28 OTTOBRE 2020

Reviewed by

Valeria Campagnale


Symbtomy is an old school Death Metal band from the Czech Republic. The  band was founded by the end of 2019 by Dejvy (Sectesy, ex-Despise) and  Duzl, then the singer Martin (Sectesy) joined. On September 9th 2020, the band released their first EP "DEMO#1”( in digital form), which  contains three songs with three exclusive guests: Johan Jansson (INTERMENT), Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Just Before Dawn, Henry Kane) and Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh).The demo will be released as music tape in a limited edition, during the autumn and the band is currently working on an album, which should be released early next year.I would like to point out that this genre is not among my chords but from time to time, among the many promos that arrive at the editorial office, I discover surveys that manage to involve and are actually few. Without taking anything away from anybody because every band has a characteristic side. It is precisely for this reason that when I received the email from Symbtomy, I took over this review. Symbtomy’s music is literally claustrophobic and extremely marked with roots clearly rooted in the Swedish Death Metal, we can hear and feel the sound in the first furious track “The sounds of perverse thoughts” in which the growl voice which perfectly blends in with the musical interweaving, all the elements and the guitar solo are good. In “The taste of human trophy”  we find a greater emphasis in the singing and always an excellent base with excellent bass lines. To close this demo, there’s the gloomy and melodic “...and the knife cut surgically”, right mood and sound in which the band exposes a greater clarity and anger of his own style. Summing up, the band intersects heavy and hammering rhythms with melodic and very deep moments.I wait for the full lenght to appreciate more this connection of sounds that goes beyond the classic death metal