Dopo la defezione dei THE EXPLOITED dovuta alle precarie condizioni di salute del frontman Wattie Buchan, abbiamo il piacere di annunciare un nuovo headliner ad appena una settimana dal festival: gli svedesi ENTOMBED A.D. chiuderanno la giornata conclusiva del Frantic Fest, sabato 18 agosto

Biglietti ancora disponibili su:

Pagina Facebook:                    

Evento Facebook:

Fragments of Despair- “300 Abominations” from album “Broken Lost Mistakes”.

We present you Fragments of Despair and their debut album titled “Broken Lost Mistakes”, which consist of 8 new songs. Producer Clive Martin.

In “Broken Lost Mistakes” including the song  “300 Abominations”. 

Watch video here

(Mature audience only)

Official links

Taur-Im-Duinath, atmospheric black metal band salernitana appena entrata nel roster Dusktone, presenta il primo video streaming della traccia 'Così Parlò il Tuono' che sarà inclusa nell'album di debutto 'Del Flusso Eterno' previsto per l'autunno

'Del Flusso Eterno' è un viaggio attraverso radici, foglie e rami nei recessi del sé, un’immersione nella circolarità dell’universo e le sue facoltà di distruzione e rigenerazione. Così Parlò il Tuono rappresenta la circolarità negata, la non-rinascita, il cammino in desertiche lande non più baciate dalla pioggia. La voce del Tuono è il fantasma dell’acqua che potrebbe tornare, la voce del Dio creatore, che con il suo monito esorta il viaggiatore: “Da’, comprendi, controlla”.

altre notizie e ulteriori dettagli dell'album verranno comunicati nelle prossime settimane, continuate a seguire le pagine social del gruppo e della label!

Facebook url:



SKINNED unleash chemtrails over the dark volcanic shores of Iceland in new music video

Colorado-based Death Metal veterans SKINNED are unleashing their brand new music video for the song "Wings of Virulence" right when embarking for their headlining Eastern Europe tour in support of just released fifth studio album, "Shadow Syndicate".

After the "We Are the End" music video and "As Their Bodies Fall" lyrics videos launched earlier this year, SKINNED are digging deeper into the darkest aspects of new album "Shadow Syndicate" dealing with conspiracy theories with the release of this brand new music video dealing with chemtrails and how they transformed Earth into a graveyard as discovers the main character when surfacing from the underground cave he was hiding in for the first time in years.

Shot on the dark volcanic shores of Iceland when SKINNED where playing Reykjavic Metalfest late May by OBSCENERY Films (HATEBREED, CATTLE DECAPITATION, PSYCROPTIC...), the video benefits from the unique, quite otherworldly black lava landscapes of Iceland to set a cinematic and dramatic feeling of anguish, devastation and oppression that fits the band's modern and dark approach of Exteme Metal so well!

SKINNED Eastern Europe Tour 2018

Jul.30 – Romania – Oradea – String’s

Jul.31 – Romania – Cluj-Napoca – Tevi

Aug.01 – Romania – Deva – John’s

Aug.02 – Bulgaria – Ruse – Legacy

Aug.03 – Bulgaria – Sofia – Live & Loud

Aug.04 – Romania – Bucharest – Yellow

Aug.05 – Romania – Sibiu – Underground

Aug.06 – Romania – Timisoara – Manufactura

Aug.07 – Serbia – Niš – Black Stage

Aug.08 – Serbia – Šabac – Zeppelin

Aug.09 – Serbia – Šid – Ðura Kiš

Aug.10 – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Tuzla – BKC

Aug.11 – Hungary – Budapest – Underground


SKINNED releases and merch. at the XENOKORP Store

SKINNED Web site

SKINNED @ Facebook

SKINNED @ Instagram

SKINNED @ Twitter


MOLOCH mini-tour to kick off this August!

Following the release of the his latest EP "The Other Side" MOLOCH kicks off his first ever mini-tour in Poland! The notorious darkwave menace will tour 6 major Polish cities accompanied by some of the most intriguing synthwave / dark synth acts! Not to mention that MOLOCH will be supporting PERTURBATOR in Gdansk & Warsaw. The setlist will include 2 new premiere tracks, some older ones from "The Vatican Cellars" 2CD compilation and of course from the still fresh "The Other Side". What can you expect? Give a listen to the track "F.E.A.R"

The dates & details are below:

10.08.2018 | Wrocław, Liverpool (with McKey & Smoking TEA)

11.08.2018 | Poznań, Schron (with Jeremiah Kane)

12.08.2018 | Gdańsk, B90 (supporting Perturbator)

13.08.2018 | Warszawa, Niebo (supporting Perturbator)

17.08.2018 | Katowice, Faust (with Favorit89, Holew & Cybercorpse)

18.08.2018 | Kraków, Chicago Jazz (with Cybercorpse)

01.09.2018 | Rybnik, Zabytkowa Kopalnia Ignacy (Hoym Industry Fest #2)

For more information check out

AUTUMN TEARS Announce Their Return After 10 Years With THE ORIGIN OF SLEEP EP!

