1. Chronique Erotique

2. Flores Mortais (Voxless Raw Version)

 3. 2049


Wow, I do not even know what to say about all this. The band from Brazil has released a new EP. Since i thought it’s so complicated to describe such music, I dare call it synthpop, or something like that. Well, you know, the deep meaning, strong drugs and the like. Last time I heard something similar in 1990, when the first terminator tried to shoot Sarah Connor in the bar. We also have a similar collective in Russia, called "Слушай Экзорцист" (Listen exorcist).

However, our group has vocal parts performed by something like Google-translator. However, let's return to the Brazilian: The first track begins with an atmospheric howl, which turns into an equally atmospheric motive, straight from the 90's. The Brazilians gives profound themes and sounds, in French (original, is it not?). The second composition is more endorsement-dancing (and it seems like a lonely girl stunned with drugs, twitching in the middle of the dance floor. Atmospheric tapping at the end of the composition only strengthens the picture. The third creation is hellish hell. I do not even know what to say here: Zhu-Zhu-zhu, Pysch-pysch-pysch .. I was in shock. This is even probably no longer 90s, but in general there is already some kind of.

I do not like the 90's, guys. You probably remember that in Russia in the 90s it was not sweet. Although, frankly, it was interesting, whether Sarah Connor would be killed (then for the first time it was shown on TV). Well, this EP will be a huge trip for the listener.


Albert Kotov