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Valeria Campagnale


Moaning Silence play gothic/doom metal. The band comes from Athens, Greece. They were formed in 2014 and released their first album “A World Afraid of Light” in 2015. "A Waltz into Darkness" is their second full length album. 

They borrow the best elements of On Thorns I Lay, Draconian, Moonspell, The Gathering and Theater of Tragedy and use them to build their own cosmos. This cosmos is reflected on "A Waltz into Darkness", an avant-garde gothic/doom metal album that really left me satisfied.

"A Waltz into Darkness" is not just a nostalgic gothic metal release or a tribute to the 90's when this style flourished, especially in Europe. The band actually tries to present themselves in the style they serve.

Their riffs are well played, heavy and solid with some very nice ideas. The performance is nice and there has been a nice job done in the mix. The feeling the band's riffs leave is that of total doom. The dark melodies used are effective. 

The bass has a very nice role in the structure of the rhythm section. Significant is the role of the keyboards with their melodic layers. Moaning Silence combine ethereal female vocals with male growls which characterizes them as Avant Garde.

The clean piano of "Towards the Sun", and the poetry used for "The Lights of Alexandria" are nice additions which make the whole album much more interesting and these two songs standout.

The feelings the album passes on to the audience are those of melancholia, solitude, ominous thoughts, darkness, oblivion and pessimism, leaving though a few rays of light to come in just to light them up and offer a sense of hope.

The album was recorded and mixed by Bob Katsionis and released by his own label Symmetric Records. "A Waltz into Darkness" is a very nice record in its genre, the band did a good job and fans of gothic/doom metal must surely listen and support this release.