Flesh Made Greed - Altars Of Rebellion.

Primer single de nuestro nuevo álbum, "Capital Phase Of Karma" Flesh Made Greed es una canción alusiva a la avaricia, siendo los 7 pecados del hombre la temática central-conceptual para este ...

"Flesh Made Grade", this track have a especial guest on drums Marco Pitruzzella (Six Feet Under), mastering  Mick Kenney Barracks studio (Annal Nathtrack, Benediction, Dawn Of Ashes, Mistress, Carnifex)

DESTROYERS: reunion after 26 years 

Polish legendary thrash metal band Destroyers (well remembered by the oldschool metal fans attending the first editions of cult Metalmania Festival) announced their reunion! Year 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of their debut album, “Noc Królowej Żądzy” (“Night of the Lusty Queen”) - on this occasion the band will perform a special exclusive show during Helicon Metal Festival, which will be held on March 30th in VooDoo Club (Warsaw, Poland). It will be their first live show since 1992.

Besides Destroyers, the festival’s line-up also includes: STOS (the group, led by the charismatic vocalist Irena Bol, reactivated exclusively for the festival), MonstruM (who will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut album next year) and young rockers Savager. The festival will be headlined by the German group Sacred Steel, visiting Poland for the second time in their career. According to the promoter’s statement, line-up will be extended with one more band soon to be announced.

Tickets for the festival are available via www.goout.net website for 60 PLN. There will be also possibility to buy the ticket at the venue on the concert day for 70 PLN. 

More info: www.facebook.com/events/2187078101573768


One of the most popular bands within the new dark Brazilian scene, Gangue Morcego left many of its fans perplexed when they announced this year that they would be taking a break from their activities. The group that is known for mixing the surrealism of the 1920s cartoons, filled with black cats and supernatural creatures, to the post-punk & deathrock culture bade farewell in a cathartic concert at Paranoia Musique’s party in Rio de Janeiro.

Since Thiago moved to another city and Alexander is going to live abroad soon, it seemed that the future of the quintet would be uncertain ... but the five members are back and release in November at Paranoia Musique’s label two singles that will be part of the next work of the group: "Cabeça de Abóbora" and "Raízes".

The new songs have the dark punk feelings that are already known by the fans, but also flirt with layers of synthesizers that refer us to the best works of the experimental new wave.

Rancorum’s The Vermin Shrine debut album out now!

Bucharest, Romania based death metal cvintet RANCORUM has just released its first album in digital format via Loud Rage Music, with the Jewel-case CD version coming up this December 17th. The Vermin Shrine is a vindictive display of the chunkier metal around, Death Metal, clutching the listeners in their very own grip of multi-layered and lengthy songs, played with palpable malice and relentless oppressiveness.

The Vermin Shrine is available for streaming and order here:


Pre-Order jewel-case CD version here:



The Vermin Shrine‘s tracklist is:

1. Voidification

2. Bedlam Of Saints

3. Nadiral

4. The Shining

5. Towards Below

6. The Vermin Shrine


Line up:

Liviu – Vocals

Nick – Guitar

Calin – Guitar

Tiberiu – Bass

Gigi – Drums

Heresy’s new album, Blasphemia, out now on CD

Axa Valaha Productions in collaboration with Pest Records (a Loud Rage Music division) proudly present the jewel-case CD version of the second studio album from Costa Rica Profane Metal purveyors HERESY! Titled Blasphēmia, the new material is a 7 tracks Thrash Metal bomb perfectly fit for fans of ’80’s Metallica / ’90’s Kreator, recorded and mixed by Marcos Monnerat and mastered in Sweden at Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren (Kreator, At The Gates, Opeth)! Artwork by the reknowned German artist Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sodom, Atheist).

Order jewel-case CD version here: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/heresy-blasphemia

Video for the track Suiciety here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4YZB5iDWRA



1. Downpour 04:31

2. Last Night God Talked to Me 06:58

3. The Pagan 04:50

4. The Hive (instrumental) 03:33

5. Sharpointing 06:07

6. Suiciety 05:15

7. Blasphēmia (instrumental) 03:47

Carlo Bellotti Publishing sign with Naqada Music Management!

Hailing from Italy! Naqada Music Management is so pleased by signing a new PR deal with one of the most prestigious music publishers in Europe, Carlo Belloti

Carlo Bellotti Publishing is based in Florence (Italy) and specializes both in music production and music publishing with occasional operations in different fields and markets like filmed entertainment and book publishing. The company has been consulting and providing services to national and international clients since 2000.

The company owns:

A wide music catalog, consisting of more than 1000 albums registered by S.I.A.E. in Italy and, administered worldwide by Warner / Chappell Music One Rock Record Label, with European and Japanese offices, worldwide distribution and more than 40 releases.

An artist management worldwide know firm which includes a strong European-wide press office and promotion agency with more than 7000 targets and contacts in media and entertainment.

