PARAGON COLLAPSE reveal final details "The Downing".

Iasi, Romania based Progressive Doom Metallers Paragon Collapse have set the release date for their upcoming debut full-length album, "The Dawning", for the 20th of January 2018, in collaboration with Loud Rage Music. Listen to a new track, "A Whisper of Destiny", and pre-order "The Dawning" here: (digital pre-order). (Jewel-case CD pre-order).

"The Dawning" cover artwork is actually a painting by the band’s bass player, Vali Seciu.

Here’s what the band had to say about the album:

“'The Dawning' does not necessarily want to convey a message, but it is up to the listener to identify and interpret a possible message. Although the lyrics of the songs describe various states and inner living, alternating between love and madness, hope and suicidal depression, we would like each listener to live each song individually, to understand them from the perspective of their own experiences, and if after listening to songs, the listener does not remain indifferent, it means that our goal has been reached. As for this painting, the viewer can sense the meaning of it right from the title. The first light is so much more than the twilight before the dawn. In this case, dawn is the absolute truth we tend to as people, that beautiful truth, also highlighting the fact that existence takes place between two extremes, lies and truth. The first extreme is made up of a life full of harmony, of pure beauty, but which is forgotten and thus destroyed. The second extreme represents the uglier side of life, lies and hatred, whose appearance of masquerade deceives and seduces man. These two opposites define our lives, the dichotomy in which we lead our existence, the struggle that we carry from birth to death. The true beauty of life is so intangible, too far away, far too lonely, too forgotten, waiting for the dawn of absolute revelation.




01. The Endless Dream

02. The Stream

03. A Whisper of Destiny

04. Nirvana

05. Climbing the Abyss

06. A Winter Life

07. Deliverance




Paragon Collapse

Loud Rage Music

Khiral released a single from their upcoming album

Finnish death/thrash metallers Khiral have released a single 'Stain' from their upcoming 2018 album 'Chained'. The foundations of Khiral were built already in 2008, but this stew required some years of slow cooking and a few lineup changes until 2016 when Khiral released their first singles 'Orphanage' and 'UltravioleNt', followed by several live shows. During that period their style has evolved from hardcore-inspired rock to a unique mixture of death, thrash and even some black metal elements, still leaning hard on catchy rhythms.

Year 2017 was a real step forward, as Khiral made their way to Emergenza band competition's Finnish final, thus being able to introduce themselves to larger audiences, made their first appearance abroad in Germany, and on top of all, recorded their first album 'Chained'. 'Chained' represents the band's evolution from almost the first songs to this day. Rock elements of the early days are long gone, but there are still hints of those hardcore-inspired breakdowns and rhytms that were the salt and the pepper right from the beginning. Strict categorization of the music has been hard even to the members themselves, so let's just call it metal with a twist that you don't necessarily expect. Full length album 'Chained' will be released on January 12th 2018.

Listen the single:





Khiral is:

Joni Öhman - bass,

Matti Hämäläinen - guitars,

Tuomo Vänskä - vocals,

Jouni Tuovinen - guitars,

Markus Lehto - drums 

After four years working on it, Man Daitõrgul has finished its first full-length album. Spanish Epic / Atmospheric Black Metal, with theme and ambience based on a homegrown fantasy novel full of battles. The coldness of Finnish Black (Horna, Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Goatmoon...) with the epicity of the Eastern scene (Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Hellveto...) and the influence of atmospheric bands like old Summoning or Elffor come together with more strength than ever in this release.


Gulkenha (Blue Queen) is already available in bandcamp and will be in physical format in the next months, with a new couple of surprises. From the fortress of the thousand obsidian towers, from the land of the Silent Legion and the Shadowspitters, eight songs to vanquish the enemies of Baladhia. Sharpen your swords, hold your shields and raise the banners of Black Fucking Metal to a sky darkened by the arrows, the cannonballs and the warfog! See you on the battlefield!

Eli van Pike darken the December with a new song "Blutrausch".

The German-American Industrial Metal Act "Eli van Pike" releases his new track "Blutrausch". The driving rhythm section gives the song the perfect mix of danceable music with the usual dark lyrics. "Blutrausch" is now available for download on the bandcamp page of darkSIGN-RECORDS. Eli van Pike decided to stop streaming the new songs on streaming platforms. "From now on, we will no longer follow the streaming madness and the concomitant impoverishment of artists and disproportionate enrichment of the music platforms", says founder Eligehausen. "The revenue per stream is not even in the cent range, so we do not see any meaning in this brainless, artist-consuming service" says Vanderberg (composer and guitarist with "Eli van Pike"). The song will therefore be available exclusively on iTunes and Amazon as of January 19th, as a download.

JUNK, fronted by actor Billy Blair, release full album details

Dallas, Texas rock trio JUNK, fronted by actor Billy Blair, have unleashed the full details from their upcoming debut release. Their new EP, entitled ‘Double Soundtrack’, will be released on Friday, January 5th, 2018. Junk recently inked a worldwide deal with Zombie Shark Records, the new record label from Noah "Shark" Robertson (Motograter, The Browning).

JUNK is fronted by guitarist and vocalist, Billy Blair (Surgeon General, Mother Truckin Skull Diggers, Earshot, Love Stricken Demise) who is also a prolific actor and has appeared in such films as Machete, Machete Kills, The Last Stand, Jonah Hex, and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. 