AUTUMN TEARS has been firmly rooted in the Darkwave / Neoclassical scene since it's inception in 1995. After 7 releases and nearly 20,000 CDs sold, they are back after 10 years of silence with our new 2018 CD EP "The Origin of Sleep", featuring a full string and horn section, woodwinds, harp and orchestral percussion. Autumn Tears is a unique, organic fusion of traditional classical music with elements of cinematic score and world music, layered with diverse, female vocals.

"Chasing The Void" from THE ORIGIN OF SLEEP

"The Origin of Sleep" Features the amazing vocal talents of Irish singer / songwriter / harpist Brona McVittie, as well as original Autumn Tears woodwind player Terran Olson (maudlin of the Well). Among the many talented musicians featured are French horn player John Clark, who has performed with Joni Mitchell, Sting, Luther Vandross and a slew of others, as well as harpist Tom Moth from Florence and the Machine and veteran Autumn Tears vocalist Jennifer LeeAnna.

Mastered by Peter Bjärgö from Arcana (Swe) at his Erebus Odora studio. Cover artwork by Kishor Haulenbeek. The five songs on this EP are exclusive to this release and will not appear on our upcoming full length album in 2018.


"Chasing The Void"

"The Ghost Beside Me"

"Breathing Beneath The Soil"

"Shaping A Fragile Utopia"

"The Origin Of Sleep"

Brazilian band that mixes classical choir and heavy metal

debuts first music video

Brazilian band HEAVEN: Choir Metal, that mixes the tender sounds of a classic choir to the pressure of heavy metal, has just released a music video for its first original single, entitled Sacred Blood. The video can now be seen on the band's YouTube channel:

The song has many influences from power metal and classical music, with references to the Two-Voice Invention in B flat major (BWV 785), by Johan Sebastian Bach. The lyrics are based on baroque themes and describe, without religious associations, a ritual of fertility and prosperity present in many different cultures, which refers to the blood and sacrifice coming from the continuity of life.

The music video shows behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions, which happened between April and May 2018 on Whatafolk-Studio (São Paulo, Brazil), and bridges the public to the day-by-day work of the band members.


After the recent releases of the new label Symmetric Records of producer and musician Bob Katsionis, which moved into two entirely different musical genres, the atmospheric prog-metal 'The Observatory' by Mask Of Prospero and the Greek-speaking Alternative-Rock debut from " Fones ap to limani " (Voices from the port), it's time to return to the kind he knows best and has excelled through the Firewind, the melodic Power Metal!

So we have a triple announcement on:

1) NEW VIDEO CLIP FOR TERRA INCOGNITA and "The Midnight Lies," the song with most streams on the band's page at:


The song, which is part of the concept that unfolds in the band's album, tells the story of Strand Von Zarovich who killed his brother in front of his wife's eyes and ... continuity on the screen.

The video was edited and directed by Bob Katsionis, the location is somewhere in the forests of Attica, Greece and you can see it HERE: v=RflaYiOe0EA

Terra IncΩgnita will also be featured at Romania's Satu Mare Rock Camp Festival on 29.06 next to Firewind, Jinjer and Majesty!

2) ANNOUNCENMENT OF THE NEW 2nd ALBUM OF VIRTOUOSO COSTAS VARRAS with the participation of famous singers!

Costas Varras is a guitarist / songwriter who exists since 2004 on the Greek Music industry. In 2006 he moved to Los Angeles to take experience where he worked with remarkable musicians and producers such as Chris Tsangarides, has released an album and this year he completed the recordings of the second album titled "Neon-Classical".

The album contains 13 compositions, of which 7 are instrumental, and in the rest 6 of the major Heavy Metal voices such as Henning Basse (Firewind, Mayan, ex-Metallium etc), Chity Somapala (ex-Firewind, Power Quest, Avalon ), Kevin Goocher (Omen), Billy Vass (Terra IncΩgnita), Joseph Michael (Witherfall), Vaine Bodner (For My Addiction)

Details of the album will be announced shortly.

3) WARRIOR PATH will be called the epic / power project led by Andreas Sinanoglou and will include Yannis Papadopoulos (Vocals-Beast In Black, ex-Wardrum) and Bob Katsionis! (Keyboards / Lead Guitars)

Details of this album will be announced soon as well as the revelation of the amazing handmade artwork by Dimitar Nikolov (Ross The Boss, Wisdoom, Crosswind and more) symmetricrecords/

 Chris Violence Release "In Speed We Trust" Music Video!

We are so thrilled to announce for the American thrash metal singer Chris Violence new music video, "In Speed We Trust." 

"In Speed We Trust" is the new single and music video that he has been working on lately. The recording process was conducted at the home studios of Jon DuBose (bass and rhythm guitar) in the United States, Matheus Manente (drums and lead guitar) in South America and Chris Violence (vocals) in Italy.  This song includes an intro production created by Danillo Battistini featuring the voices of Danilo Battistini, Fiona Thraille, Matheus Manente and Steve Blitzin.

The American Thrash Metal vocalist originally from Hollywood, California USA who fronted the Thrash Metal band Cessation of Life (1995 - 2012), releasing multiple albums and extensive touring over the bands long career. Chris Violence released his debut solo full-length album, American Ripper in 2014, and later the single Push Button Pain in 2016. The same year he has been featured in the Romanian extreme metal band Axsaena debut release, "Global Revolution."  

