party and it was great to see a metal party going on there. Check out last year's Metal United World Wide in our archive.

Summoning the Spirit of Metal is not an easy task. Already around 40 promoters and organisers have joined forces to get the night of metal rolling. More are about to join. Media, label and PR partners support "MUWW" with announcements and spreading the word. For all those who would like to contribute, contact either for media/label/PR partnerships or if you would like to organise a show or add an existing show to MUWW. Contact Michael also for all other requests regarding contribution and participation. It is a community undertaking so the more the merrier.

So, let's get to it. United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

„Powerful, melodic und varied. Max impresses as a singer with a unique phrasing. Thumbs up!“ Linus Klausenitzer (OBSCURA)

„By now and without exaggeration we talk about one of the strongest albums of the still so early year. It will be hard for others to come up to this. (…) This is high quality with lots of emotion created art.”

"Filigree finesse, brutely performed und produced for stadiums... you have to risk more than just one ear" John Gahlert (DEADLOCK)

“I hear outstanding vocals, heavy loaded riffs that are filled with dark atmospheric tunes, energetic and twisted musical highlights. I hear constantly nice melodic lines and they work addictive to me.”

„M.I.GOD. created with „Specters On Parade“ a really sophisticated und diverse record that sometimes remind with all the intermezzos and radio play sequences of metal classics like „Operation: Mindcrime“. Singer / Songwriter Max Chemnitz, lead guitarist Uli Holzermer and the new members really have accomplished something great.“

“Specters On Parade” (…) is a brilliant piece of musical art to blow your mind for days. (…) You have no reason not to like and spread this band!”

M.I.GOD. provide the best bridging to their album release and present their first Lyric Video for the opener track „The Solitary Ghost“.

The song is a sheer wrecking ball made of raw heavyness, unbridled groove and engaging hooks that won't let the listener off the hook! Like the main character of the album concept, you get pushed into the cold water and confronted with his disturbing state of mind:

Singer Max Chemnitz commends: “From one minute to the other a young man is thrown out of balance by mysterious vertigo and condemned to live a life full of uncertainty and fear. In this song evil starts to have its way.”

The video was created in close collaboration with the band by talented Italian videographer Stefano Mastronicola. The gloom of the lyrical background was visualized in an ingenious way and marks the beginning of a series of clips to the multi-layered album and its lyrical tour de force.

TRAGUL premieres


The multinational and visionary metal stars band TRAGUL, are pleased to share a brand new song and lyric video called "THE HUMMINGBIRD". The single was produced by the band, and mixed and mastered by their long time collaborator the grammy nominated producer Jacob Hansen (Epica, Amaranthe, Volbeat) at Hansen Studios in Denmark.

"The Hummingbird" video was conceived once again by the talented video producer Ingo Spörl from Hard Media who previously worked with the band on "Inside the Mirror" back in October 2018 and known for his work with bands such as Rhapsody of Fire, Epica, Avantasia, Edguy, Sonata Artica, Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Axel Rudi Pell, Serious Black, Accept, Sirenia, Helloween and many more.

About the single, "The Hummingbird" is a tasteful song that artfully showcases a softer side of the band, but with the characteristic soulful arrangements, the beautiful instrumentation and the sound vision of Tragul. The band once again delivers a song big on melody. The synths stand out through out the song, creating a strong atmosphere. The enchanting vocals of Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica) brings a mixture of softness and brightness giving a perfect symbiosis with the foundation by drummer Sander Zoer (ex Delain), bassist Oliver Holzwarth (ex Tarja, ex Blind Guardian) and guitarists Diego Bogarín and Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsam). A balance that exemplifies what the song is: magical and authentic. Also the well represented lyrics with profound and emotional meaning, alternating between English and Spanish, proffs that TRAGUL have many aces up their sleeve. 

Speaking about the track and its accompanying music video, the founder, keyboardist and composer Adrian Benegas says, "I am very excited about this release, like a circle, everything is connected and returns to the start, THE HUMMINGBIRD has the essence of "Nostalgia" the opener from the last year (2018). Its a special song that shows another side as a band. I am very proud to present to you the music video for our brand new track THE HUMMINGBIRD, which is in my opinion THE BEST VIDEO we've ever released until today."


"The Hummingbird" will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and all the major digital stores and streaming services from February 25th, 2019.


TRAGUL is an international symphonic metal project founded by keyboardist and composer Adrian Benegas. A band with an exceptional vision right from the outset, they are known for producing their own music and fantastic lyric videos, quickly gained a following online and around the world. It features an insanely talented cast of collaborators that includes spanish singer Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus In Musica), american guitarist Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsam), paraguayan guitarist Diego Bogarin, german bassist Oliver Holzwarth (ex Blind Guardian, ex Rhapsody of Fire, ex Tarja) and dutch drummer Sander Zoer (ex Delain). 

The innovative band TRAGUL, breaks the mold taking their unique brand where no metal band has gone before. Trailblazers on the "song by song" releases, TRAGUL’s productions comes in a unique format which consists on releasing single tracks during the year accompained by visual support such as videos and lyric videos to stand out from the traditional path of albums and Eps.

This is a band that does not believe in standing still. Even with its brief musical path, TRAGUL is recognized by its potential, unique style and musical vision. Since June 2017 to the date, the band has released 9 singles so far, widely acclaimed by critics, internet presence, radio play, tv appearances, and great public acceptance around the world.    