Blair landed a role in Alita: Battle Angel, an upcoming American science fiction action film based on Yukito Kishiro's Battle Angel Alita manga, set to be released on July 20, 2018. The three-piece is rounded out by bassist and vocalist, Benjamin K. Bachman (Never Mind The Darkness, Zativah Kid), who has also produced various solo albums and material for film, and drummer Brian “Boog Nasty” (July Alley, Shadow Reichenstein). Blair states, "We are beyond pleased to be a part of a label that believes in its bands and has our backs.. and that label is Zombie Shark Records! Horror movies and rock n roll in a gift bag!" The band takes influence from a wide range of artists such as Billy Idol, SOUNDGARDEN, Danzig, INXS, Doobie Brothers, and Alice In Chains and has shared the stage with bands such as Skid Row, Dokken, Faster Pussycat, and Steel Panther. The band recently recorded two songs, "Like Lightning" and "Built to Last", produced by Grammy Award winner Tre Nagella at Luminous Sound Studios in Dallas, TX. Both tracks are featured on the soundtrack to the film BLOOD SOMBRERO, starring Billy Blair. The band's latest singles, "Pop Rock Genocide" and “The Sasquatch”, were recorded and produced at Soundhaven Studios in Rockwall, TX by Jason Schauer and mixed by Travis Wyrick (P.O.D.10 Years, Shinedown). The songs will be featured in the upcoming horror/comedy movie, CHEROKEE CREEK.



Artwork for ‘Double Soundtrack’ provided by Ashley Box.

Pre-order ‘Double Soundtrack’ at


Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs Takes on Holiday Classics with "Christmas Songs In Different Styles"

December 18, 2017 - Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs has released his own unique homage to the Holiday season with "Christmas Songs in Different Styles". Featuring such classics as "O Christmas Tree" in the style of Ozzy Osbourne and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" in the style of System Of A Down, "Christmas Songs in Different Styles" includes frequent collaborator EROCK providing guitars for the Ozzy, Metallica, System Of A Down and Iron Maiden sections.

Track List: 

"O Christmas Tree" - Ozzy Osbourne 

"O Holy Night" - AHA 

"O Come O Come Emmanuel" - Metallica 

"O Come, All Ye Faithful" 

- DMX 

- UB40 

- Cradle Of Filth 

"The Ten Seconds Of Christmas" 

- Green Day 

- Michael Jackson 

- Frank Sinatra 

- Boys II Men 

- Slipknot 

"Silent Night" - Simon & Garfunkel 

"Jingle Bells" 

- Beastie Boys 

- Alice In Chains 

"Deck The Halls" - New Editon 

"We Wish You A Merry Christmas" - System Of A Down 

"Auld Lang Syne" 

- Iron Maiden 

- Marilyn Manson

Check out more of Anthony's videos including "10 Songs in the Style of Metallica," "12 Songs in the Style of The Nightmare Before Christmas," "10 Songs in the Style of Ozzy Osbourne (feat. EROCK)," and "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away (Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover)".


Finnish progressive melodic death metallers Damnation Plan have released their second music video "Maze of Despair" off their latest album "Reality Illusion" (Inverse Records, 2017).

Damnation Plan songwriter, lyricist, drummer, director Jarkko Lunnas comments on the song&video: "Some of the biggest battles we face happen inside our own minds. It's a survival story about leaving your past behind, shedding your skin, not letting your past drown you." The band's second full length "Reality Illusion" was released with rave reviews across metal media, including Finland's biggest metal magazine Inferno stating the release "by far best melodically catchy progressive metal coming from Finland in years!"

The band's second single, a modern metal version of the late Ronnie James Dio's "Don't Talk To Stranger" was featured on Spotify's Best New Metal Tracks at its release.

Damnation Plan - "Don't Talk To Strangers" @ Spotify:

Stereo Satellite Release Official Music Video for Debut Single "Glass Houses".

"Glass Houses" Premiered on Loudwire.


December 18, 2017 - Newly formed rock band Stereo Satellite, featuring Lukas Rossi (Rock Star Supernova), Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), John Moyer (Disturbed), and Jordan Cannata (Adrenaline Mob), has released the Official Music Video for their debut single, "Glass Houses." Originally premiered on Loudwire, "Glass Houses" is the first single off of their new album tentatively set for April 2018 release. Fans can access exclusive content for the album release via the bands' PledgeMusic campaign. Stereo Satellite plays hard rock music that flirts with alternative rock influences. By melding hook-filled melodies within heavy guitar riffs and hard beats, the band shows their ability to compact a vast array of influence and experience into a signature sound with substance, style, and spirit. Mike Orlando and Lukas Rossi are the key architects behind the band's vibrant, modern rock-inspired sound - powered by seamless songwriting adeptness that combines a story of both the joys and heartaches of life. Mike Orlando is no stranger to heartaches, having recently been involved in a tragic accident on July 14, 2017 while on tour in Florida with his former band Adrenaline Mob. The crash occurred when a tractor-trailer veered off Interstate 75 and struck the band's RV, van, and trailer, which resulted in the death of Adrenaline Mob bassist David Zablidowsky, tour manager Jane Train, and seriously injuring six others.

"Over the past recent months, I have learned a lot about how cathartic music can be, especially after going through such a heinous life-changing tragedy", said Orlando. "It's been a complete uphill battle in even trying to begin to heal physically and mentally. I have a long road ahead for sure and will have to undergo many more procedures and ongoing therapy." Orlando adds, "I don't think I'll ever fully heal mentally but I've been moved to write songs again with my brother Lukas who I feel is an amazing songwriting partner, and start this new band along with my brothers John Moyer and Jordan Cannata. I find it really helps me to cope and I can't wait to share all the music we've written and start touring again full-time." John Moyer admits to having mixed feelings about the band being dubbed a supergroup. “We hate the supergroup thing because it’s a new band in its own right,” Moyer says. “But I think it’s important for us to say we’ve been around the rock music scene for a long time and in various ways. Stereo Satellite is a new beginning for us all, and I’m looking forward to sharing our new music with the fans very soon.” Lukas Rossi concurs, saying, “I can’t wait to release our new songs and perform them live with these awesome guys. Regarding the supergroup thing, look I don't care what you call us, just call us!". Stereo Satellite has teamed with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of their video for "Glass Houses" below. You can Pre-Order the band's street single "Glass Houses" and their upcoming radio single "My Last Words" on iTunes before the official release date on January 23, 2018. The band will also make their live debut on the ShipRocked cruise on January 23rd. Furthermore, Stereo Satellite is running a PledgeMusic campaign where you will have access to EXCLUSIVE PLEDGE-ONLY items, such as signed albums, VIP tickets, bundles, one of a kind signed instruments, lunch with the band and/or have the band come to your house for a show especially for you! Plus, the band will give fans an exclusive insight into the process of making the new album with behind the scenes videos, photos, rehearsals, streamed sessions, and live Q&A. Visit their Pledge store and sign up to keep updated on the band's progress and the making of their new Album!

