8 MAGGIO 2018

Yes, that's it! The real old-school metal, without snivel, breakdowns and other bollocks!

The first song mashines of war begins with dense pattern on the drums a la "Sepulthura Style" (In my band we call such fills "a herd of elephants" :). This song has some nice drum fills  (respect to the drummer), fast double-time pace and rocking riffs. The song is fast and aggressive,with the compound of thrash and death metal.

The second song shows the same raw aggression and rage (sometimes I do not have enough blastbits there). And also the song carries a few slow, melancholy places. Just remembered the old years of doom-death and the era of the formation of death metal ^__^

Counter-Cup-Overall not too fast song with rocking riffs. Medium tempo swing metal dance,but it  demonstrate a little bit of a blastbit near the end!). 

The fourth song "Addicted To Death",starts rather slowly, but by the middle it accelerates and is quite lively. In addition, it has some kind of "old school breakdown" at the end. This song would decorate the middle of any metal gigs. When the crowd was already sweaty,but still alive).

The last song "Trauma" is mid-tempo thriller, which would be nice to come to the end of any metal gig. I think that like the previous song,in live performance it will sound much more impressive.

Results: A raw, un-polished sound, the old school music is the pros. The EP as a whole leaves a pleasant impression. The material is well synthesized, moderately original, quite well played.

The sound of the drums is raw and untidy, but there is a feel reflection and a good possession of the instrument (respect to the drummer-2, for energy and ideas).

Pleased with a rather original sound. Despite the fact that the influence of the Swedish school of death metal is clearly felt, there are notes of something of its own, either a Florida accent, or something from the British metal death.

To the disadvantages can be attributed some monotony of songs and some where not exactly smoothly played parts.

In general, I wish the band to grow and evolve!


Albert Kotov