Even Vast formed in 1998 and recorded their first album "Hear Me Out" in Holland at the Beaufort Studios (other bands recorded here include The Gathering and Phlebotomized). "Hear Me Out" was released in 1999 through Black Lotus Records.

Thanks to the success of the first album other labels expressed interest in the band, in 2001 "Where the Trees Still Speak" was released on MCD and Picture MLP through Ars Metalli/Painkiller Records. In 2003 "Outsleeping" album was released through Mausoleum Records which provided good promotion for the band and increased popularity. April 2007 was the date of the third full length album (under MyKingdom Music) “Teach Me How To Bleed”.

After a pause of 9 Years, Even Vast have returned based between Manchester and Nottingham, with a new line up and a new sludge/doom sound. Not only that, there's the addition of a quirky Saxophonist, work on a new album and a return to live performances. As of January 1st we are now represented by Blackskull Services for Management/bookings.

Details here

As we ready ourselves for the brand new album ‘Warped existence’ is being released on 29th march 2019, we have not been resting on our laurels, with the new single 'Inside your Head' and ‘Somebody’ released on 27th December through Goatmancer records. (download link near the cover).

Goatmancer Records

To officially launch the album we have a release party on 20th April at Chameleon Arts Cafe, Nottingham, very special guests to be announced soon, we look forward to seeing you there to help us celebrate! It is a free to attend so spread the word.

Warped existence release party

We loudly present the new "DEMONS" album Kiss Off!

Their sixth full length and eighth album (if you count the short ones), it will be out in April via Alaska and on the amazing label God's Candy Records

In the service of punk rock since 1995, this is the band their former label constructed the genre "punk'n'roll" for. Whatever you wanna call it it's the real deal coming straight from the horse's mouth of Sweden's most obscure legends. 

"DEMONS" released an avalance of records in 2018 (one with legend Jeff Dahl) on a host of great indie labels and played prominent festivals. Read all about it in this recent interview in Mass Movement Magazine:            

Now "DEMONS" will be upping the ante in 2019.

Booking festivals right now! Please contact us! Thanks for looking!

Chania Rock Festival 2019

(5-6 July 2019, Chania/Crete, Greece)

Get ready for your heavy metal summer holidays!!!

Chania Rock Festival, is one of the most important, louder and hotter metal festivals of Southern Europe and takes place in the beautiful island of Crete, in Chania, on the 5th and 6th of July 2019. The festival exists since 2002 and many great metal bands have played so far, such as Blind Guardian (GER), Sabaton (SWE), Kreator (GER), Paradise Lost (UK), D-A-D (DEN), Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons (UK), W.A.S.P. (USA) and many more.

This year’s billing, includes some more great bands. Demons & Wizards, the brainchild of Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) and Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth), Tarja, Rotting Christ, Uli Jon Roth and Carthagods plus more acts to be announced. All these, will take place in the most picturesque landmark of the city of Chania, an ancient fortress by the old harbor, San Salvatore.

Early bird weekend ticket costs only 48 euros at:

Get ready to arrange your summer holidays in one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean and combine it with two days full of heavy metal music. Enjoy the Cretan hospitality, drink raki, swim in some of the most extraordinary beaches on earth, taste famous local food and watch your favorite metal bands perform live in an unforgettable venue in the center of the city. A combination that cannot be missed.

More details at: and

I Marche Funèbre tornano in Italia dopo più di un anno per un'unica data live in provincia di Como, al Dedolor Music Headquarter di Rovellasca il 16 marzo 2019. Accompagneranno la band i Mechanical God Creation e gli Sceletus. Marche Funèbre è una band belga Doom Death Metal, che vive per essere sul palco, tanto che nel suo decennio di esistenza ha realizzato oltre 140 concerti in più di 13 paesi. Dopo vari tour e festivals con alcune delle band più prolifiche della scena (Primordial, Novembers Doom, Ahab, Saturnus...) la band parte in tour in Nord America, nel marzo 2018. Ora Marche Funèbre tornano a suonare in Italia per un concerto esclusivo.


Evento facebook:


Up & coming Metalband SAREA from Sweden are releasing a brand new music video for their song "Black at Heart", 25th of January.

Prepare for the SAREA madness!

"My real name is Alex and my stage name is Amawtta. I'm guitarist of Mars Ultor a  new metal band from Ecuador created in November 2017, the band was created by me and my friend Dorian (Vocalist). We are a duet. We have chosen to work like duet because it's very hard to find musicians in this country (Especially for Heavy Metal) , so we paid for session musicians to complete this recording. Our band name, I know, we are not italians, but we are connected in many ways with this beautiful country. I'm writing this letter because we want to share our music with you. As you can notice, this song is not written in English or Spanish (Our mother language) LA VENDETTA DEL DIAVOLO was written by me, only the vocal melody runs by Dorian, this song talks about Karma (The tittle came because I watched a video of the final  between AC Milan vs Liverpool 2007), I lost a big chance in my life, I'd felt rage, impotence and sadness, so I wrote this song (Like AC Milan I know that someday I will get my own revenge). Anyway, nobody escapes from justice. Why Italian? Because when I listened Italian for first time I knew that it's an elegant language, it was the only language which can help me to give the elegance  and make justice to my song. In addition, this is part of our personal challenge and it's part of the concept that we want to drive in our musical career. We had released this song 3 weeks ago,  many italians and non-italian friends gave us good comments about the song. Even many youtubers have asked us for using the song on their videos. We are working in a E.P. and the first album of the duet. That's all that I can say I hope you like it!!! Thank you in advance and hugs!!!"