For all things Stereo Satellite, including upcoming tour dates and news on the band’s upcoming album, head to and be sure to follow the band on.




Stereo Satellite's new album is tentatively set for an April 2018 release and the band will hit the road in full support worldwide.

Finnish troll/folk metal band Verikalpa released their first music video!

Finnish troll/folk metal band Verikalpa released their fist music video 'Tyrmä'. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album 'Taistelutahto' which is released February 16th 2018 by Inverse Records

The track is also on:





Google Play: 

The first single 'Pahan Laulu' was earlier introduced to the world and it got superb feedback from both media and fans. It is available here:

Keyboard player Jussi Sauvola comment: 

"Verikalpa proudly presents one of the faster songs from the 'Taistelutahto' album! The song has groovy riffs combined with catchy melodies all combined to a package that goes like a freight train. Ladies and Gentlemen hide your livers and daughters, this is 'Tyrmä'"

Verikalpa is a Troll/Beer-metal band from the Northern city of Oulu in Finland. They combine groovy riffs and rhythms with twisted folk melodies with a very Finnish touch. The lyrics are in Finnish and more specifically in the accent of Oulu. The songs are tales about drinking, hangovers, trolls and of course bloodspattered eternal battles. Verikalpa is formed by six musicians from bands such as CATAMENIA and QUAKE THE EARTH and this experienced group of musicians deliver their music with a firm touch and with an energetic live show.


Taistelutahto tracklist: 

01. Viimiseen asti

02. Tyrmä

03. Neidonryöstäjä

04. Kuoppajaiset

05. Pahan Laulu

06. Verijuhula

07. Taistelutahto

08. Viinapiru

09. Kuoleman Suo

10. Rautatammi 


Vocals - Jani Ikonen

Bass - Sami Knuutinen

Keys - Jussi Sauvola

Guitars - Jussi Heikkilä

Guitars - Janne Niva

Drums - Aleksi Heiskanen


Mormânt De Snagov to release new album on Pest Records
The Black Metal group Mormânt De Snagov was founded back in 2008 in South-West Finland in order to recreate and refine the darkest form of music. Now after 10 years of grinding and blasting, two full-length albums and a series of EPs and singles, Mormânt De Snagov are proud to announce their third full-length album which will be released in early 2018 through Pest Records. The new album is called Depths Below Space And Existence and will be unleashed unto the world on the 16th of February 2018.
 The new album introduces a boldly different Mormânt De Snagov than heard on previous outings and the renewed band logo spotted on the album cover is merely the first subtle hint on the completely updated sound of the band. Extreme Death Metal influences have been infused with the more traditional Black Metal delivery and for the first time, keyboards have been used extensively to create sonic soundscapes. Even hints of jazz music can be found from the new mix, which makes Depths Below Space And Existence also the most polarized Mormânt De Snagov album up till now in terms of the song material. The album brings the listener from epic heights to esoteric atmospheres and is intervaled with brutality and nihilistic serenity. Lyric-wise the new album is a study of the human mind and human as an individual subject. We as a species are easily influenced by ideologies: whether it be religious, political or social agenda and the faint-hearted herd of sheep will always follow the strongest voiced opinions. We have a tendency to create artificial boundaries, which inevitably leads to controlled societies, loss of individualism and eventually increased amounts of conflicts. If freedom of thought is subsequently lost, does a single human life matter anymore?

Mormânt De Snagov Official
Pest Records Bandcamp


Resist Official Video

JYNX  "LEVITATE" album  15 December 2017.
JYNX due to release new single ‘LEVITATE’ on Dec 15th Premiered on Tattoo. Following the success of their previous single ‘Fade’, New York based Nu Metal band JYNX are releasing their new single ‘Levitate’ on December 15th which boasts heavy riffs, huge choruses, soaring vocals and a beat you can really get behind... all the things we love about Nu Metal and the many genres that created it!
Levitate is a really personal and lyrically heavy song that we felt was 100% necessary to be written. There are a lot of people who suffer from depression, and a few of us are no strangers to that. We wanted to relay the message that anyone feeling that way is absolutely not alone, and encourage them reach out and get help before it can take a tragic turn."
Jerry DeLorenzo.

 JYNX consists of:

Tommy Roulette (Vocals)

Jerry De Lorenzo (Guitar / Vocals)

Felix Cruz (Bass)

Justin Whang (Guitar)

Ray Francisco (Drums)

Xermane (Ones and Twos)


Fade Official Video

Dirty Machine band rocks out at IHOP in latest music video! HAHA
New Music Video from Dirty Machine - watch as the band jams out in a crowded restaurant!
Alternative metal outfit Dirty Machine from Los Angeles, California have released a wildly entertaining new music video for the track “Built” directed and produced by Ron Thunderwood from 9Electric; who has directed music videos for Hollywood Undead, Combi Christ and Stitched up Heart. Dirty Machine recently inked a worldwide deal with Zombie Shark Records and hit the road with Insane Clown Posse. The band’s latest album ‘Discord’ was produced by Ben Jovi and Dirty Machine at Left Coast Label Studios. The album was mixed by Arnold "Hedge" Quezada and Darren Davis at Blunoize Studios, and was mastered by Josh Wickman from Dreadcore Productions (KING 810, Within The Ruins).
Dirty Machine has been heralding the nu metal flag since 2012 and pulls major influences from nu metal-era bands such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Nonpoint, Mudvayne and Sevendust. The band has built a rabid following, especially in the Kansas City area, due to getting regular airtime on the leading Kansas City rock station 98.9 The Rock and headlining the Jägermeister Stage at the 2016 Kansas City Rockfest. Dirty Machine has shared the stage with P.O.D., Adema, Ghost, Sixx AM, Disturbed, Trivium, Hell Yeah, Alien Ant Farm, Otep, Metalachi, Orgy and many more.