In 2017, released a 24-minute-long masterpiece, THE RAVEN, which is a thrash metal opera based on the iconic author Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven




"Instrumental grind duo Pound play a super groovy, mathy form of the genre... The mathy chaos shares as many similarities with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah as it does with other grindcore bands."

Decibel Magazine

Seattle duo Pound will release its debut, self-titled album, July 13th on Silent Pendulum Records.

Watch the brand new video for "x.---.x.---.x.---.x.---" from Pound's self-titled debut here: 

Pound – the duo of Ryan Schutte and David Stickney – takes influence from across the spectrum of grind and doom, from Nasum to Sleep, then chops up these influences and delivers its own brand of hyper-shred-math that twists and turns relentlessly, dropping occasionally into monstrous grooves. This is instrumental irreverence capable of dazzling tech-heads and Neanderthals equally. 

As shown in the video for new song "x.---.x.---.x.---.x.---," Pound's unique setup consists of a baritone 9-string guitar and two drum kits positioned at a 90-degree angle. The sounds extracted from these unorthodox instruments adds up to an entirely new vibe that belongs only to Pound.

Debut album Pound was mixed and mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio (Primitive Man, Cattle Decapitation).

The music's machine-like nature is reflected in the song titles – each title is a symbolic representation of a rhythm contained in the song. The tracklist reads as follows:


1) x..x..x..x..x..x..x

2) x.---.x.---.x.---.x.---

3) x.x-.x-x.-x.x

4) --.x-x.--

5) -..-..-.x-..-..-..-..-..x..-..-..-..-....

6) -xx.-.xxxx-xx.-.xxxx-xx.-.xx

7) -.x-.x-x-.x-.x-.x-.x-x

8) -x--x--x--x--x.x-x.x-x.x-x.x


Founded in Seattle in 2008, Pound honed its sound and vision for a full decade before finally immortalizing it in album form. Debut album Pound is a tour-de-force, showcasing a purely passionate style, located entirely outside the box.

Guitarist Ryan Schutte warns: "When I hit my octave pedals on the clean rig, you feel it. It shakes the room. We rattled all the bottles off a bar once... At a show a few years back, my bass cab burst into flames and a foot of fire shot out the front." Stay tuned for Pound's next live dates.


Ryan Schutte - baritone 9-string guitar

David Stickney – drums

For More Info & to Pre-order the album visit:

STELIOS VENTAS – new single "Faded Flower" from upcoming homonym EP.

Greek Rocker Stelios Ventas present his new single titled "Faded Flower" which will be included in his upcoming homonym EP. He presents also the official video clip of the song, and the artwork of the upcoming EP. The video is directed by Denis Kostopoulos. The artwork is a charcoal work by George Androutsos and the graphic design belongs to Yiannis Papaioannou.

Watch video here:

Official links: osventasmusic/ tas iosventas/ rVendrix/featured teliosventas

https://steliosventas.bandcamp .com/releases

Dutch metal punks THE FLESH about to release debut EP!

If ever there was a point in history that demanded angry, scathing, blackened music then this is it. The world of 2018 is more than ready for the blistering arrival of Dutch purveyors of doomed psychosis THE FLESH. The classic "we really gotta start this new band" talks at shows seldom lead to much, but in the case of THE FLESH, members from Herder, Verwoed and Blood Diamond actually joined forces after a night of heavy drinking. Their mission was to create songs in praise of spiritual, physical and emotional erosion. The first rehearsals started mid 2017 and the band subsequently self-recorded their first EP early 2018 with guitarist Sven Post as producer. "Dweller" was tracked live and is made up of seven songs which blend hardcore, crust and blackened metal into a fierce aural attack. Lyrically the work dwells on to the destructive drives of lust, disgust and (self)annihiliation. The fitting artwork depicting the metaphorical dweller slowly rotting away was created by Mattias Frisk, well-known for his artwork for Vanhelgd, Trap Them and Ghost amongst others. After finishing mixing and mastering of "Dweller", THE FLESH started playing their first shows including a performance at the 2018 Netherlands Deathfest. "Dweller" will be released on June 1st, 2018. The first single "Salax" in now available on Bandcamp HERE. The band is currently open for label offers and shows and have already started the writing process for their next album.


"Dweller" tracklist:

01 – Tot in Den Treure

02 – Black Rain

03 – Siren’s Call

04 – Dweller (In The Dark)

05 – Salax

06 – Thrones In The Sky

07 – A Knife To The Conformist

08 – Fire Red Gaze (Bandcamp download only bonus track)



Sven Post - guitars

Jelle Kunst - vocals

Jeroen Vrielink - bass/backing vocals

Tom Nickolson - drums

New Lyric Video of Edgeflame is Online!

Another bullet from the revolver of the turkish thrashers Edgeflame! The band has revealed their latest lyric video on Vevo. After the music video of Wrathbringer & Prey In The Asylum from their latest album Beyond The Pale Carcass, the band released a new lyric video for the track Feared Butcher on their Vevo Channel.



Minus Knives (Ex-Spineshank, Ex-Factory 81) Release Debut Album

Minus Knives from Los Angeles, featuring former members of Factory 81 and Spineshank, have released their debut, self-titled album, ‘Minus Knives’. The band features former Factory 81 guitarist Bill Schultz and bassist Kevin Lewis, along with Ex-Spineshank vocalist Brandon Espinoza.