Label/artist representation office for negotiations in licensing and sync deals, collecting of royalties management an legal representation. A creative department is dedicated to deliver A&R services direct and online. 

Merchandising company capable of producing, distributing and selling merchandise throughout Europe at the best prices and quality. 

CD/DVD pressing plant: Sky Stalker Media.

During almost 15 years of activity Carlo Bellotti Publishing inked some important deals to support the distribution and marketing of its own products and furthermore cooperates with companies like Aural Music s.n.c., The Orchard Inc., Mondadori Retail s.p.a., OK Medien Service GMBH, Realsound Recording Studio, Mathlab Recording Studio, Studio Legale Mario Palazzi e Sveva Antonini, Antisocial Studios and a few agents for the booking of tours and production of events.

Stay tuned for Carlo Bellotti latest releases which will be announced very soon!

Press Release: Romanian Brutal Death Metallers MALPRAXIS unleash new video

In anticipation of their upcoming debut album (that is now closer than ever) Gutted in Gluttony, Cluj-Napoca / Romania based Brutal Death Metal squad MALPRAXIS offer a new preview in form of a lyrics video for the track Raped Corporal Remnants now available here:                              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn4zHLjT9Xo


MALPRAXIS recently announced a serious line-up change, the current members being:

Cristian Aionese – Vocals

Batista Damian – Guitars

Florin Gheorghita – Drums


Gutted in Gluttony will be released soon in collaboration with Loud Rage Music.




Loud Rage Music



OMNIABSENT – Homynymous album – new release







5.Crossroads: Dead End

6.Further On

7.Dark Stuff


9.Staring At The Abyss


Omniabsent, the sense of being everywhere absent is a project created by two friends, exploring atmospheric ideas. Vincent vd Bosch and Agosh initially made some pieces with violin and guitar, but Agosh's untimely death in 2011 at the age of 23 left Vincent alone to continue the Omniabsent project. With an inclination towards mysterious, dark or melancholic atmospheres and with a vocal style ranging from jazz to metal, the first official pieces were created from 2015 to 2018.

Finally the first homonymous full length album will be released at 30 November 2018, including  10 songs.

Recenlty Vincent vd Bosch released two singles titled «SOUL» and «FURTHER ON», which are including in the album.

Lyrics - Music: Vincent Van Der Bosch

Mixing – Mastering: Nontas Vasileiou

Special guests: Greg Daez, Kriistal Ann.

Official links:









JEFFREY NOTHING RELEASES SONG/VIDEO "Dead Space / Dead Inside" featuring ex-members of Mushroomhead, Motograter, and Skin

Jeffrey Nothing, also known as Jeff Hatrix (born Jeffrey Lewis Hetrick), formerly the haunting voice and co-founder behind Cleveland's pioneering alterna-metal and industrial collective MUSHROOMHEAD, has resurfaced with his solo project JEFFREY NOTHING (also known as NOTHING). Released today is a brand new single and video, "Dead Space / Dead Inside". The track is available now for download and across all streaming platforms.

The lyric video for "Dead Space / Dead Inside", which was produced and edited by Rob Neilson of Wired Digital, can be seen below: 


Jeffrey Nothing has re-teamed up with fellow former MUSHROOMHEAD guitarist Thomas Church following their departure from the band this past March 2018. Also appearing is former MOTOGRATER and THE BROWNING drummer Noah "Shark" Robertson and vocalist Ian D, bassist Kahler Hatrix, among other members yet to be announced.

Produced and written by Jeffrey and Thomas Church and mixed by Matt Johnson (Revelation Studios), NOTHING has again teamed up with acclaimed tattoo artist Tony Kelly to design the artwork accompanying the music. Drums were engineered at Dreadcore Productions with Joshua Wickman (King 810, Within the Ruins). NOTHING recently performed Rocktoberfest in Kansas and Hatrixfest in Cleveland with A Killer's Confession, featuring ex-Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis. The trio of former members reunited on stage for the first time in years. Footage below:


Nothing's distinct vocals had driven MUSHROOMHEAD's frightening and extreme performance style, garnered them an enormously devoted cult following and allowed them to sell more than one million albums worldwide.

Jeff released his debut solo album, "The New Psychodalia", in 2011 which included the single "Sin O' Cism". In 2013, Jeff starred in the movie "13th Sign". Jeff was also the singer of Cleveland-based thrash metal band HATRIX, as well as fronting the group PURGATORY in the mid-'80s.

ALTARS OF REBELLION is pleased to announce that it has enlisted war drummer Marco Pitruzzella on its ranks, the devilish iconic figure behind well-known Six Feet Under, The Faceless, Vital Remains, Vile amongst others.


Marco Pitruzzella will be participating on our upcoming opus, a change on Altars of Rebellion career, aiming to bring forth our sound toward a more heavier, bone-crushing symphony of orchestral overtures.

This is the very first announcement of many others to come,this is the great beginning!!!


With influences ranging from progressive rock, metal, ambient, classical, jazz and fusion music;  Joakem released his first single "The Path"  in February 2018. The NEW ALBUM 'MIND MATTER' is due to be released December 7th.