Built Official Video

Shezoo - Agony Of Doubt
Founded in 2006 by six women, the Swiss band Shezoo has now found their place as an international quartet consisting of the Dutch frontwoman and vocalist Natacha, guitarist Micha (GER), hard-hitting drummer Jerry (CH) and bassist Ralf (CH). In the process, the band has never lost sight of their true direction without following any musical patterns.
With this line-up, it quickly became clear that everybody wants the same: creating new songs with a lot of power and energy and playing more and more shows to rock the stages all over the world - to entertain longtime fans and new audiences.
Shezoo are definitely influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Queensreich, Dio, Kingdom Come, Accept and many more artists from the Golden Era of 80s metal as well as by today's big names. Rocking, catchy and with a sense of melodies the new Shezoo album presents a certain sound, not only carried by Natacha's charismatic voice.
Starting with the driving opening track and title song "Agony Of Doubt", the band masters crispy rock tunes like "Cradles The Death", epic AOR tracks ("Crimson Rain") and emotional ballads like "Mirror" with ease.
The new album "Agony Of Doubt" was recorded at the Iguana Studios close to Freiburg (GER). The outcome is an album that is likely to appeal to many new fans as well as old ones.


Hot'n'Nasty - Dirt
Hot'n'Nasty are one of the best German blues and rock bands being awarded with i. a. the Deutsche Rock- und Pop-Preis (German Rock and Pop Award) for "Best Rhythm & Blues Album 2009" and "Best Rhythm & Blues Band 2009". "Dirt" was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Megaphon Studios by Martin Meinschäfer (producer and recording engineer for Henrik Freischlader, Tommy Schneller, Kai Strauss and Layla Zoe). The almost analogue, warm and powerful sound leaves a lasting impression of the new album. The CD artwork was designed by Jean-Karim König / Lucky Bob Music Management (graphic designer for i. a. Nazareth and Rage).
The band around guitarist Malte Triebsch succeeded in creating an infectious and varied work for the blues rock genre which captivates the audience from the very beginning and will take them on an exceptional and multifaceted musical trip.
In addition to groovy blues and rock tracks, ballads and enthralling slow blues, "Dirt" also features country and delta blues songs.
What all 15 songs have in common is their high recognition value and catchy character. Just like the previous album, "Dirt" is again a must-have on the record shelves.

“Bob Katsionis announces SYMMETRIC RECORDS, signs TERRA INCΩGNITA”.

After 25 years playing music, recording, producing, performing and touring, Bob Katsionis decides to make the next big step in his musical endeavour. As a musician he is best known as a keyboardist/guitarist of FIREWIND, with whose he has been touring the world for the past 14 years, has also released multiple albums with OUTLOUD and SERIOUS BLACK as well as 4 instrumental solo albums, plus he works with KAMELOT as a co-songwriter and has guest performances in more than 50 albums worldwide. As a producer he started SOUND SYMMETRY STUDIO back in 1996 helping his guitar and keyboard students record their demos, later evolved as a recording facility for his main bands and now he is producing a large variety of artists and bands spanning from Pop/Rock to Heavy, Power and Extreme Metal. Also responsible for the image of the artists he worked with, he personally takes care of photoshoots, cover artwork and booklet design and through his own video making company PROGRESSIVE VISION GROUP he has directed more than 120 videoclips since 2002. “Having all this experience in the music making and music business but at the same time being a performing musician myself I always wanted to help the people working with me to achieve their dream. To avoid the common mistakes of a newcomer and make their music heard as much as possible. Recording and finishing an album has become the easiest part of the process. But going out in the “jungle" of the Music Industry and Media seems to be the hardest one. That’s when I decided to found SYMMETRIC RECORDS; to give a helping hand to all of these great people I’m working together in my studio and trust their music on me.”

TERRA INCΩGNITAFragments Of A Ruined Mind".


So, newfound SYMMETRIC RECORDS debuts with the release of Heavy Metallers’ TERRA INCΩGNITA full length album called “Fragments Of A Ruined Mind". The quintet from Athens led by the charismatic frontman Billy Vass, delivers a solid, straight, simple & pure Heavy Metal album where everything sounds so familiar yet so inspired and powerful. On a musical background which combined the straight metal influences of Iced Earth & Black Sabbath and the lyricism of Sanctuary and Fates Warning , Billy Vass sings the story of the main character of Strahd: a story of betrayal, love, loyalty, death and in the end...the eternal damnation. Terra IncΩgnita’s second album is a milestone both for them and SYMMETRIC RECORDS and producer Bob Katsionis states: “I loved their music from the very first note. I met them at a festival where they grabbed my attention with both their heaviness and their sensitivity. It was a very easy and fun to make album and I think it features something that it’s missing a lot these days: the ability to play for yourself and not to surprise anyone. Really glad I’m debuting my label with them!".

Recorded and Mixed by Bob Katsionis at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, GR.  Mastered by Nassos Nomikos at VU Productions.

"Fragments Of A Ruined Mind"


1.   Strahd’s Revenge 

2.   My Emptiness

3.   In The Mist

4.   The Word

5.   A Day Without Loss

6.   Conqueror

7.   Life Begins Again  

8.   The Midnight Lies

9.   Covenant

10. Sign With Blood

11. My Ruined Mind 

The first official video clip of the album for the song “In The Mist" was shot by  Bob Katsionis for Progressive Vision Group and you can watch it here:

Crushing Notes Entertainment presents the release of “Tyrants Of Armageddon – Vol. 2”, due out today, December 5, 2017. This is the second volume in a compilation series that brings together the best up-and-coming underground thrash/extreme/black/death metal bands in the world. “Tyrants Of Armageddon – Vol. 2” features French death metal legends MORTUARY, as well as Swedish newcomers PAGANDOM, one of the first ever black metal bands to come out of Cuba, BLACKULT, new Russian melodic thrashers THE NOMAD, extreme metal act from Alabama ORACLE, plus much more.
The compilation also features a new track from guitarist/songwriter RICH DAVIS (MYSTIC-FORCE/SHIFT), a scintillating crushing track that launches the compilation and kicks it into overdrive. RICH DAVIS wrote the song ‘Tyrants Of Armageddon’ specifically for this compilation album.
“Tyrants Of Armageddon – Vol. 2” is available for purchase at Crushing Notes Webstore, Amazon, and CD Baby.