Preview the album here:


Minus Knives’ Tracklist:

1. Splntr

2. Origin of Fracture

3. Disfigurines

4. Entry Wound

5. A Thing About Machines

6. Escape Clause

7. Signal Fire

8. Seconds Past


Fragments of Despair- “Kassandras Curse” from album “Broken Lost Mistakes”.

We present you Fragments of Despair and their debut album titled “Broken Lost Mistakes”, which consist of 8 new songs. Producer Clive Martin. In “Broken Lost Mistakes” including the song  “Kassandras Curse” which is available for broadcasting.

Watch video here

Official links

Fateful Finality - Mankind Tour

After a few recent concerts the trash metal band FATEFUL FINALITY certainly could not only whip the die-hard genre fans into a frenzy. As ruthlessly as the twelve tracks from the latest album "Mankind" boom out of the loudspeakers, the band hurls their complex and dynamic sound at the live audience and displays an extremely enthusiastic joy of playing.

2018-04-28 - DE - Filderstadt Break Down The Mill

2018-04-30 - DE - Aichach Metal Beim Brandner

2018-06-02 - DE - Rottenburg Am Neckar With Full Force Warm Up 

2018-06-09 - DE - Nazza Battle over Nazza

2018-06-30 - DE - Bad Wildbad Im Schwarzwald Polterplatz

2018-07-07 - DE - Nordheim Sunstorm Festival

2018-07-20 - DE - Urbach Field Invasion Festival

2018-07-27 - DE - Leonberg RockXplosion

2018-07-28 - DE - Osterholz-Scharmbeck Burning Q

2018-08-24 - DE - Königsee Headbangers Birth

2018-08-25 - DE - Wismar Fellfresse

2018-08-31 - DE - Neubrandenburg Arscholio

2018-09-29 - DE - Leonberg Thrash Reunion 3

2018-10-12 - DE - Balingen Deadbangers Night

2018-10-31 - DE - Nagold Hellbash

2018-11-16 - DE - Hamburg Menschenzoo

2018-11-17 - DE - Göttingen Full Metal Mensa

2018-12-08 - DE - Bergisch Gladbach Bergisch Metal Winter Edition

Razzmattazz - Monster Hero Tour 2018 with AXXIS

With their third album "Diggin' For Gold", the band again took first place as the Best Hard Rock Album as they already did two times before. Hat-trick. An absolutely unique occurrence in the 34 years of history of the Deutscher Rock- und Pop-Preis (German Rock and Pop Award). RAZZMATTAZZ is a live band to the core. Live shows are quite simply their elixir vitae. All the energy carries over to the audience with the first tunes which sometimes leads to three-hour-gigs. Be prepared for concerts with ass-kicking guarantee.


DE - Künzelsau Harley-Run


DE - Backnang Der Club


DE - Wuppertal Haus der Jugend


DE - Burgrieden Riffelhof


DE - Heidenheim Lokschuppen


DE - Frankfurt Am Mein Nachtleben


DE - Soest Schlachthof


DE - Bremen-Burg Meisenfrei


DE - Hamburg Logo


DE - Metzingen / Glems Hirsch

Vanish - The Insanity Abstract Tour

In the last few years the band has played countless clubs and festivals and has supported many heavy hitters like Queensryche, Michael Schenker, Brainstorm, Battle Beast, Mystic Prophecy, Vanderbuyst, Axxis, Bonfire, Freedom Call and Kissin' Dynamite. With the new collaboration with booking agents LUCKY BOB Music Management VANISH will reach a new level in live activity.

VANISH kicks major ass live on stage and grabs YOU by the balls.

2018-06-15 - DE - Hanweiler | RAW Festival - Rock am Wengert [*]

2018-07-07 - DE - Tubingen | Metalnight Epplehaus 

2018-08-25 - DE - Busdorf | Baltic Open Air 2018

2018-09-08 - DE - Geislingen | UD Zollernalb 

2018-10-20 - DE - Balingen | Sonnenkeller 

2018-12-01 - DE - Lorsch | Kulturhaus 

2018-12-08 - DE - Leonberg | Metal 7 in Concert

ORDINUL NEGRU announce new line-up

Gearing up for the upcoming release of their eight studio album, Ordinul Negru announce line-up changes. Here’s what the band had to say: “There were two years of intense work for our upcoming album “Faustian Nights”. Our dear friend and vocalist, S did not had the possibilities to involve as much as we would have wanted in this process because Ordinul Negru evolved quite unexpected from a project into a proper band, so the distance between our cities was a key factor for the rehearsals and different projects we were involved in. S will still be present with us as a guest for live events when our paths will cross, also he recorded vocals for a song on the new album and we are sure that in the future will remain involved on different levels in Ordinul Negru.”