November 16th will be the official release of the album's second single "Generation Z". 

Time to reveal the last Sorrows Path lyric video for the song “Revival of Feminine Grandeur”, out from the recent “Touching Infinity” album that was out late 2017 via German label Ιron Shield:


The main idea of “Touching Infinity” is the acquisition of self-knowledge and freedom that leads to harmony.

In contact with creation, beauty, compassion and respect in a world where destruction, ugliness, hatred and provocation unfortunately prevail.

Crow’s Flight is a melodic metal band that has roots in 80´s heavy metal, but spiced it up for this decade and its members have years of live and studio experience.

Crow’s Flight was founded in the early spring of 2008 by band’s former lead singer Crow (CH), guitarist Marko Vehmanen (FIN) and bassist Michael van Beekum (NL). First it started as a project from three nations - Switzerland, Finland and Holland. After first album and some major line-up at 2016 CF found a new singer Markku Kuikka (Status Minor, The Ragged  Saints, ex-Kenziner etc.) and a new drummer Timo Rajala (ex-Ancara). With the new vocalist and drummer CF have reborn as a band and started up an new era of CF-music.

Crow’s Flight have finished a production of band’s second album. CF have composed 10 new songs with killer catchy choruses and classic heavy riffs. All songs are mixed and mastered by Emil Pohjalainen (Amberian Dawn, Thaurorod). CF also recorded a hard rock version of classic Genesis-song - Home by the Sea. It’s a killer track also!

Crow’s Flight new music is familiar for listeners of bands like Allen-Lande, Masterplan, Whitesnake, Thunderstone, Pretty  Maids, Nocturnal Rites etc.

Crow's Flight have released their first full album "The Calm Before" at 2011. Now CROW’S FLIGHT is looking for label and partner to spread our melodic metal for bigger audience!


Crow’s Flight line-up:

Markku Kuikka – vocals

Marko Vehmanen – guitars

Erno Hanhisalo – guitars

Cake Karisto – bass

Risto Raivio – keyboards

Timo Rajala - drums

È da oggi disponibile il nuovo album del progetto francese Unseen Abyss, intitolato "Blackbird". Il disco è uscito quest'oggi, 31 Ottobre 2018, per l'etichetta francese del vocalist del progetto, Les Créations Underground.
Il disco si presenta nel formato di digipak CD, con annessa toppa speciale.
"I Franco-Russi Unseen Abyss propongono un Black Metal violento con intermezzi atmosferici e gotici, facendo della tristezza, odio e malattia un emblema personale."
Streaming: https://open.spotify.com/album/5JOvNpNY7MzvpsvTeejU5A
Digipak CD edition:


Bloody Times announces single with Ross the Boss (Manowar) and John Greely (Iced Earth): Alliance

You may have never heard of a metal band called Bloody Times - until now. Since their first official release in 2016, many things have changed and the project is growing faster than ever. Back then, "Bloody Times" was a solo project featuring only one guest and supporter, Raphael Saini (Ex-Iced Earth) on drums. This time, many talented musicians have worked together to deliver the best possible metal experience. "Alliance" is the name of the first single from the upcoming album "ON A MISSION". Special guest of the song is the legendary Manowar co-founder Ross Friedman, also known as "Ross the Boss". Together with Joey DeMaio he formed the band in 1980 after they met at a Black Sabbath show in England - they were introduced to each other by no one other than Ronnie James Dio. Ross recorded six studio albums with Manowar and left the band after "Kings of Metal" in 1988. Now, exactly thirty years later he supports the true metal act Bloody Times with his rhythms and solo guitar recordings. Honored by the contribution of the "King of Metal", project-founder Simon Pfundstein played his hands bloody on his 8-String bass to fulfill the highest expectations.

While the song “Alliance” starts very softly and calm, after about a minute the hard and heavy sound kicks in. Again, Raphael Saini is supporting the act with his pounding drums. A short while into the song, John Greely starts his performance with an impressive heavy metal scream. He is proving once again the wide range of his vocal spectrum like he did many years ago with Iced Earth during the memorable "Night of the Stormrider" era. High tunes or low tunes, hard or soft, John Greely can do them all. Today, better than ever, he sings for his own band Seventh Servant and is the main singer of Bloody Times since 2017.

Simon talks about the result of the new recordings: "It's still quite unbelievable what great talents I have now united in Bloody Times, especially John Greely and Ross the Boss. They are some of my personal favorites and heroes. It's a great feeling to have them playing on the songs, which are in my opinion truly great! Stay tuned for more, it will be worth it!".

Since today, the single is exclusively available for pre-order / registration on CD (limited, including two bonus tracks). A digital release has not been announced yet - this possibly makes it even more "old school".

Short promo video:                                            https://www.facebook.com/bloodytimesmetal/videos/312815282644137/

Following the official release of Metamorphosis this October 26th Heylel will be releasing the 4th single and music video for track 'Cursed' from the new album.