“Tyrants Of Armageddon: Volume 2” Tracklist:
1) RICH DAVIS (Rich Davis) – ‘Tyrants of Armageddon’  [USA]

2) THE NOMAD (The Nomad) – ‘Victim of the Evolution’  [RUS]

3) MORTUARY (Mortuary) – ‘Morbid Existence’  [FRA]

4) SATARIAL (SATARIAL) – ‘Horned God’  [RUS]

5) PAGANDOM (Pagandom) – ‘Catapults and Trapdoors’  [SWE]

6) GRINDPAD (Grindpad) – ‘Sharkbite!’  [NLD]

7) BLACKULT (Blackult) – ‘Black Metal Army’  [CUB]

8) ORACLE (Oracle extreme metal) – ‘On The Wings of a Martyr’  [USA]

9) BLOODFIELD (Bloodfield) – ‘Greed’  [ITA]

Nevicate's debut single offers symphonic metal and catchy pop vibes!


Nevicate is a fresh metal band from Joensuu, Finland whose music is a mixture of symphonic tones, pop vibes and electronic elements. The band released their debut single 'Shattered' and its music video can be seen here: 

The single that reaches catchy but even progressive spheres includes profound keyboard arrangements and tritonal harmonic singing that create harmony to balance with the gritty guitar riffs. ”Shattered” is a blend of feminine power, masculine headbanging and melancholic moodiness.

The lyrics of ”Shattered” deal with locked-away feelings, wounds caused by negligence and eventually fragmentation of one’s self-image. "Shattered” is produced in collaboration with the production team from the Rock Academy -project that has had professionals from Finnish music industry as visiting mentors. The song is mixed by Nino Laurenne (i.a. Thunderstone & Lost Society) and mastered by Svante Forsbäck (i.a. Rammstein & Sonata Arctica). 

Shattered is also released today on following streaming services: 







Anni Kokkonen - vocals

Lassi Porali - guitar & backing vocals

Lumi Ollila - keyboards & backing vocals

Oskari Hevonkoski - bass

Toni Manninen – drums



Facebook ->

Instagram ->

Spotify ->

Twitter ->

Bandcamp ->

YouTube -> 

Small Town Titans Give "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" a Dark, Blues-Soaked Update!
"You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" Premiered on Loudwire.
December 6, 2017 - York, PA heavy rock band Small Town Titans has released their cover of the Classic Christmas song "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch", giving the already darkly playful track an even more sinister edge. Originally premiered on Loudwire, "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" was filmed live in the studio by Springwood Productions. The band has also released the song on Patreon, a direct to fan social media platform, for their biggest supporters. Subscribing to the group for just a dollar a song on Patreon grants fans new songs first and puts their names in the credits of future YouTube videos.
"We wanted to do something different for the holiday season this year, so we decided to revisit 'You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" a tune we had covered for holiday shows in the past. Other than the Misfits, we really haven't heard a rock band of any kind cover this song. We rearranged our take on it together and created a dark, bluesy, sinister version, and we are very proud of the result, captured live in the studio." - Jonny Ross

Small Town Titans - "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" - Official Live Studio Performance Video

JULIAN’S LULLABYPrisoner Of Emotions
The time has come to reveal the title, the cover and the tracklisting of the upcoming JULIAN’S LULLABY album! The sophomore album of this unique band will be titled "Prisoner Of Emotions" and is going to be released by Russian label MUSICA on December 8, 2017.
Cover designed by Panagiotis Sarantopoulos (
Mixed, mastered and co-produced by Steve Verano and Julian’s Lullaby.


"Prisoner Of Emotions" Tracklist:

01.   Angel's East
02.   Curse of Gods
03.   Death Angel
04.   Domino
05.   Eyes of Gray
06.   Hanging Crown
07.   Hell's Door
08.   Prisoner of Emotions
09.   Single Thought
10.   Starbringer




Hell’s Door lyric video

Nu Metal New Yorkers JYNX release new video for FADE.

WARNING: If you have intended on having a relaxing start to the week, then DO NOT click this video as it will raise the bar and make you feel like the weekend has already landed. Mind you, who says you can’t party on a Tuesday? 

New York based Nu Metal band JYNX have released a video for their previous single ‘FADE’ which boasts heavy riffs, huge choruses, soaring vocals and a beat you can really get behind... all the things we love about Nu Metal! "Fade was built around the manipulation and lack of compassion I was going through at the time. It really sucks giving your heart to someone and being completely vulnerable, just to know that they never cared about you in the first place. Writing this helped me be content with being alone." – Tommy Roulette JYNX consists of Tommy Roulette (Vocals), Jerry De Lorenzo (Guitar / Vocals), Felix Cruz (Bass), Justin Whang (Guitar), Ray Francisco (Drums), Xermane (Ones and Twos).

Red Raven Down released a new music video from their upcoming EP!
Finnish, Seinäjoki based metalcore band Red Raven Down released a new music video 'Ashes'. The track is taken from their upcoming EP 'Phantoms' which is released December 15th 2017 by Inverse Records. EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mika Autio. Music video Ashes was directed by Riku Männistö. Cover art by Mikko Parkkonen.


Phantoms EP: 

1 .Intro

2 .Ashes

3 .Phantoms

4 .Rotten



Vocals – Jani Korpela

Guitars – Esa Tala

Guitars – Manu Lenkkeri

Bass – Mikko Parkkonen

Drums – Jere Haapala


Ashes Official Video:

Primitive Race Share "Dancing On The Sun" Off of 'Soul Pretender'  in Honor of Late Front-Man, Chuck Mosley. 100% of 2018 Album Sales to Benefit MusiCares
November 30, 2017.