The new line-up is:


Fulmineos – guitars, vocals

Urmuz – guitars, vocals

Orthros – bass

Putrid – drums and percussions


The band’s previous album, Sorcery of Darkness, was released at the end of 2015 in collaboration with Loud Rage Music, and was highly praised by both fans and specialized media. Sorcery of Darkness is still available here:

– jewel-case CD:


HotBox (Israel) Announce Signing, Release Music Video for "Big Bag Johnny"

Alternative metal outfit HotBox from Israel have inked a worldwide deal with Zombie Shark Records. The group is reminiscent of bands from the heyday of nu metal such as Hed PE, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Snot, and Rage Against the Machine. The official music video for the track "Big Bag Johnny", directed by Oliver Gurevich, is available here:

"Big Bag Johnny" is taken from the band's latest album entitled 'White Trash', recorded at Isacc Studios and Mastered by Yoram Vazan. Zombie Shark Records have released 'White Trash (Deluxe Edition)', featuring two bonus demo tracks, "Rule of Stoopid" and "Keepin' It Raw", not featured on the original release. HotBox also recently released an official music video for the track "Rap Guillotine", produced by Khen "Alejandro" Solomon, which can be viewed here:

White Trash’ Deluxe Edition tracklist:

1. Intro (White Trash)

2. Rap Guillotine

3. Big Bag Johnny

4. ShellShock

5. Ugh!!!

6. Use a Friend

7. Keepin' It Raw (Demo)

8. Rule of Stoopid (Demo)

'White Trash' graphics and design by Khen "Alejandro" Solomon

HotBox is:

Dave AKA Cise2 - Vocals

Eddie AKA Flippa - Guitar

Elick AKA SixPack - Bass

Danny AKA Skinny - Drums

White Trash (Deluxe Edition)’ is available everywhere digital music is sold, including:

HotBox Links:

Emerald Sun - Blast feat. Peavy Wagner (Video Teaser)

The new EMERALD SUN album "Under The Curse Of Silence" was released on april 13th. On the same day the new video for the song "Blast" featuring RAGE singer and bandleader Peavy Wagner has been published. Blast feat. Peavy Wagner (Official Video).

Emerald Sun - 'Under The Curse Of Silence' Tour Cover Attend one of EMERALD SUN’s powerful live shows together with MYSTIC PROPHECY and VICTORIUS.


2018-05-25 - CH - Hallwiler See  Metal Boat

2018-05-26 - DE - Bad Friedrichshall  Lemmy's Rock Bar

2018-05-27 - DE - Leipzig  Hellraiser

2018-05-29 - DE - Bochum  Rockpalast

2018-05-30 - DE - Siegburg  Kubana

2018-05-31 - DE - Rüsselsheim  Das Rind

2018-06-01 - AT - Salzburg  Rockhouse

2018-06-02 - AT - Spittal  Stadtsaal

Mystic Prophecy


Emerald Sun - Under The Curse Of Silence.

CoverFollowing their last album "Metal Dome" from 2015, the Greek band Emerald Sun, founded in 1998, now present a fireworks of power metal in form of their forth album, looking for their equals. On "Under The Curse Of Silence" the band goes at it full steam ahead. Properly produced by current RAGE guitarist and studio expert Marcos Rodriguez, the eleven album tracks blast from the loudspeakers like there is no tomorrow. Singer Stelios "Theo" Tsakiridis knows how to command the full range of a classic metal vocalist demonstrating his skills not only in up-tempo hits like "Kill Or Be Killed" or "Weakness And Shame", but also with slower tunes like the wonderful rock ballad "Journey Of Life" or the bonus track "La Fuerza Del Ser" sung in Spanish. A special highlight is the crashy "Blast" featuring RAGE frontman Peavy Wagner for which a video clip will be released when the album comes out. Emerald Sun will play several live shows this year giving proof of their driving metal expertise and stage experience. Among others, they are going to fire up their fans at the Metal Diver Festival in March together with RAGE and Firewind. Emerald Sun get the idea of epic power metal in all its facets and demonstrate again on "Under The Curse Of Silence" their significance in the international and especially Greek metal scene.

ANGUERE: On the main platforms of Streaming

The band from the interior of São Paulo ANGUERE, in these 10 years of road has made it easier to access their work for fans and lovers of Thrash Hardcore. In celebration of the 10 years that the band completed in 2018, made available in the main platforms of Streaming the world, his albums and also his last EP. The material can be fully integrated in Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Google Play and several other platforms. ANGUERE is a band that has been working hard in the underground scene with their work and making clear what they want for the future, 10 years since its birth with well-designed works and evidence of growth. The "SHOCK" work of December 2015 was the first to be made available in full in Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Google Play and several other platforms, in this album it is noticed the change of the band after the exit of the first singer and the entrance of the current vocal Thiago Soares, check out: 

Track list:

01 - HCRC

02 - Minefield

03 - FDP Corruption

04 - Shock State

05 - Immortal Mirror

06 - Domain of Evil

07 - Holy War

08 - Anguere

09 - Freedom

10 - Corroded Mechanism

11 - Blind Eye

12 - Repression

The EP "CADEIA" was also available in full in Spotify, Deezer, ITunes, Google Play and several other platforms, album that contains three tracks and is a preview of the new album coming out now in 2018, check out: 

Track list:

01 - Barricade

02 - Chain

03 - N.I.A (Nobody Looks For Tormented Individuals)

And finally, also released the first album of 2009 Anguere / Anguere that counts on the first formation and has characteristics very different from the actuality, it makes clear a line more New Metal with characteristics of the Brazilian music, check: 

Track list:

01 - Hatred and Rancor

02 - End

03 - Engraved Killers

04 - Barriers and Walls

05 - Chaos

06 - Nightmare

More information ANGUERE Contact:






VERWOED: Decibel premieres "De Val" from mesmerizing black metal sect; new album to see release this September via Argento Records!