'Cursed' presents the third chapter of the Metamorphosis story. After being forced to leave her hometown by the locals, she returns to release her curse to all of those who have harmed her in the past. This is a story of anger and revenge. 

First born in the 90’s under Olivier Perdrizat (guitar and composition) and Rosario Fullone’s (drums) initiative, Almøst Human slowly faded a few years later before rising back up again in 2008, when Jan Peyer (bass) joined the band. This prolific line-up was soon completed with Chris Matthey, second guitarist whose producer talents helped the band to forge a sound as powerful as delicate. Sometime later, Ben Pluss (leading vocal) joined to crown the gang, lending his verve and unique tone to beat life into the songs' soul and flesh.

Almøst Human’s music oscillates between introspection and rage crisis, heaviness and relief. Making light of usual metal-bound « clichés » (occult symbols, blood), the band wonders about the human being’s nature and about the place they occupy - or wish to occupy - in the animal kingdom. Associating the peculiar technique of extreme metal with the energy of rock music, Almøst Human keeps focus on melody and emotion at large. 

After the release of the highly rated debut EP “Ø” (2012) by the end of 2014, a collaboration with Swiss comedians Vincent Kucholl and Vincent Veillon of the radio and TV show “120 secondes” came to live. Almøst Human also composed, recorded and mixed the music of the metal duo Black Lion Genocide from the Canton of Valais. The band played the main stage of the Paleo Festival in 2015 with Black Lion Genocide in front of 40,000 fans.

Almøst Human’s first album “XS2XTC” featuring 14 new songs, will be releases at the end of November 2018. This album questions if what we see is the real thing or just an ideal view of it, sealing the band’s rebirth for sure.

Minnesota Primitive Death Metal Butchers Release Acclaimed Debut MLP on 12" Vinyl.

After two instantly sold out tape represses we're finally happy to announce the vinyl release of The Creeping Unknown - the acclaimed debut MLP by Minnesota-based primitive death metal aberration NOOSE ROT. Even more exciting is that we've released this LP in collaboration with UK death metal powerhouse Me Saco Un Ojo Records handing the release for Europe.

NOOSE ROT hail from Minnesota and play just totally fucked and putrid death metal. The band came to be around a shared love of members of Gatecreeper, Skeletonwitch, and Wolvhammer for primitive and involved death metal in the vein of Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Coffins, Nihilist, Grave, and Repugnant - deciding to join forces to birth their own unholy death metal abomination that would worship at the altar of the Finnish and Swedish gods of ancestral death and decay. 

Gruesomely regressed and appallingly involved, In their wretched and bludgeoning debut EP NOOSE ROT spew forth a vomited cascade of complete aural filth that engulfs the listener in a blinding deluge of chainsawing guitars, steamrolling drums, and putridly tortured vocals. At its most delicate and refined The Creeping Unknown is nothing more than a coffin-born aural stampede of complete aural rot where caveman-death metal is taken to a sickening new extreme, conjuring similar diseased atmospheres as seen in bands like Cruciamentum, Vastum, Acephalix, Disma, and Grave Miasma

The Creeping Unknown has been a cornerstone release for Sentient Ruin, highly acclaimed by the metal underground as one of the best and most vicious death metal debuts of 2018 and applauded by outlets like Decibel Magazine, CVLT Nation, and Metal Injection as one of the most exciting new prospects in USDM.

Algerian Death Metallers Lelahell: European tour announcement !

Lelahell are on the road, Check out the dates below, and do NOT miss this in your town!

Lelahell Alif Tour PART I:

02.11.2018 Bronxtoles Deathfest, Madrid, ES:                                        https://www.facebook.com/events/244978759497737/ 

03.11.2018 Iberian Warriors Metal Fest Zaragoza, ES: 


04.11.2018 Ardo Ona, Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES: *

05.11.2018 La cave à Rock, Toulouse, FR:                                    https://www.facebook.com/events/2211070362259164/ *

06.11.2018 Le Blogg, Lyon, FR: https://www.facebook.com/events/2034143986898049/

07.11.2018 Centrale Rock Pub, Erba, IT:                                                  https://www.facebook.com/events/567365730365563/

08.11.2018 Gustaf Pekarna Dvorana, Maribor, SLO:                                      https://www.facebook.com/events/1687684524672352/

09.11.2018 Squat Klinika, Prague, CZ

10.11.2018 Mlada Boleslav, Fararova Slu (Ortodox Club)j, CZ

11.11.2018 Rudeboy Club, Bielsko Biala, PL:                                                https://www.facebook.com/events/209308533030053/

12.11.2018 S8 Underground Club, Budapest,                                                        HUN:https://www.facebook.com/events/446708479069465/

Stormcast NEW ALBUM 'The Ghost Eater' is now available to pre-order.

'The Ghost Eater' will be released this October 26th

Following the release of their first single 'RESONANCE' Stormcast will be releasing their second single and first official music video for the track 'LUSHAI HILLS'. 

