ORCHID- Miasma

Orchid is one of Bangalore’s (India) better known band from the live music scene and are well known for their unique music that blends the abstractness of Avant-Garde Music with Progressive elements combined with the intensity of Metal and Mathcore that makes them stand ground.

The band is now officially premiering their first single track- ‘Master Supreme’ from the upcoming album titled- ‘Miasma’ via Metal Addicts. The album is scheduled to release on January 10, 2019 worldwide and is a self-release. The album is rife with unique guitar work and exotic tunes that are complimented by flawless drums and impeccable vocals with an overall quaint atmosphere that adds to a pleasurable listening experience.  Statement from the band, "The song is about the pervasive influence and the growing epidemic of gurus/godmen and their cults in Indian society as well as abroad. Religion and spirituality is the biggest scam in the world; and because we live in India, we have a front-row seat to the circus. Also, this is the shortest song on the album."

Official premiere on Metal Addicts here.

Link to the track- https://youtu.be/alM8-4PhQVY

Proximity Productions presents: HOSTILIAN- Catalyst

Artwork reveal promo

Hyderabad based Metal outfit HOSTILIAN have now unleashed their forthcoming album- Catalyst- Artwork reveal promo.

The band's guitarist Roshan comments, "The idea that small changes can seem inconsequential, but can have catastrophic implications if you track growth right back to the origin of everything. Seeing as we're all born astride the grave, the Catalyst is something to speed up that journey into nothingness. Speed up the reaction before we destroy everything that has a right to this planet more than us."

British Thrash Legends ONSLAUGHT announce new members!

UK Thrashers ONSLAUGHT will unveil their new line up on the main stage at 'Bloodstock Festival 2018' on Friday 10th August. Longstanding members Nige Rockett, Sy Keeler & Jeff Williams will be joined by James Perry (drums) and Wayne Dorman (guitar).

Nige comments, “The band is genuinely sounding more powerful and aggressively focused than ever before! James has been a great friend of the band for many years and is one hell of a drummer, a complete thrashing machine, so solid and lighting fast. Exactly the same applies to Wayne, he's the perfect fit for the Onslaught, an awesome all round guitarist, his lead playing is full on 'metal', no bullshit, exactly what you would expect to hear in our music..!

The Bloodstock show is gonna be explosive in the extreme! We'll see you in the pit!”

I leggendari thrashers britannici  ONSLAUGHT, saranno in forze con Proximity Productions- Management per le regioni di Asia e Australia.
Inoltre gli ONSLAUGHT suoneranno in Europa con il tour- THE FULL FORCE- Thrash 'Till the Death insiem alla band Artillery.