Dutch black metallers VERWOED have completed works on their anticipated new album, "De Val". Two years after the release of the critically acclaimed debut three-song EP "Bodemloos", VERWOED comes back with another gem of Dutch black metal. With "De Val" the band keeps expanding its sound in multiple directions while keeping anchored to its hallucinatory very own roots. The album's title track is now streaming exclusively via legendary American magazine DECIBEL at THIS LOCATION.

VERWOED's "De Val" was recorded, mixed and mastered by John Bart van der Wal and will be released via Argento Records in September 2018. The cover artwork was designed by Joost Verwoort. The band, fronted by singer and multi-instrumentalist Erik Bleijenberg, will return to renowned Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands on Saturday, April 21. "Hailing from Utrecht, VERWOED is one of the most exciting bands to spearhead the New Wave of Dutch Black Metal, a new generation of musicians on the rise, and even developing a cult of their own. The band’s much acclaimed debut album, Bodemloos, delves deep into paranoia and schizophrenia - Verwoed’s malicious, darkened feel offers a visceral ascension into full-blown psychosis. It serves as a hallucinogenic exploration through harrowing black metal, and dense, melodic ambience, which is both terrifying and soothing - catharsis through ugliness and utter beauty".


NOVAE MILITIAE: Argento Records and Sentient Ruin Laboratories release "Gash'khalah" LP by French black metal commando!

Apocalyptic Black Metal for the end of times!

NOVAE MILITIAE pushes the boundaries of Black Metal with one of the darkest, most violent and unrelenting releases of the last few years. The French commando shares the same nihilistic vision that characterises countrymen Antaeus, Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega but developed a sound that is completely unique and original. On their second release "Gash'khalah", NOVAE MILITIAE spawned 8 tracks of pure chaos and negativity built through a dense wall of sound and a backbone of destructive blast beats, only punctuated by a few moments of reflection before bringing you back into the maelstrom. Clocking in at almost one hour of music, "Gash'khalah" is a complex, feral but still mesmerizing monument to Luciferian majesty that will leave its mark.


1. The Chasm of the Cross

2. Daemon Est Deus Inversus

3. Orders of the Most-High

4. Koakh Harsani

5. Annunciation

6. Black Temple Consecration

7. Fall of the Idols

8. Seven Cups of Divine Outrage

Double LP in a heavy-weight gatefold jacket brought by Argento Records in conspiracy with Sentient Ruin Laboratories (US vinyl and tape).



US and tape:


Time to reveal the title, cover, track-listing, and new video of the sophomore release of LACHRYMOSE! The new EP will be titled "The Unseen" and is going to be released on May 10, 2018.

The cover was done by Elena Hel.

The album was recorded at Valve studio (Thessaloniki, GR) and mixed at Pentagram studio (Athens, GR) by George Emmanuel.

Mastering by Chris Fielding (Skyhammer studio, UK).

Guest musicians:

Jimmy Tott – bass

Kostas Matis – drums


"The Unseen" Tracklist:


01. The Unseen

02. This Sickness

03. Nepenthe

04. Darkside Waltz

05. Capricorn Descending (feat. The Dead Creed)




The first official video clip of the new EP for the song “Nepenthe” was shot by Sinematix and you can watch it here:



HIRAX - "Born in the Streets 1983/1984" LP + booklet (F.O.A.D. 143)

Italy's F.O.A.D. Records is about to unleash another rare gem from the past! The roots of LA Metal! This is the ultimate collection of early HIRAX recordings on LP including their cult Demo 1984 in the best quality ever, unreleased tracks from the same era and the rare LA KAOS Demo 1983 for the first time on vinyl! Instead of the savage thashin' assault met on albums such as "Raging Violence", these early HIRAX recordings are a pure incarnation of denim smelling and fast heavy metal, at times showing a NWOBHM influence. Every song is a riff-fest from beginning to end topped with fierce guitar solos and the absolutely amazing vocals of Katon. The 4 track Demo 1984 has been ripped and remastered from the best source around, then you'll find 3 unreleased songs 1983-84 ("To Be Free", "The Saviour", "War Hero") and the very hard to find LA KAOS (pre-Hirax) demotape ripped straight from Katon's personal copy!  And to complete the FOAD quality treatment, you'll also find a booklet including liner notes, lyrics, rare photos, 'zine excerpts and flyers!

Katon W. De Pena about this release: "You hold in your hand something very special. This record / album is HIRAX’s first time in the recording studio. This release also includes music from a pre-HIRAX era. We hope to give the listeners high quality with never before seen photos, lyrics, flyers, reviews, memorabilia, etc. We have to go back in time… the year was 1983…  getting ready to turn over to 1984… (I was 20 years old) … We had no idea that we would be recording the most important demo of our career. We laid down 4 songs, most of them are one takes with a few overdubs. For us, this demo would be like Metallica’s “No Life ‘Til Leather” or Iron Maiden’s “Soundhouse Tapes”. Most of our hardcore fans know about these songs. Once the recordings were reviewed in top heavy metal magazines and fanzines, such as Metal Forces, Headbanger, Rock Hard, Kick Ass Monthly, Brain Damage, Aardschok, a handful of French magazines, etc. we developed a worldwide, cult fanbase. Tape traders spread our music like wildfire! We originally sold over 5,000 copies… after that we stopped counting and just continued pressing these cassettes / demos. At that time, there was an explosion in the underground scene and we were a part of it.  Today HIRAX is still very active writing, recording and playing festivals / concerts all over the world including most countries in Central / South America, Europe, UK, Scandinavia, U.S.A., Japan, etc.