The music video will be released alongside the new album!

With 'RESONANCE' considered to be one of the most aggressive tracks of the album , 'LUSHAI HILLS' delivers a very different aesthetic for the listener. It is the closing track of the album and for a very good reason – it encapsulates the message emitted by its predecessors into a single entity that presents the overall census of the album – “no regrets, what is really is now”.

The album is now available to pre-order either as a digital album or a physical copy alongside the band's official merchandise. 

Producer: Mike Angastiniotis

Co-Producer: Panayiotis Chrysostomides

Engineering, mixing and mastering: David Archer

All music and lyrics written by Mike Angastiniotis



"Every Sun Fades"

doom/death metal from Brazil!





"Every Sun Fades"

1.Who Decides? 07:09

2.Long Live 05:00

3.Frailty 08:10

4.Lifeless 07:19

5.A Perfect Solution 14:55

6.A Burden to Carry Alone 07:00

7.Cold 23:23


Fernando Melo - Harsh Vocals

Elvis Bonesso - Guitars and Clean Vocals

Michel A. Medeiros - Bass

Enzo Marchetti - Drums and Back Vocals

Ex-Mushroomhead Members REUNITE On Stage at Rocktoberfest 2018

Former Mushroomhead members Waylon Reavis, Jeffrey Nothing, and Thomas Church reunited on stage this past Saturday, October 6th, 2018 at Rocktoberfest in Iola, Kansas. The band was joined on stage by members of the NOTHING band; drummer Noah "Shark" Robertson (Ex-Motograter, Ex-The Browning), vocalist Ian D, and bassist Kahler Hatrix. The band was seen performing the tune "12 Hundred", which can be viewed below:

Video here:                              https://youtu.be/57fOTMiK4aQ

Waylon Reavis was in attendance performing with his new group A Killer's Confession, alongside Jeffrey Nothing's solo project, known by fans as NOTHING. Thomas Church handled guitar duties for both bands at the festival. The bands are set to perform together again next weekend at Part 2 of Rocktoberfest in Chanute, Kansas on October 13th, 2018.


Mausoleum Of Death, a international death metal band with members from Norway and Italy featuring: Untermensch (Cryptic Scream, White Trash Extravaganza), Bonecrusher (Lykantrop, Gandreid, Cryptic Scream, Blodstaur, x-Skygge) and Snarl (Black Faith) are recording their sophomore Ep «Behind The Veil», to follow their debut "Ecstatic Violence & Hatred" released in 2017.

For updates during the process, teasers and whatever else we decide to post, follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/MausoleumOfDeath/


Doomsters and metalheads,

We are really pleased to present you the new Sorrows Path lyric video for the song “My Chosen God”. The song was included on the recent “Touching Infinity” album that was out late 2017 via German label Ιron Shield and featuring Thiago Oliveira, the guitarist for the upcoming final album of legendary Warrel Dane that will be out later in 2018 via Century Media! Thiago honored us to perform this awesome solo and we thank him from the very bottom of our doomed hearts!

Video edit by Angels PR:


Upcoming shows (plus 1 more European fest T.B.A.):

Saturday, December 22: with Paradise Lost (Piraeus Academy, Athens, Greece)


ANGUERE: We introduce our new Symbology.

ANGUERE, evidencing the culture of our country, the name had its origin according to the dialect of one of the indigenous tribes of Brazil. The name ANGUERE has the meaning of religiosity where there are reports that when a member of the tribe considered coward and who served as a bad example died, not always his spirit was going to the country of spirits, ANGUERE was prowling around the haunt haunting and tormenting the whole tribe. In this context, the band seeks to clarify its authenticity.

The symbol was created from the drawings and graphs common in the paintings and ceramics of the native indigenous peoples of the territory known today as Marajó Island. The form represents at the same time a reptile, the instinct of survival and the conflict with the negative forces represented by the dreaded entity that the ancients called ANGUERE.

In this way and context we announce our new symbol that would represent the name of ANGUERE in our new walk along with our new releases. The symbol was created by Roni Cesar an artist who has already created symbols for various bands in the underground.

Check out our symbol and also the song that takes the name ANGUERE:


AncarA returns with Nine Inch Nail -cover single

Finnish hard rock band AncarA has releases a cover single from Nine Inch Nails -classic "Hurt". As a second track the band refreshes their first album's track "The Dawn" and the song has gone through a transformation also on it's title as to "Bound to Roam". The single is the first release with the new line-up.

AncarA became familiar couple of years ago with the document movie "Project Rockin' High". The documentary generated lots of buzz especially in Finland and it was screened also in Finnish national television. It was about the band's ambitious and quite crazy project to play the highest ever played rock concert on Mount Everest. After that AncarA released their latest full length album "Garden of Chains" (2017).

The guitar player Juha Wahlsten comments the single:

"We started jamming 'Hurt' at our rehearsal place and we noticed that it sounds quite cool played with our natural style of expression. And after we got into the taste of making versions we also decided to open up 'The Dawn' from our first album and it became the second track of the single with a new name."


