9 OTTOBRE 2018

GEISTERFELS is a french band formed in 2013, in 2017 they released "La Névrose De La Pierre".  To be honest, I was excited to hear this album, because one of my passions is learning languages. I heard many great bands from France like Satan Jokers, ADX or Killers; but this band was a blast in my ears.

Les Ruines du Castel is the first song of the album, a great beginning of speed metal mixed with melodic riffs, and the force of melodic metal.

La sentinelle du Rhin is the second track, I love the intro, it makes us think that this song will be calm, but everything changes at second 9. I wanna put a special emphasis in the sound of the bass, I’m impressed. You need to listen this track, I promise, you will love it.

The album continues with Im Nebel, an interesting song in my opinion, sometimes it reminds me Opeth, in the way that GEISTERFELS played with time changes, augmentation and atmospheric moments. Awesome!!!

Il neige sur l'Eltz is an instrumental track well created, I like the mix between melodic melodies and heavy riffs.

Geisterfels is the 5th track,  the intro reminds me Black Sabbath, but with melodies influenced by Slayer.

Der Tod Und Die Schwarze Gräfin  is the only track which was written in other language (German), to be honest I heard the  influence from Venom and Angel Witch, the principal riff reminds me a lot the NWOBHM.

La Chapelle Recousue and Puis vint la chute are the final tracks of this amazing album.

I don’t wanna forget another interesting point of this album, the lyrics are well inspired in medieval fantasy and epic genre.  

In summary, it’s a great album which reminds us black speed melodic metal of 80’s and 90’s, if you like those years, this album is for you. I hope this band can record more music, I’m very curious about the evolution that Gesiterfels can get in the future. It's always a great pleasure find good metal gems in other languages.



Nebel: Composition and lyrics

Aldébaran: Instruments

Aharon: Voice


 Alex Montenegro