On November 3rd, Primitive Race released their compelling Alternative Rock album Soul Pretender, with vocals handled by Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Bad Brains, Cement, VUA), music by Erie Loch (LUXT, Blownload, Exageist), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, Tricky, Gary Numan), Bass and song-writing from founding member Chris Kniker, and drums by Dale Crover (The Melvins). On November 9th, Chuck Mosley died after many years battling addiction, making the long awaited album the legendary front-man's swan song. In honor of Chuck, the band has chosen to share his favorite track off of the album, "Dancing on the Sun", and to donate 100% of 2018 album sales to MusiCares to benefit substance abuse treatments for artists battling addiction.

Click here to buy 'Soul Pretender'

Track List:
1. Row House
2. Cry Out
3. Cranial Matter
4. Take It All
5. Bed Six
6. Stepping Stone
7. Turn It Up
8. Soul Pretender
9. Nothing To Behold
10. Dancing on The Sun

Dancing On The Sun on Soundcloud

Paragon Collapse reveal new track from The Downing
In anticipation of their debut full-length album, The Dawning, due to be out early next year via Loud Rage Music, Iasi, Romania based Progressive Doom Metal formation Paragon Collapse are offering yet another extract from it, the track called Nirvana.

Paragon Collapse


Nirvana Official Track

Hogan's Goat Release Official Video for "Annie Off The Rails" From Debut, Self-Titled Album. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 29, 2017 - Nashville based rock band Hogan's Goat has released the Official Music Video for their single "Annie Off The Rails". Originally premiered on Huffington Post, "Annie Off The Rails" is off of Hogan's Goat's self titled, debut album. Hogan’s Goat tracks mud on your clean carpet. Located in Nashville, TN the band slithers in the swamps of Rock N’ Roll/Metal. A shotgun blast away from the big leagues, HG released their debut album in July of 2017. The band received 20+ reviews, all with high marks. With sites likening them to Guns N' Roses, Mastodon, Red Fang, and Clutch, the band has the utensils necessary to stir the cauldron. Hogan’s Goat is bound to "usher in a new era of music." [Kenny Larson, The Gauntlet]


Legendary Ex-MISFITS Front-Man Michale Graves Announces "The Beginning of the End EU Tour 2018".



November 28, 2017: - Former Misfits front-man Michale Graves is gearing up to hit the road for his 12+ shows in the UK The Beginning of the End Tour 2018. Launching January 24th in Cardiff, the tour criss-crosses the UK twice before winding down in Brigwater, Somerset on February 4th. Currently on the very successful US part of his tour, we are thrilled to see Michale Graves return to the UK for the first time in nearly 20 years!

A deplorable tour for deplorable people. We are soldiers of the culture war, fighting an information war and making punk rock great again…it’s the beginning of the end ~ Michale Graves.

Debut Maltrér To Be Released January 2018 On Vendetta Records!
No need to travel all the way to Norway to evoke the sinister tunes and darkest form of art: Based in the nothernmost part of Germany, Flensburg, black metal outfit VERHEERER have unveiled first and exciting details about their upcoming debut album titled 'Maltrér'!
Formed in 2008 by band members BST and SMN, VERHEERER have released one highly acclaimed EP to date. Set for a release on January 19th 2018 with Vendetta Records, the band has now unleashed their stunning album artwork as well as the track list for 'Maltrér':
The band informs us: We're pleased to once again work with the maniacs of Vendetta Records for our first full-album, "Maltrèr", which unleashes the ties of "Archar" and pushes our journey to a new chapter. "Maltrèr" continues where we stopped at "Archar" and broadens our sonic variety in all directions.“

In support of 'Maltrér'VERHEERER will announce more exciting news as well as live shows for 2018 very soon.

For More Info On VERHEERER Visit:


Vendetta Records



1. Oratio

2. Kultyst

3. Vertigo

4. Maltrér

5. Anima Sola

6. Nachtfall

7. Heimgang

SINARO release new video ‘Break The Paradigm’ featuring Oli Herbert (All That Remains).

New York City-based heavy metal band SINARO, led by guitarist Gus Sinaro, have been hitting the NY scene hard and creating a name for themselves.
Today, the band is serving up a blazing helping of heavy metal greatness with the new video 'Break The Paradigm' mixed by Chris "Zeuus" Harris and featuring All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert. Crushing riffs, soaring vocals, scorching solos and huge choruses, this is one track that you won’t be able to remain still to.

Break The Paradigm Feat. Oli Herbert  Official  Video

Troll/folk metal band Verikalpa to release debut album!
Verikalpa signs with Inverse Records, the debut album 'Taistelutahto' is released February 16th 2018. The first single 'Pahan Laulu’.
Verikalpa is a Troll/Beer-metal band from the Northern city of Oulu in Finland. They combine groovy riffs and rhythms with twisted folk melodies with a very Finnish touch. The lyrics are in Finnish and more specifically in the accent of Oulu. The songs are tales about drinking, hangovers, trolls and of course bloodspattered eternal battles. Verikalpa is formed by six musicians from bands such as CATAMENIA and QUAKE THE EARTH and this experienced group of musicians deliver their music with a firm touch and with an energetic live show.
Verikalpa has been in existence for many years but they decided to take their time in polishing their musical atmosphere and concept so that the band was truly ready to hit the stages and recording studios with a complete product. Taistelutahto was thus recorded in the SURF-SOUND studio in Oulu with the mastermind Janne Huotari who whipped out all that the guys had to give. After pouring everything they had to the album it was finally mastered by Svante Forsbäck of CHARTMAKERS and so Taistelutahto (Battlewill) was born.
Verikalpa has concentrated in composing, rehearsing and recording for the past six months but they are no strangers to the stages of Finland. For example they played a very successful show with PRIMORDIAL in Helsinki. The guys received a lot of good feedback by the metal medias and audiences and this gave them a foothold in the music-scene of Finland.  