Listen the single:

Youtube: https://youtu.be/onwGmYLBDmo

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2pkVHmb

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/album/72962192

Apple: https://apple.co/2MJPfOQ

Dalla Repubblica Ceca arriva il melodic rock dei Black Tiger, annunciata l'uscita del primo album della band.

Il primo full lenght della band Ceca si intitola "Black Tiger", registrato in Italia al Tanzan Music

Studio nel 2017 e prodotto da Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Hardline). Il disco verrà pubblicato il 12 Ottobre per Freemood, etichetta consorella di Tanzan Music.  Un mix di AOR e Hard Rock melodico con l'accento sulle melodie, grandi ritornelli, ricche chitarre elettriche, arrangiamenti innovativi e un suono decisamente potente. L'album contiene dieci brani originali con ospiti molto popolari della scena melodic rock internazionale come Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network), Mario Percudani e Josh Zighetti (Hungryheart), Giulio Garghentini e molti altri. I Black Tiger sono una band che mischia AOR e Hard Rock, gli unici a rappresentare questo genere in Repubblica Ceca. Il gruppo ha già all'attivo tre EP: "All Over Night" (2010), "Road To Rock" (2013) e "Songs From Abyss" (2015), gli ultimi due con ospite Dan Reed. I dischi hanno ricevuto buone recensioni dalla critica specializzata come "Powerplay" e "Classic Rock Presents AOR". I Black Tiger hanno suonato in molti club e festival in Repubblica Ceca, Germania, Polonia e Slovacchia, condividendo il palco con artisti della scena melodic Hard Rock come House Of Lords, Dan Reed, Pretty Maids, Mike Tramp, Little Caesar, Hungryheart, Michael Schenker e molti altri ancora.



Steorrah - The Altstadt Abyss

The Rhineland's very own progressive death metal poets STEORRAH are back with their third studio album “The Altstadt Abyss“. Following “An Eroticism In Murder“ (2010), “II: Thin White Paint“ (2015) and the live cut “Nocturnal Emission“ (2016), the album was produced by vocalist/guitarist Andreas März, mixed by Michael Haas (Big Easy Studio) and mastered by Roman Beilharz (UVASonar). To fans of progressive and experimental death metal, STEORRAH are no unfamiliar name anymore, ever since the successful campaign to crowdfund “II: Thin White Paint“ and the subsequent scandal around the bankruptcy of crowdfunding platform Sellaband after which the global metal scene and the mighty Wacken foundation saved the day for Steorrah. A brief UK tour and the release of “Nocturnal Emission” were to follow. “The Altstadt Abyss” presents the former studio project STEORRAH as a consolidated band unit with a focus on songwriting that despite the progressive tilt does not neglect its heaviness and strong hooks. From the chops of the relatively straight opening track “The Silver Apples of the Moon”, via the brute raga forms of “Saturnalia for Posterity”, the cineastic piano on “Spheroid Nine”, the beat poetry devices on “Wolves & Seagulls”, to the full frontal experimental attack that is “Where my Vessel Dwells”, “The Altstadt Abyss” provides the keen listener with the definitive soundtrack to autumn 2018. We recommend enjoying it with a cuppa earl grey and a spell of doomsday weather.

Silver Dust - House 21

After the release of their second full length album “The Age Of Decadence” in 2016 / 2017 and extensive touring throughout Europe in the past couple of years the Swiss based rock band Silver Dust will release their latest album “House 21” in cooperation with Escudero Records through Fastball Music / SOULFOOD in Europe.

On “House 21Silver Dust manifest their unique style of melodic rock music with different styles between classic rock, steam punk, metal, gothic, progressive influences and a touch of epic music theatre. Driven by the charismatic voice of singer / frontman Lord Campbell every song expands its own universe and takes the listener away into a world of powerful rock hymns (“Forever”), dark gothic metal (“It’s Time”), melancholic tunes (“This War Is Not Mine”) and lyrics worth listening to. Starting with the instrumental theatrical intro “Libera Me” the following ten tracks present a band capable of creating a unique style, which can be identified as Silver Dust within the first seconds. A special song was recorded for this album with Mr. Lordi as guest vocal on the cover version of “Bette Davis Eyes”, which became a worldwide no.1 hit in Kim Carnes’ version from 1981. Silver Dust toured with LORDI in 2016 and Battle Beast in 2017 and will return to the live stages in Europe this autumn again supporting LORDI from October 9th to November 28th . The band will most definitely excite their fans with their powerful show and energetic performance.

Christian Tolle Project - Point Blank

Classic Rock with a modern edge: The fifth release of the Christian Tolle Project will please hard rock fans with a great cast of musicians as well as with punchy, grooving tunes in a crisp and fat sound.

