5 MARZO 2018

Here it is, real Finnish black metal! Let's dive for a short while into the atmosphere of the northern forests and fields!

The first composition is an acoustic intro,it is a sinister omen of future compositions.  Immediately comes the sensation of something ancient-Babylon, the Sumerian. Ancient magic, the sources of vampirism and something in this spirit.

Evil To Destroy Evil-The second song. It brings down on us the stream of evil and hatred through full chords on an overdrived guitar. The pace of the song is measured and, I would even say, tedious. In the end, all this is quite well conveys the mood of oppression and evil.

Ghost Among Us-Third song begins as measured as the previous one. However, from about the middle it shows a more dynamic extension. There are even some features of Thrash metal.

The next song "Prayer Of Desecration" carries the spirit of the Polish wave of black metal (For example in the spirit of Hate or even Behemoth). Behind the stiff beginning comes "quick evil".

(Pleased with the choir in the end, it could be more).

The fifth song, "Rise Of The Celestial Scythe" begins with a riff that reminds us of Death Metal (a little lowering the tune and the Swedish sound would be hehe). Very to the place came the gloomy keyboards in the middle of the composition.

The sixth and seventh songs differ little from each other. The mind comes to the Norwegian school of black metal. (dissonances is rules;).

The penultimate composition (Spiritual Spiral Stairs) begins with soul-tearing dissonant chords smoothly turning into tru-norwegian riffs. The composition is competently performed at the junction of Polish and Norwegian schools. It seems from time to time there are keyboards.

The last composition is "Throne Of Lucifer". Slow and depressing atmosphere. The real evil and heartlessness that you can imagine!

So, let's sum up: Someone might say that we have another standard Black Metal in front of us. However, I will not admit to the end. The guys are quite interesting in using the arsenal of "sinister" melodic moves. To the place and the keyboard is used in a timely manner, and it is not intrusive and does not turn the band's sound into "Symphonic Black". The general atmosphere of the "destructive evil" is fully observed. Sometimes it is interesting to hear "whole" chords on the guitar with overdrive. From myself, I would like to wish  the drummer a little more variety in his lines.


Albert Kotov