01. Viimiseen asti

02. Tyrmä

03. Neidonryöstäjä

04. Kuoppajaiset

05. Pahan Laulu

06. Verijuhula

07. Taistelutahto

08. Viinapiru

09. Kuoleman Suo

10. Rautatammi 


Cover art by Marleena Maliniemi. 



Vocals - Jani Ikonen

Bass - Sami Knuutinen

Keys - Jussi Sauvola

Guitars - Jussi Heikkilä

Guitars - Janne Niva

Drums - Aleksi Heiskanen




Pahan Laulu Official Lyric Video 

Cardiant released their fourth studio album on November 24th 2017 via Inverse Records. The previous album 'Verge' was released approx. 4,5 years ago, so fans long anticipation is finally over.
The album features several guest singers, Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone, King Company), Nitte Valo (Burning Point, Seraphiel) & Janne Saksa who performed session vocals to Cardiant's debut album 'Midday Moon'.
"Blank Star" is one of the more high tempo songs, and it includes a middle part leaning towards 80's progressive metal. We are eager to play this and other songs from "Mirrors" live. The album has been written to be listened as a whole, from start to finish" says the band's guitarist/composer Antti Hänninen.

Official website

Track list: 

1. Mirrors And Me

2. Riot Rising

3. Soul (feat. Pasi Rantanen)

4. A Quiet One

5. Blank Star

6. His Supremacy (feat. Janne Saksa)

7. Shooting Star (feat. Nitte Valo)

8. Absolute Power

9. My Delusion

10. Life Has Just Begun

11. Another Time, Another Place (feat. Rantanen, Valo, Saksa)


Album cover by Tommi "Tex" Hänninen


Listen to the "Mirrors" album:


Life Has Just Begun  Official Music Video

Soulwound release music video for "Alone Against All"
Soulwound, the thrash metal band featuring three brothers from Kouvola, Finland, have released a music video for the song "Alone Against All" off the band's second full-length album "No Peace".
"No Peace" was released in October 2016 by Inverse Records and is available globally. The band is currently preparing for its last live shows for this year in December and planning to start putting together material for a new album in early 2018.


Arto Jauho, vocals
Niko Huusari, guitar
Mikko Huusari, guitar
Janne Huusari, drums
Joni Järvenmäki, bass


Soulwound Official

Alone Against All  Official Video

The Veer Union Release Official Lyric Video for "Last Regret" Off of Upcoming 'Decade: History of Our Evolution' Box Set.

Pre-Order 'Decade: History of Our Evolution' Box Set NOW!

Catch The Veer Union LIVE with Guest



November 13, 2017 - Vancouver, BC based Rock / Metal band The Veer Union has released the Official Lyric Video for "Last Regret" off of their forthcoming box set, Decade: History of Our Evolution.

"I think we can all relate to at least one time in our lives where we wish we could have just made a better decision than the one we made in the past; in retrospect, as an artist, those mistakes that we make are also the same things that inspire us to make music from the depths of our hearts".

Crispin Earl.

The Veer Union also have pre-order bundles available including: signed Box Set, T-shirt, hand-written lyrics sheet, private acoustic performance, VIP Meet and Greet, Free Show Entrance on their Epic Revolution Tour (see below), and Free Download of The Best of the Veer Union 2008-2016 (including new acoustic recordings of their hit singles "Seasons," "Bitter End," and many more. As well, there will include reproduced, newly mixed and digitally remastered rock versions of “Seasons” 

and “Darker Side Of Me.”



Crispin Earl 

Ryan Ramsdell 

Dan Sittler

The Veer Union Epic Evolution Tour Dates: 

12/08 @ Mercersburg Mansion House - Mercersburg, PA 

12/09 @ Monraes - Penneville, NY 

12/30 @ Evening Star - Niagara Falls, NY 

12/31 @ TBA - Philadelphia / Easton, PA 

01/02 @ Irish Wolf - Scranton, PA 

01/03 @ Whislky Warehouse - Mansfield, OH 

01/04 @ Empire - Akron, OH 

01/05 @ The Music Factory - Battle Creek, MI 

01/06 @ Diesel - Chesterfield, MI 

01/07 @ TBA - St. Joseph, MI 

01/09 @ TBA - Lafayette, IN 

01/10 @ Bada Brew - Crest Hill, IL 

01/11 @ TBA - Rockford, IL 

01/12 @ Penny Road - Barrington, IL 

01/13 @ Every Buddy's Bar - Chippewa Falls, WI 

01/14 @ Hijinx - Fort Atkinson, WI 

01/16 @ Spicoli's - Waterloo, IA 

01/17 @ Cafe Acoustic - St. Joseph, MO 

01/18 @ Rose Music Hall - Columbia, MO 

01/19 @ Aftershock - Merriam, KS 

01/20 @ TAB - Omaha, NE 

01/24 @ TBA - Grand Junction, CO 

01/25 @ Herman's Hideaway - Denverr, CO 

01/26 @ Sunshine Studios Live - Colorado Springs, CO 

01/28 @ Gas Monkey - Dallas, TX 

01/30 @ Limelight - San Antonio, TX 

02/02 @ Scout Bar - Houston, TX 

02/03 @ BFE Rock Club - Houston, TX 

02/06 @ TBA - Flagstaff, AZ 

02/07 @ Beauty Bar - Las Vegas, NV 

02/08 @ TBA - San Diego, CA 

02/09 @ Viper Room - Los Angeles, CA 

02/10 @ TBA - Modesto, CA 

02/11 @ Holy Driver - Sacramento, CA 

02/13 @ TBA - Eugene, OR 

02/15 @ Rock Hard PDX - Portland, OR 

02/16 @ TBA - Spokane, WA 

02/17 @ El Corazon - Seattle, WA

Alien Knife Fight rivista "Bourbon Princess Roots" e presentano il video "Clocks", premiato da mxdwn.
Il duo indie  Alien Knife Fight conosciuto per il loro stile punk blues e la front woman Monique Ortiz per il suo padroneggiare del basso in tutte le forme. Il video, è stato ripreso completamente su un iPhone creato come veicolo per una traccia precedente di Ortiz per il suo progetto precedente, "Bourbon Princess" dell’album di esordio "Stopline". La registrazione originale del 1999, accompagnata con visuals incredibili, attirò l'attenzione di mxdwn, che entusiasticamente ha premiato il video.
L’album “Some Girls” degli Alien Knife Fight”, è presente su Spotify.


