8 APRILE 2018

Instrumental rock peaked in the early '90s, when names like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani made it to the top. Videos like "For the Love of the God" (Steve Vai) and "Always with me always with you" (Joe Satriani) were frequently displayed on MTV. In the 90s we also had one of the exponents of prog metal, Dream Theater that put the style in evidence, with the masterpiece "Images and Words".

These two musical references serve as the basis for the work of Athens-based multi-instrumentalist Bob Katsionis. He is known by the worldwide touring with Firewind and also collaborated with epic power metal Kamelot, and co-wrote "The Quantum Enigma" by Epica.

"Prognosis & Synopsis" is the fifth studio album by Bob Katsionis where we can see a great fusion of references in names like Vangelis, Jean Michael Jarre, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Shymphony X, epic power metal and others. The fact that Bob is also a video director explains the cinematographic character of the album, where each track seems to be a story script and takes the listener on a private trip, through images suggested by each musical piece. Very interesting.

"Prognosis", which opens the album, looks like the opening of a movie and invites us to a great scientific adventure. The main theme with duets between the keyboard and the guitar is very interesting. In the sequence "Secret of the Nomads" opens with an acoustic guitars in spanish style and grows thourgh the audition. The work of keyboards stands out. Here the influence of Kevin Moore (formerly Dream Theater) is very evident. It is noteworthy that Bob is a virtuoso on all instruments, except in drums, play by Vangelis Moraitis.

"Dark Matter" is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the album. His introduction reminds me the electronic music of the 80s in Jean Michaeln Jarre style and the dramatic orchestrations by Vangelis. It sets the stage for "Asymmetric Parallels" where we have a little more punch.

In "Cold Embrace" we also have many interesting orchestrations and diverse nuances in music. "The Messenger" shows all its influence of Vangelis. Another highlight of the album, beautiful music! "Sygnosis" closes the album in high style investing a lot in the epic Power metal.

A great work that will surely please the lovers of prog metal and movies soundtracks.


Emerson Mello