Thank you for your support! Kick back, relax and turn up the fucking volume!

Katon W. De Pena

Available in 2 different versions:

Die-hard half-half colored vinyl (black vs mint green) limited to 100 copies.


Solid black vinyl limited to 400 copies.


BANDEMONIC - new cooperation with STEEL GALLERY Records

STEEL GALLERY RECORDS agreed with BANDEMONIC to officially release their latest album “Against All Odds” that was self-released exclusively by the band some months ago, specifically on October 26th 2017! Within six months, the band managed to sell all copies and so the label from Thessaloniki that had already released the first album of the band titled "Fires Of Redemption" back in 2014, decided to release the second album too, adding some extras! More information and release date will be announced soon by the label! For the time being, this teaser is available for the upcoming release:



NoSelf "Casting Stones" Video Premier

Alternative metal outfit NOSELF from Central Florida have released the official music video for the track, “Casting Stones”, directed by Chuck Burns. For fans of Nothing More, Cane Hill, Islander, My Ticket Home, Spineshank, 36 Crazyfists, Nothingface, Adema, DED, Korn.

The video is exclusively premiering at New Noise Magazine:

The band released the following statement, “We are pleased to announce the release of our newest music video for “Casting Stones”. Capturing our energetic live performance is always a top priority, so we chose to shoot this music video at one of the biggest local events in Central Florida; Central Florida Metal Fest at The Haven Lounge!”.

“We are lucky and excited to have had the chance to work with Chuck Burns at C. Burns Productions. He did a great job of capturing every pivotal moment of our performance. Overall we are excited to get more content out there for all the fans of NoSelf, Zombie Shark Records, and nu metal as a whole.” The latest single “Casting Stones” is taken from their debut album, ‘Human-Cyborg Relations: Episode 1’, recorded by Matt Johnson at Revelation Studios. The band is putting a modern twist on the nu metal genre, similar to bands like Cane Hill, DED, My Ticket Home, and Issues. The group is heavily influenced by bands like Deftones, Spineshank, Adema, Nothingface, and Korn. NoSelf recently inked a worldwide distribution deal with Zombie Shark Records, the new record label from Noah “Shark” Robertson (Motograter, The Browning). Robertson commented on the signing, “NoSelf are poised to be the next big thing in mainstream rock. This band is going to take the Zombie Shark Records label and the nu metal genre to a whole new level. Simply put. The gloves are off.” NoSelf also recently released a music video for the track “Frisco” directed by Travis Cecil from SFN Productions, which can be viewed here: NoSelf comments, “Our previous video for “Frisco” has been very well received, but it is lighter than the rest of the material on our album. It was important to showcase our nu metal roots this time around, so “Casting Stones” was the obvious choice. ‘Human-Cyborg Relations: Episode 1’ is available everywhere digital music is sold and at



Technical Death Metal band SPECTRAL release new single:

Ashes to Dust

Romanian Progressive Technical Death Metal act Spectral release a new single from their recently released debut album, Neural Correlates of Hate, the track Ashes to Dust now available for streaming here:           The band's first opus was released March 12th in collaboration with Loud Rage Music and is already making big waves among fans of Technical Progressive Death Metal and specialized media outlets.

Neural Correlates of Hate is now available for orders here:

– Jewel-case CD:

– Digital:

The album was recorded in the following formula: 

Andrei Calmuc (vocals - CodeRed, ex Indian Fall

Ciprian Martin (guitars and bass) 

Romain Goulon (Benighted, ex Necrophagist, Disavowed

Also 3 guest solos were recorded: 2 by guitar virtuoso Christian Muenzner (Alkaloid, Eternity's End, Spawn of Possession, ex Necrophagist, Defeated Sanity) and one by Calin Paraschiv (Pestilence, Necrovile, Clitgore). The cover artwork is signed by the one and only Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13media studio).



Loud Rage Music:

Magical Heart - Magic (Lyric Video)

MAGICAL HEART have released a first lyric video single of the song "Magic" from their upcoming album "Another Wonderland", which will be released on june, 1st. The band will also play a special release show in Munich (Backstage) together with Divine Weep and GRAP! . More shows to be announced soon.

Magical Heart - Another Wonderland

The history of the songs on the forthcoming debut album of the rock band MAGICAL HEART goes way back to the year 2014. With drummer Charly Barth (Wayward), vocalist Christian Urner (Herezy, Old Age Revolution), bass player Robert Frenz and Hammerschmitt-guitarist Gernot Kroiss a rocking and powerful band was founded creating over the years a fan base in the Bavarian region by playing many live shows under the interim name "Quo Vadis". After having written a few songs and contemplated the production of an album, they decided to give a more suitable name to the project and MAGICAL HEART was born. Following the album's finishing Kilian Kellner joined the band because Charly Barth left due to personal reasons. "Another Wonderland" was produced by Urner and Kroiss as well as Fabian Wenzl at the OGM Studio ensuring a straightforward rock sound which characterizes every album track supported by experienced musicians and their joy of playing as well as vocalist Christian's nearly floating rock voice which sounds familiar and catchy at the same time giving the songs their very own identity. With the ten album songs and the acoustic bonus track "Ocean" MAGICAL HEART press every button and prove that dynamic melodic rock can still be timeless and rich in variety.