Clocks by Bourbon Princess (Video by Alien Knife Fight)

Anthony Vincent di 10 Second Songs, con le sue versioni da dieci secondi dei Metallica, in video che è già diventato virale.
Il 20 novembre, Anthony Vincent di Ten Second Songs insieme al chitarrista 331EROCK ha rilasciato altre tracce iconiche della musica, dopo la versioni di Britney Spears "Hit Me One More Time," ABBA "Dancing Queen," e Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do", ha scelto la leggenda mega-metal Metallica.

10 Songs in the Style of Metallica | Feat. EROCK

Finnish death doom band RED MOON ARCHITECT released their third full length album earlier this year and now they're back with a new song. 'RISING TIDE' well presents the faster and more death metal influenced RED MOON ARCHITECT. The band starts their tour supporting Finnish doom metal band Swallow The Sun this week.

Watch RISING TIDE on Youtube:

Listen RISING TIDE on Spotify:








Google Play:

I membri di Wake hanno partecipato al nuovo album "Night in Gales" I due membri della band Black Metal, The Wake, noto come XII (Guitar, Bass, Programming) e V (Voices, Verses), hanno contribuito a registrare il nuovo album della leggendaria band Melodic Death Metal tedesca, "Night in Gales", The Last Tramonti, XII come membro a pieno titolo e V come ospite. The Wake ha recentemente pubblicato il loro album di debutto, Earth's Necropolis, tramite Loud Rage Music, un materiale che già gode di riscontri positivi sia dal pubblico che dalla stampa, oltre che dal 13 ° su 15 ° assegnato dalla rivista tedesca Legacy, beneficiando anche della raccomandazione speciale da parte della redazione di quel numero. The Wake suonano Black Metal ispirato principalmente da Dissection, Venom e Bathory, ma il loro stile ricorda alcuni dei più grandi nomi scandinavi (Immortal, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral) e mostra anche un lato potente e malinconico che ricorda il primo Dark e Depressive inglese (Anathema, My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth).

(jewel-case CD) (digital)

Modern Mimes Cover Iconic "I Don't Wanna Be Me," & Type O Negative Enthusiastically Approves!




November 15, 2017 - Fort Lauderdale based Future Goth duo Modern Mimes recently covered epochal Goth Metal legends Type O Negative's 2003 "I Don't Wanna Be Me," and paired it with a visually alluring music video, and not only did the iconic surviving members approve, but quickly promoted the single and video ahead of release.

"This is great-this band Modern Mimes approached this cover just as type o would have: changed the tempo and feel of it and made it their own. Tones and mix are great as well. It sounds as if Type O did a cover of Type O. Amazing job. I love this. Its better than our version." 

Type O Negative Facebook

All Good Things hanno rilasciato un nuovo video per la title track tratta dall’album 'Machines’. Il video è una miscela del loro immaginario industrial combinato con hard rock.
Pagina Facebook


1) Machines

2) Never Die

3) Beginning Of The End 

4) Born Ready

5) Break Through This Wall 

6) What Have I Become 

7) For The Glory

8) We Shall Overcome

9) Decimator


Machines Official Music Video

La band modern death metal Asylum 8 hanno rilascito il loro debut album 'Repressed' via Inverse Records. La loro musica è una combinazione di spietato modern death metal ed EDM. Il gruppo ha rilasciato nel mese di settembre la single track 'Deliverance' ricevendo commenti positivi. L'album contiene sette brani inediti ed una cover di David Hasselhoff "True Survivor"

L' album si può ascoltare su Spotify

1 Disarray
2 My Lamentation
3 At the Edge of My Mind
4 Thanatophobia
5 Passing
6 Acceptance
7 Deliverance
8 True Survivor (David Hasselhoff cover)

Vocals: Henry Hämäläinen
Guitar: Anssi Kinnunen
Guitar: Sami Hynynen
Synths: Sami Partanen
Bass: Tatu Heikkinen
Drums: Pasi Moilanen

Asylum8 Official
Pagina Facebook

Bob Katsionis annuncia che SYMMETRIC RECORDS ha firmato con TERRA INCΩGNITA.
Dopo 25 anni suonando musica, registrando, producendo, esibendosi e facendo tour, Bob Katsionis decide di fare il grande passo nel suo impegno musicale.
Conosciuto come tastierista e chitarrista dei FIREWIND, coi quali ha passato 14 yanni in tour, Bob ha rilasciato diversi albums con OUTLOUD e SERIOUS BLACK, 4 solo album strumentali, ha lavorato con i KAMELOT come co-songwriter e, per finire,  come special guest suonando in oltre 50 albums.
Finchè ha deciso di avere un'etichetta dicscografica propria: SYMMETRIC RECORDS.

TERRA INCΩGNITA uscirà il 24 novembre “Fragments Of A Ruined Mind”.
La neoetichetta SYMMETRIC RECORDS debutta col rilascio degli Heavy Metallers TERRA INCΩGNITA, per il loro full length “Fragments Of A Ruined Mind”.
Registrato e mixato da Bob Katsionis ai Sound Symmetry Studio, Atene, GR.
Masterizzato da Nassos Nomikos a VU Productions.




1.   Strahd’s Revenge
2.   My Emptiness
3.   In The Mist
4.   The Word
5.   A Day Without Loss
6.   Conqueror
7.   Life Begins Again 
8.   The Midnight Lies
9.   Covenant
10. Sign With Blood
11. My Ruined Mind


In The Mist Official Video