From the uplifting opener and title track "Point Blank" to the driving grooves on "Too Late" or the hook-ladden bangers like "Black Friday" or "Borderland" the production pounds with punch and transparency. David Reece (ex-Accept, ex-Bonfire, Sainted Sinners) and John Cuijpers (Cooper Inc., Ayreon, Praying Mantis) take the lead vocals with Christian Tolle handling guitars, bass, drums and production. 

Add Morris Adriaens on keys and backing vocals as well as Mathias Dieth (ex- U.D.O, ex-Sinner) and L.A. based guitar hero Doug Aldrich (Dio, ex-Whitesnake, The Dead Daisies) to guest for some stunning lead guitars, you can expect nothing less than a straight and excellent rock record, touching musical roots of the late 70s and 80s with lots of hooks and energy. 

As a result "Point Blank" has turned into a real listening pleasure for all fans of guitar driven hard rock.

Me Against The World - Breaking Apart

With their debut album “Breaking ApartMe Against The World define their very own mix of styles consisting of balladic melodies, heavy riffs and an extraordinary rhythm plus clear and powerful vocals to let the emotions run free. The four musicians from Upper Swabia skilfully play with various influences from Metallica, Iron Maiden, System Of A Down to Queen and progressive Beatles.

The album’s songs break with the usual structures switching time and again the pitch and tempo without losing their transparency and spacing out into overly complex progressivity. Tracks like “Dying World” give off a good shot of art rock from the 70s, whereas classic rock riffs dominate the opener “Go Away” and the epic “Morgans Misery” with a running time of close to 10 minutes seems to discard all structural and musical boundaries. In the end, it is no surprise that the album finishes with a catchy radio version of the song “Breaking Apart” featuring a female backing voice.

Me Against The World’s album “Breaking Apart” does not submit to stylistic dogmas. Throughout the whole running time the album remains exciting but still sounds homogenous and sincere. The production is refreshingly transparent, sufficiently rough and dynamic. The sound stays clear of over-compressions and leaves necessary room for structures, lyrics and instruments to fully unfold.


Following the release of the album “BROTHERS In BOOGIE” two years ago which was received with great enthusiasm by both fans and reviewers, as well as the powerful Blu-ray release “The BOOGIE BROTHERS live in concert” from June 2017, PILEDRIVER now keep on following their individual path with their latest and fourth album “ROCKWALL”.

Technically brilliantly composed classic rock being presented in an authentic, straightforward and song-oriented way defines the band’s powerful sound in 2018 and shows all the more that these guys have found their “signature sound”. After more than 20 years of band history, PILEDRIVER prove with “ROCKWALL” that they have finally left behind the shackles of a Status Quo tribute band and are now standing on their own two feet. Admittedly, there is the Status Quo cover “Rockers Rollin” on the new album which can be understood as a homage to Rick Parfitt. However, this song fits perfectly into the overall pattern of “ROCKWALL”. On these 13 tracks, wild rock’n’roll hits like “Spark” and stadion rock hymns like “Stomp” take turns with gentle ballads (“For Freedom And Friends”) and wonderfully relaxed songs like the terrific, floating “Farewell” promising to be a real treat for rock fans. To all those who wonder after the end of many great rock acts, which albums and rock shows they can look forward to: to PILEDRIVER gigs and CDs, of course! This is where the classic and melodic rock fan finds his / her new “home”… Again, none other than Stefan Kaufmann is responsible for the fantastic sound. He brings in decades of experience as the ex-drummer from Accept and U.D.O guitarist so that the result does not need to be afraid of being compared with international top productions. On this PILEDRIVER album, Stefan Kaufmann also took up the drum sticks and played all the drum parts. For fans of the steel rockers from Solingen this means: Seize the opportunity! On countless concerts during the last 20 years and finally on their live Blu-ray from summer 2017, PILEDRIVER have spectacularly proven that the band knows how to combine their straightforward sound with an energetic and rousing live show on stage which they will do again on their “ROCKWALL” tour scheduled for 2019 when they will blast their power rock from the stage for two hours and send their fans home enraptured and blissfully happy.

Dear fans, friends 

 We are thrilled to premier our brand new video for our single “Strong”.

Let’s keep it short: Sit back, relax and enjoy:




Filmed and directed by Sascha Pace himself, it was filmed on the isle of Tenerife (Spain) up on El Teide as well as in Berlin (Germany).

Romanian Death Metallers SADDAYAH present new single, Apopheny of Life

In wait of their release show in Bucharest on the 7th of September (https://www.facebook.com/events/2035682246470549/), Romanian Death Metal squad SADDAYAH present a new single taken off their upcoming debut album, Apopheny of Life, the title track now available for streaming here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikCRoQn1Tdc

Pre-orders for Apopheny of Life are now open and available here: 

Jewel-case CD: http://shop.loudragemusic.com/saddayah-apopheny-of-life

Digital: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/saddayah-apopheny-of-life

SADDAYAH‘s music is rooted in traditional Death Metal, but the band’s serious technical abilities rose to a fresh, melodic and technical type of Death Metal with progressive and blackened influences.

