11 MAGGIO 2019

Mayfair FM, review, insane voices labirynth

Mayfair FM is a one man band founded at the end of 2003 by Pierpaolo Lucchesi. The first four albums were instrumental, but since 2007, vocal parts and additional musicians were introduced in Mayfair FM music. In 2008 the music becomes stoner/alternative rock and dark.

The album MUSIC PARASITES is a bit weird, you might listen it many times due to the experimentation.  By the time,  I’m not gonna talk song by song in order, because it’s a good album, but in my opinion the order of the track list is very strange (I like progressive or experimental things, but it’s very weird). So, for first time I’m gonna make a sandwich 1 Things that are awesome, 2 Things that are good and 3 Things that I don’t enjoy .

My favourite song of the album is NOTIFICATION DRONE, I like the dark tunes which remind us 90’s rock. I heard influences from Alice in Chains or Bush. The old grunge school from United States and England.

METAL STEREOTYPE is a great instrument track, I’m gonna tell the truth, this song is dynamite, in my opinion it should have been the opener track of the album. Another great track is MAD DJ COOL, if you like experimental things from the old school like Neu! or Kraftwerk, you will love this track.  LOVING MYSELF is the final track that I really like, again we can listen the love for 90’s rock in this track, sometimes I remember Queensryche and the album Q2K. Not a bad song.  OVERRATED, MUSICAL PARASITES, SWANG MAYHEM and IN A SHELL are good songs. You can listen them, but in my opinion, they don’t reach the same levels than the other songs, they don’t have the surprise, the adrenaline. You can enjoy these songs if you want to feel relaxed or thinking about your life while you are watching the sky. Now, I need to talk about what I don’t enjoy so much, and the tracks are in the beginning of the album. POST MORTEM, SAY GOODBYE TO MY NEST and FLIES are strange. I feel these songs are part of the musical project, of course, but they are not part of the album.  The songs are predictable, you know what will happen at first time, even in the atmosphere. Maybe these songs could have gotten a better luck if they had been released like E.P. 

In summary, I had felt like a sandwich with this album. I think You can enjoy this album if you love a lot of experimental music and weird things, but very weird things. It’s no a bad album, it’s good but as I said you might need to listen many times to enjoy it.


Alex Montenegro