Emerald Sun - Blast feat. Peavy Wagner (Video Teaser)

The new EMERALD SUN album "Under The Curse Of Silence" will be released on april 13th. On the same day the band new video for the song "Blast" featuring RAGE singer and bandleader Peavy Wagner will be published. Please check out the teaser for the upcoming video/album which recently has been released on the Fastball Music YouTube channel. Emerald Sun - 'Under The Curse Of Silence' Tour

CoverAttend one of EMERALD SUN’s powerful live shows. For example, the Metal Diver Festival on March 17 in DE-Marsberg where the band will get the metal fans fired up together with RAGE and FIREWIND.


018-03-17 - DE - Marsberg Metal Diver Festival

2018-04-14 - DE - Dettelbach Metal Franconia Festival

2018-05-25 - CH - Hallwiler See Metal Boat 

2018-05-26 - DE - Bad Friedrichshall Lemmy's Rock Bar

2018-05-27 - DE - Leipzig Hellraiser 

2018-05-29 - DE - Bochum Rockpalast

2018-05-30 - DE - Siegburg Kubana

2018-05-31 - DE - Rüsselsheim Das Rind

2018-06-01 - AT - Salzburg Rockhouse

2018-06-02 - AT - Spittal Stadtsaal

Mystic Prophecy



Emerald Sun - Under The Curse Of Silence. Following their last album "Metal Dome" from 2015, the Greek band Emerald Sun, founded in 1998, now present a fireworks of power metal in form of their forth album, looking for their equals. On "Under The Curse Of Silence" the band goes at it full steam ahead. Properly produced by current RAGE guitarist and studio expert Marcos Rodriguez, the eleven album tracks blast from the loudspeakers like there is no tomorrow. Singer Stelios "Theo" Tsakiridis knows how to command the full range of a classic metal vocalist demonstrating his skills not only in up-tempo hits like "Kill Or Be Killed" or "Weakness And Shame", but also with slower tunes like the wonderful rock ballad "Journey Of Life" or the bonus track "La Fuerza Del Ser" sung in Spanish. A special highlight is the crashy "Blast" featuring RAGE frontman Peavy Wagner for which a video clip will be released when the album comes out. Emerald Sun will play several live shows this year giving proof of their driving metal expertise and stage experience. Among others, they are going to fire up their fans at the Metal Diver Festival in March together with RAGE and Firewind.

Emerald Sun get the idea of epic power metal in all its facets and demonstrate again on "Under The Curse Of Silence" their significance in the international and especially Greek metal scene.

Rage ‘n’ Steel – “The Refugee” from new EP “Heavy Metal Is The Law

We present you Rage ‘n’ Steel and their new release, EP “Heavy Metal Is The Law”. Is the second release for the Athens based Heavy Metal band, and including three new songs.  “The Refugee” is one of theme and it’s available for broadcasting.

MOLOCH - F.E.A.R. (Official Track Stream)

Taken from "THE OTHER SIDE" EP

Out April 30, 2018 on Via Nocturna.

MOLOCH presents the first single from "The Other Side" EP!

MOLOCH returns with a stunning new chapter of his dark electronic music crusade. This time he will take you to "The Other Side" with a darkwave horror EP to be released on Walpurgis Night 2018 on Via Nocturna. Almost 30 minutes of dark soundscapes and synthesiser hell in vein of 80's & 90's sci-fi B-movies. The single, track entitled "F.E.A.R." is a crushing darksynth track that's setting the tone for Moloch's new mini-opus as well as giving a glimpse of what you can expect on his upcoming live shows in August. Just give it a spin here:

And that's just the begininning. The complete tracklist is as follows:




01. The Other Side

02. Escape From the Nameless City

03. F.E.A.R

04. I Am Moloch

05. A Dream of Death

06. The End

The EP will be released as a jewel case CD limited to 500 copies on April 30, 2018. You can pre-order your copy at


MOLOCH - "The Other Side" MCD

Label: Via Nocturna.

EAN: 5905279281844

Format: CD (jewel case)

Country: Poland

Year: 2018

Genre: darksynth / synthwave / electronic music


Perturbator, Carpenter Brut.






Second single from Sara Vanderheyden out now via Epictronic / The Orchard. Written and produced by Ville Oravala at Titans Lab Recording Studio. Additional production: Riccardo Daga.

Video direction: Tom Swinnen.

Sara Vanderheyden is a belgian singer active with various projects. During 2017 she signed a contract with Epictronic for the production of her debut solo album. Subsequently finnish songwriter and producer Ville Oravala decided to join the project and support Sara with his unique songwriting and production skills. During the last months of the year Sara recorded some songs at Titans Lab Studio in Italy with the help of Ville Oravala and Riccardo Daga.

This second single is the result of this cooperation.

Video Direction: Tom Swinnen

Artwork and Photography: Tom Swinnen

Publishing: Carlo Bellotti Publishing / Warner Chappell Holland B.V.