"Apopheny of Life" was recorded, mixed and mastered at the I.V. Metal Foundry studio, while the cover of the CD was done by Costin Chioreanu.

Orpo Piru sign with Naqada Music Management!

Hailing from Finland! We are so thrilled to announce for signing a PR deal  with the remarkable Finnish rock act, Orpo Piru. In 2017, Orpo Piru was formed as a solo in Tampere, Finland. Recently, he released his debut album "A-Mortal Visions" which was recorded in Studio Sampolaaris by Mr.  Antti Välimäki in the fall of 2017, who also played the drums on the record - Orpo Piru taking care of all the other instruments and vocals. After mixing in Studio Sampolaaris the record was polished in the mastering process at one of the finest workshop in Finland - Virtalähde Mastering. We teamed up with the rock act, so stay tuned for more info about the album release and music videos to be announced very soon! 




Genre: Heavy Power Metal

Label: Symmetric Records

Street Date: September 17

Format: Digipak CD & Digital

Producer: Bob Katsionis

Costas Varras was born in Athens, Greece in 1985. He started playing the guitar at the age of 14 while he was studying both modern and classical music. In 2000 he formed his first band “Perpetual” and started composing the material which was finally released as a debut album in 2004 by Sonic Age Records under the name of OVERLORD’S PERPETUAL. That’s when he first met and worked with Bob Katsionis who played all the keyboards in the album. Right after the release of this CD, Costas moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream. After playing with local bands and graduating from Musician’s Institute and composing new material, in 2009 he entered the studio with legendary Chris Tsangarides as a recording & mixing engineer to record his sophomore album joined by drummer Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh), Kevin Goocher (OMEN), Corvin Bahn (Uli Jon Roth).

But it was tragic fate who struck Costas, as he was diagnosed with a really serious illness and had to return to his homeland Athens and abandon these recordings leaving the album unfinished with sole “survivor”, the videoclip of the instrumental track “Hollywood After Midnight” shot in the streets of Hollywood by Costas’ now-long time friend Bob Katsionis.

VIEW VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=MSd4FilEElk

In 2015 and after Bob’s encouragement, Costas started the re-recordings of the same album, enhanced by new material, new arrangements and a plethora of worldwide famous singers such as Henning Basse (Firewind, Mayan, ex-Sons Of Seasons etc), Chity Somapala (ex-Firewind, ex-Avalon), Kevin Gootcher (Omen), Billy Vass (Terra Incognita), Vaine Bodner and Joseph Michael (Witherfall).

Recorded, produced and mixed by Bob Katsionis at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens and mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, Piraeus (GR), “NEON-CLASSICAL” is the fourth official release of new-found SYMMETRIC RECORDS owned by Bob Katsionis.

According to Bob: “This album is a rare example of an old-school way of composing Heavy Metal music, but with a more modern approach, production-wise. Costas’s playing might be heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen’s neoclassical style but it’s everything but a mindless shredfest; every song has something to say, there are personal stories and there’s the depression of a struggling musician who leaves his home to reach for the stars and then gets struck by fate, but still has the courage to stand on his feet and turn his experiences to notes and riffs. I’m really proud of this album and so happy to have helped a talented musician make this album come true.”

The first lyric video is for the track “RISE” featuring Chity Somapala is here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=DVaK1zdWvGs


Recording Line-up:

COSTAS VARRAS: All lead & rhythm guitars




Recorded & Mixed by Bob Katsionis at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens (GR)

Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, Piraeus (GR)

Drums recorded at Mass Room Studio, Thessaloniki (GR)

Artwork and Photography by Bob Katsionis for PVG



1. The Swedish King 02:45   

2. Rise (feat. Chity Somapala) 04:12       

3. Burning Bridges (feat. Henning Basse)

4. Hollywood After Midnight

5. Revenge (feat. Kevin Goocher)

6. Neon-Classical

7. Kayko

8. Point Of No Return (feat. Vaine Bodner)

9. Mighty Warrior (feat. Joseph Michael)

10. Paganini On The Subway

11. Freedom

12. Fallen Hero (feat.Billy Vass)

13. Till We Meet Again

 12. Fallen Hero (feat.Billy Vass)

13. Till We Meet Again

Industrial/Rock Band DECENT NEWS Announce The Release of FILTH: REMIXED Via MACHINE MAN RECORDS

Industrial/rock and DECENT NEWS proudly announces the release of FILTH: REMIXED, An 11-track digital-only release featuring remixed tracks from their debut LP.  

Formerly known as Freakuency, Decent News is an Industrial Metal / Electronic Metal band from the New London County area of Connecticut. With their musical roots steeped in such bands as Rammstein, KMFDM and 3 Teeth, Decent News are keeping the heavy beat industrial metal music alive in the modern age!

Pounding synths and blazing guitar riffs abound, 2017's "Skin Puddle / Deafland" release gave the world a taste of what Decent News are capable of, and now 2018 will be paving the way for their full length album due out in early Spring.